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I've been collecting old-time radio (OTR) shows in MP3 format (OTR MP3) for a while now and old time radio has turned out to be a great hobby!
I want other people to experience what I have through OTR MP3 and also to pass our entertainment heritage on to future generations,
so I'm offering to make copies of the old time radio shows in my collection for anyone who is interested.

The old-time radio shows I've collected are all in MP3 format.  They will play on your computer, on most portable MP3 players (just e-mail me for recommendations) and on many DVD/MP3 players.

Note: These OTR MP3 CDs will NOT play on standard CD players.

If you're new to MP3 format or if you want to sample the quality of my old time radio show collection, I'll be happy to send a free, 92-episode sampler OTR MP3 CD!  Just click HERE and enter your name and address. I'll get the old time radio shows right out to you for free!

All of my CDs are professionally labeled,
and I personally guarantee your satisfaction!

If I could give these old-time radio CDs away I would, but I have to pay a lot for supplies and equipment. Below are the fees that cover my expenses:

1 - 11 CDs are $6.00 each
12 - or more CDs are $4.98 each

Twelve or more old-time radio CDs are shipped by Priority Mail at no extra charge!
(Discounts will not appear until the very end of the check-out process.)

Shipping/handling is:
$5.00 per shipment in the U.S., $10.00 per shipment to Canada, or $14.00 per shipment worldwide, regardless of the size of your order.

The number of old time radio episodes per CD is in parentheses.
Episode logs are available by clicking on the CD's title.

If you would prefer to pay by check or money order, please either use the shopping cart on this website or make a list of what old-time radio shows you'd like and send your payment to:

Danean MacAndrew
P. O. Box 793
Lake Forest, CA
U. S. A.

These OTR MP3 recordings are intended for personal use only. No license for duplication or public performance is intended or implied. After much research, we have concluded that the material contained or described on this site is either the property of The Radio Lady or is within the public domain. Certain old-time radio programs may be unavailable due to copyright decisions/litigation. The Radio Lady will not knowingly sell or distribute old time radio programs that fall into this classification. If you believe that an error has been made and that you have a legal claim to any item(s) offered on this site, please provide The Radio Lady with the appropriate documentation and the item(s) will be removed immediately. You may reach us via the CONTACT page.



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