Tenth Man (13)
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    Episode Log
    01 Tenth Man 471017 Punishment Without Crime.mp3
    02 Tenth Man 471031 Silent Men.mp3
    03 Tenth Man 471107 Child Is Father To Man.mp3
    04 Tenth Man 471114 Old Folks At Home.mp3
    05 Tenth Man 471121 Which World for Susan.mp3
    06 Tenth Man 471128 Love Without Words.mp3
    07 Tenth Man 471205 On Wings of Clay.mp3
    08 Tenth Man 471212 Out of the Shadow.mp3
    09 Tenth Man 471219 Figs from Thistles.mp3
    10 Tenth Man 471226 Doctor Troubleshooter.mp3
    11 Tenth Man 480102 The Tie That Binds.mp3
    12 Tenth Man 480109 Out of Sight, Out of Mind.mp3
    13 Tenth Man 480116 Lady Lawmakers.mp3

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