WWII News Broadcasts, Vol. 1 (53)
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    Episode Log
    European News
    Broadcasts Preceding the War
    America First Programs
    01-40xxxxx Alf Landon speaks against lend lease.mp3
    02-40xxxxx Rep. James E VanZandt Interviews WW1 Vets.mp3
    03-40xxxxx Sen. Arthur Kapper of Kansas.mp3
    04-40xxxxx Sen. David I. Walsh - Participation in war me~20D.mp3
    05-40xxxxx William R. Castle former Under Sec. of State.mp3
    06-40xxxxx Sen. Edwin C. Johnson.mp3
    07-4009xx Boake Carter.mp3
    08-41xxxx Col. Sanford McKnighter against lend lease.mp3
    09-41xxxxx Sen. Burton K. Wheeler of Montana.mp3
    10-41xxxxx Sen. Burton K. Wheeler of Montana.mp3
    11-41xxxxx Messages From the Public.mp3
    12-410523 Charles Lindbergh speaks at MSG against US ent~4E6.mp3
    Charles Lindbergh - Address On U.S. Neutrality.mp3
    Preceding the War in Europe
    38-03-04 Russia And Germany R.Graham .mp3
    38-08-28 Berlin before Invasion Shirer.mp3
    39-00-00 various items with Elmer Davis.mp3
    39-03-08 Gas Mask Drill.mp3
    39-08-27 Hitler's Demands.mp3
    39-08-28 Dorothy Thompson.mp3
    39-08-28 London before War Murrow.mp3
    39-09-01 Evac.of London.mp3
    39-09-02 Chamberlain Declares War.mp3
    Preceding US Entry Into the War
    4006xx Senator Taft Speaks Against the Lend Lease Bill.mp3
    410600 John B. Hughes - Comment on Invasion of Russia.mp3
    4108xx Wise Williams - News of fighting in Russia.mp3
    411111 Two American Legion Speeches.mp3
    411208 FDR Requests Congress Declare War on the Japs.mp3
    Fulton Lewis
    FL400207 Congressional Showdown.mp3
    FL400709 Roosevelt Holds a News Conference.mp3
    FL401016 Willkie Holds a News Conference.mp3
    FL401023 Election Trends in Pennsylvania.mp3
    FL401030 New York Welcomes Willkie.mp3
    FL401106 Election Over at Last.mp3
    FL4108xx Frank Blair Sitting in for Lewis.mp3
    FL420723 Fight in Congress over Louisiana Shipyard.mp3
    FL420724 Louisiana Shipbuilding Contract Cancelled.mp3
    FL420725 Synthetic Rubber Bill Passes.mp3
    FL420729 Supreme Court Upholds Sentence of Nazi Saboteurs.mp3
    FL420730 Henry J. Kaiser Proposes Cargo Planes to Congress.mp3
    FL420804 Conversion to Cargo Planes Being Considered.mp3
    FL420805 War Labor Board Stabilizes Wages.mp3
    FL420917 US Sinking Jap Surface Vessels.mp3
    FL420918 Japs slithering across Owen Stanley Range in Ne~32E.mp3
    FL42XXXX Big tax increase passed.mp3
    Other War Broadcasts
    3912xx Sumner Welles Visits Hitler.mp3
    4005xx German Report on Advance in West.mp3
    4005xx Reports on Germans Reaching the Atlantic.mp3
    450427-NBC Special Broadcast.mp3
    450428-Released American POWs.mp3
    450429-Jurgens Journal.mp3
    450430-Scanning Radio Dial.mp3
    450501-News Bulletin-Death of Adolph Hitler.mp3
    450505-BBC Radio Newsreel.mp3
    4506xx Fiorello LaGuardia Press Conference.mp3
    461016 Nuremberg Executions.mp3

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