WWII Promos / Commercials (56)
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    Episode Log
    Bing Crosby - Any Bonds Today.mp3
    Bing Crosby - Buy a Bond.mp3
    Bing Crosby - Fifth War Loan Drive.mp3
    Bing Crosby - Salute to Farmers and 4-H Clubs.mp3
    Commercial - Arthur Godfrey Says Make Texaco Your Car Warden.mp3
    Commercial - Kraft Dinners Save Ration Points.mp3
    Commercial - Lucky Strike Green Has Gone To War.mp3
    Commercial - Mobil Grease in North Africa.mp3
    Commercial - Ovaltine Orphan Annie Shake Up Mug.mp3
    Commercial - Wax And Polish Your Car At Mobil Gas Dealers.mp3
    Commercial - WL Douglas Shoes on Shoe Rationing.mp3
    Fibber McGee & Molly - Buy Defense Bonds and Stamps.mp3
    Fibber McGee & Molly - Give Bonds For Christmas (Dec. 7, 1941).mp3
    Fibber McGee & Molly - Mileage Rationing.mp3
    Fibber McGee & Molly - Send Games & Reading Material.mp3
    Fibber McGee & Molly - Seventh War Loan Drive.mp3
    Frank Sinatra - Buy War Bonds.mp3
    GI Jill - Buy GI Bonds.mp3
    GI Jill - GI Bonds Really Pay Off.mp3
    Gracie Allen - Defense Stamps and War Bonds.mp3
    Harold Peary - Shoe Rationing Bulletin (1943-02-07).mp3
    Jack Benny - Let's Back Up The Navy (1943-06-11).mp3
    NBC Special - Mileage Rationing.mp3
    Orson Welles - Payroll Savings Plan for War Bonds.mp3
    Patriotic Announcement - Homefront Sacrifices.mp3
    Promo - Al Jolson for Irving Berlin's 'This Is the Army'.mp3
    Promo - Jimmy Durante for Irving Berlin's 'This Is the Army'.mp3
    Promo - Lt. Broderick Crawford on Memphis Belle Documentary.mp3
    Promo - National Barn Dance Honoring Servicemen.mp3
    Promo - NBCB Blue Network at War (1942).mp3
    PSA - 1942-04-07 Fibber McGee and Molly on Essential Materials.mp3
    PSA - Careless Talk.mp3
    PSA - Help Save Ships.mp3
    PSA - Home Canning.mp3
    PSA - Is this Trip Necessary.mp3
    PSA - Price Controls.mp3
    PSA - Save Paper.mp3
    PSA - Save Used Fat Reminder.mp3
    PSA - Save Used Fat.mp3
    PSA - Second War Loan Drive.mp3
    PSA - Share the Meat (Long Version).mp3
    PSA - Share the Meat.mp3
    PSA - Sugar and Gas Rationing.mp3
    PSA - Sugar Rationing.mp3
    PSA - Tire Rationing.mp3
    PSA - Tire Registration.mp3
    PSA - Total Victory.mp3
    PSA - Use V Mail.mp3
    PSA - Victory Garden (1943).mp3
    PSA - Waste Paper.mp3
    Recruiting PSA - 1943-12-18 Join the WACs.mp3
    Recruiting PSA - 1944-04-15 WAC Recruiting Promo with G Miller.mp3
    Recruiting PSA - Bing Crosby on The Women's Army Corps.mp3
    Recruiting PSA - WAC Recruiting Promo with Bing Crosby.mp3
    Sgt Broderick Crawford - Fifth War Loan Drive.mp3
    Spike Jones - Buy Stamps and Bonds.mp3

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