Winston Churchill Speeches (127)
<a href="">Winston Churchill Speeches (127)
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    Episode Log
    330424 Locust Years.mp3
    341116 Causes of War.mp3
    360300 Loaded Pause.mp3
    361000 Meeting With Von Rippentrop.mp3
    370000 German Ambassador.mp3
    370000 Mr. Edens Resignation.mp3
    370000 The German Ambassador - Excerpt.mp3
    380430 To Royal Academy of Arts.mp3
    380900 Munich Winter.mp3
    381016 Speech.mp3
    381016 We Must Arm.mp3
    381100 Soviet Enigma.mp3
    381200 War.mp3
    391001 First Month of War.mp3
    391112 Ten Weeks of War.mp3
    391218 Sinking of the Graf Spee.mp3
    400000 Dunkirk.mp3
    400000 This Was Our Finest Hour.mp3
    400120 House of Many Mansions.mp3
    400120 Neutrals Liberation Is Sure.mp3
    400223 Navy Is Here.mp3
    400312 Before Storm.mp3
    400330 A Sterner War.mp3
    400400 Frustration In Norway.mp3
    400400 Narvik Norway.mp3
    400500 National Coalition.mp3
    400513 Speech To House of Commons.mp3
    400513 The New Administration.mp3
    400519 Battle of France.mp3
    400519 Be Ye Men of Valor.mp3
    400519 Churchill's First Speech As Prime Minister.mp3
    400528 On Capitulation of Belgium.mp3
    400600 French Agony.mp3
    400604 Dunkirk Fight On Beach.mp3
    400604 We Shall Never Surrender.mp3
    400613 1st Speech To Parlaiment.mp3
    400617 Our Finest Hour.mp3
    400618 Churchill's Finest Hour Speech - Excerpt.mp3
    400618 Our Finest Hour.mp3
    400619 On Dunkirk Escape.mp3
    400714 War of the Unknown Warrior.mp3
    400820 First Year.mp3
    400820 So Much Too So Few.mp3
    400911 The Crux of the Whole War.mp3
    400915 Battle of Britian.mp3
    400917 House of Commons' Secret Session.mp3
    401021 Pledge To Free France.mp3
    401021 To France (In French) Part 1.mp3
    401021 To France (In French) Part 2.mp3
    401200 Winston Talk.mp3
    401223 Address To Italy.mp3
    401230 Canada House of Commons.mp3
    410000 Russia Invaded.mp3
    410209 Give Us Tools - Excerpt.mp3
    410209 Give Us Tools.mp3
    410427 Westward Look - The Land Is Bright.mp3
    410612 Until Victory Is Won.mp3
    410616 Broadcast To America.mp3
    410621 Great Speech.mp3
    410622 Germany Invades Russia.mp3
    410622 Hitler Guttersnipe Invades Russia - Excerpt.mp3
    410622 On Hitler - Excerpt.mp3
    410714 Do Your Worst, We'll Do Our Best - Excerpt1.mp3
    410714 Do Your Worst, We'll Do Our Best - Excerpt2.mp3
    410714 Do Your Worst, We'll Do Our Best.mp3
    410729 War Production Speech.mp3
    410814 Atlantic Charter.mp3
    410824 Meeting With President Roosevelt - Excerpt.mp3
    410824 Meeting With President Roosevelt.mp3
    410829 These Are Great Days.mp3
    410909 We're Still the Masters of Our Fate.mp3
    411107 The Resolution of the People.mp3
    411129 Address To the Harrow School.mp3
    411208 War With Japan.mp3
    411224 The White House Christmas Tree.mp3
    411226 Address To Congress.mp3
    411226 Churchhill To Congress - Excerpt 1.mp3
    411226 Churchill In Washington - Excerpt 2.mp3
    411230 Preparation, Liberation, Assault.mp3
    420106 State of the Union Churchill and FDR.mp3
    420215 Reviews Atlantic Charter Summit.mp3
    420510 Prime Minister for Two Years - Excerpt.mp3
    420510 Prime Minister for Two Years.mp3
    421110 End of Beginning.mp3
    421129 National Address.mp3
    430321 National Address.mp3
    430519 Second Address To U. S. Congress.mp3
    430519 Speech at U. S. Congress.mp3
    430630 Before Autumn Unity.mp3
    430630 Reaping the Whirlwind.mp3
    430831 Broadcast from Quebec.mp3
    430906 Anglo-American Unity.mp3
    431028 The Rebuilding of the House of Commons.mp3
    440326 On Allied Victories - Excerpt.mp3
    440326 On Allied Victories.mp3
    441109 The Fruits of 1944.mp3
    441123 Speech for U. S. Thanksgiving Day.mp3
    450325 Robert Barr Reports Crosse.mp3
    450508 At Big Party.mp3
    450508 Germany's Unconditional Surrender - Excerpt.mp3
    450508 Germany's Unconditional Surrender.mp3
    450513 The End of the War.mp3
    450805 This Is Your Victory.mp3
    Address To Nation On Raf.mp3
    Battle of Britain Is About To Begin.mp3
    Dictators On Pedestals.mp3
    End Lease Most.mp3
    Finest Hour.mp3
    First Month of War Radio Broadcast.mp3
    First Radio Address As Prime Minister.mp3
    Give Us Tools.mp3
    I Have Not Always Been Wrong.mp3
    I Speak To You for the First Time.mp3
    Measure Meted Out.mp3
    Memoirs and Speeches 1.mp3
    Memoirs and Speeches 2.mp3
    Memoirs and Speeches 3.mp3
    Memoirs and Speeches 4.mp3
    Memoirs and Speeches 5.mp3
    Memoirs and Speeches 6.mp3
    Memoirs and Speeches 7.mp3
    Memoirs and Speeches 8.mp3
    Never Surrender.mp3
    Reaping the Whirlwind.mp3
    The Follies of Victors.mp3
    To France.mp3
    We Shall Fight.mp3

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