WWII The Homefront, Vol. 3 (52)
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    Episode Log
    Radio Show Introductions
    Various Radio Show Intros 1.mp3
    Various Radio Show Intros 2.mp3
    WWII Novelty Songs
    10 Bucks 24 Hrs Leave.mp3
    1Wing and A Prayer.mp3
    Army Air Corps Song.mp3
    As Time Goes By.mp3
    Bless 'Em All.mp3
    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.mp3
    Boy in Khaki - Girl in Lace.mp3
    Corn for my Country.mp3
    Cranky Old Yank.mp3
    Der Fuhrer's Face.mp3
    Don't Sit Under Apple Tree.mp3
    Don't Worry.mp3
    Fellow on a Furlough.mp3
    Ferdinand the Frantic Freak.mp3
    G I Jive.mp3
    Goodbye Mama.mp3
    Guns in the Sky.mp3
    Guy Comes Marchin Home.mp3
    Here Come the British.mp3
    Hip Hip Hooray.mp3
    Hot Time in Berlin.mp3
    I'm in the Army Now.mp3
    I've Got Sixpence.mp3
    Looks Like You.mp3
    Ma I Miss Apple Pie.mp3
    My Guys Come Back.mp3
    Never Another War.mp3
    Obey Your Air Raid Warden.mp3
    One Girl, Two Boys.mp3
    Pvt. Mary Brown.mp3
    Road to Victory.mp3
    Rockabye My Baby.mp3
    Rosie the Riveter.mp3
    Salt Water Cowboy.mp3
    Sams Got Him.mp3
    Silver Wings.mp3
    Spying is Trying.mp3
    Story of Pvt. Joe.mp3
    Thanks For America.mp3
    That Soldier of Mine.mp3
    The Man Behind the Gun.mp3
    There are Yanks.mp3
    Theres No Wings on Foxhole.mp3
    They're Either Two Young.mp3
    Tokyo Rose.mp3
    Uncle Sam.mp3
    Waltz in Berlin.mp3
    You Can't Say No.mp3
    Your a Sap Mr. Jap.mp3

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