Tarzan, Lord Of Jungle: 51-52 (59)
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    Episode Log
    510111-TARZAN AND THE DECOY.mp3
    510118-THE BLACK IVORY.mp3
    510125-THE HOODED DEATH.mp3
    510201-THE MANUEMA.mp3
    510208-SIREN OF OMDURMARA.mp3
    510215-BLACK GOLD OF AFRICA.mp3
    510222-THE COWARD.mp3
    510301-FEMALE OF TH SPECIES.mp3
    510308-END OF THE WORLD.mp3
    510315-ACROSS A CONTINENT.mp3
    510322-THE KILLER.mp3
    510329-JUNGLE LEGACY.mp3
    510405-JUNGLE ORCHIDS.mp3
    510412-GOLD COAST ROBBERY.mp3
    510419-LIFE OR DEATH.mp3
    510426-D = DIAMONDS & DEATH.mp3
    510503-PIRATES OF BANDEIRA.mp3
    510517-LAKE OF BLOOD.mp3
    510524-CONGO MAGIC.mp3
    510531-JUNGLE HEAT.mp3
    510607-JUNGLE HIJACKERS.mp3
    510614-THE STRANGER.mp3
    510621-ARAB VENGEANCE.mp3
    510628-TARZAN IN CAPTIVITY.mp3
    510705-GOLD OF THE SUDAN.mp3
    510712-STOLEN JEWELS.mp3
    510719-DRUM WO A HEART.mp3
    510726-TERROR AT NIGHT.mp3
    510809-CURSE OF PHARAOHS.mp3
    510816-H-HUNTERS OF WOMBESI.mp3
    510823-TROPHY ROOM.mp3
    510830-TARZAN'S MISTAKE.mp3
    510906-DEATH-SMALL WINGS.mp3
    510913-MAGIC AMULET.mp3
    510920-STRANGE BOOK-ARABY.mp3
    510927-CATHEDRAL OF CONGO.mp3
    511004-CITY OF SLEEP.mp3
    511011-JUNGLE ODDS.mp3
    511018-ALL PRESUMED DEAD.mp3
    511025-SMALL PACKAGES.mp3
    511101-GHOST OF THE KARMIKI.mp3
    511108-ON ROAD TO TIMBUKTU.mp3
    511115-STRANGE ISLAND.mp3
    511206-HUNTER'S FURY.mp3
    511213-TROUBLE IN PAIRS.mp3
    511220-CONGO MURDER.mp3
    511227-CONGO CHRISTMAS.mp3
    520103-HAND OF DEATH.mp3
    520110-MAN-ANOTHER WORLD.mp3
    520417-JUNGLE SMOKE.mp3
    520501-THE MISSING ELEMENT.mp3
    520508-TARZAN AND LYPAGOR.mp3
    520515-MASK OF MONTIKI.mp3
    520612-THE LONG JOURNEY.mp3

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