Suspense, Vol. 7 (100)
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    Episode Log
    ep615 550913 A Story Of Poison.mp3
    ep616 550920 The Stool Pigeon.mp3
    ep618 551004 Goodbye Miss Lizzie Borden.mp3
    ep619 551011 Heavens To Betsy.mp3
    ep620 551018 Life Ends At Midnight.mp3
    ep621 551025 To None a Deadly Drug.mp3
    ep622 551101 The Mountain.mp3
    ep623 551108 Report On The X-915.mp3
    ep624 551115 Once a Murderer.mp3
    ep625 551122 Classified Secrets.mp3
    ep626 551129 This Will Kill You.mp3
    ep627 551206 When The Bough Breaks-2ndBroadcast.mp3
    ep630 551227 Mystery of Mary the Celeste.mp3
    ep632 560110 Two Platinum Capsules.mp3
    ep633 560117 End Of The String.mp3
    ep634 560124 The Cellar Door.mp3
    ep635 560131 Artic Rescue.mp3
    ep637 560214 Listen Young Lovers.mp3
    ep638 560221 Hollywood Hostages.mp3
    ep639 560228 Diary Of Captain Scott.mp3
    ep640 560306 Quiet Night.mp3
    ep642 560320 Gallardo.mp3
    ep643 560327 The Murderess.mp3
    ep644 560403 Game Hunt.mp3
    ep647 560424 A Case Of Nerves.mp3
    ep649 560508 The Phones Die First.mp3
    ep651 560522 Fragile-Contents Death.mp3
    ep652 560529 The Flame.mp3
    ep653 560605 The Twelveth Rose.mp3
    ep654 560612 A Matter Of Timing.mp3
    ep655 560619 A Sleeping Draught.mp3
    ep656 560626 Treasure Chest San Jose.mp3
    ep657 560703 The Music Lovers.mp3
    ep658 560711 Want Ad.mp3
    ep659 560718 Man Who Threw Acid.mp3
    ep660 560725 The Tramp.mp3
    ep662 560808 Double Identity.mp3
    ep663 560815 A Friend To Alexander.mp3
    ep664 560829 Hold up.mp3
    ep665 560905 Security Agent.mp3
    ep666 560925 A Case Of Identity.mp3
    ep668 561009 The Digger.mp3
    ep670 561023 The Doll.mp3
    ep674 561118 The Long Night.mp3
    ep675 561125 The Man Who Stole The Bible.mp3
    ep676 561202 Rim Of Terror.mp3
    ep677 561209 An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge.mp3
    ep678 561216 Eyewitness.mp3
    ep682 570120 Second Class Passenger.mp3
    ep683 570127 Freedom This Way.mp3
    ep685 570210 Door Of Gold.mp3
    ep687 570224 227 Minutes Of Hate.mp3
    ep688 570303 Present Tense.mp3
    ep692 570331 A Good Neighbor.mp3
    ep693 570407 The Vanishing Lady.mp3
    ep694 570414 Thou Shalt Not Commit.mp3
    ep696 570428 Escape To Death.mp3
    ep702 570609 The Green And Gold String.mp3
    ep703 570616 Trial By Jury.mp3
    ep705 570630 Yellow Wallpaper.mp3
    ep707 570714 Flood On The Goodwin.mp3
    ep709 570728 Murder On Mike.mp3
    ep710 570804 Flesh Peddler.mp3
    ep712 570818 Peanut Brittle.mp3
    ep713 570825 Leinengen Vs The Ants.mp3
    ep719 571006 Misfire.mp3
    ep722 571027 County Of The Blind.mp3
    ep741 580309 The Chain.mp3
    ep743 580323 Affair At Loveland Pass.mp3
    ep751 580518 Zero Hour.mp3
    ep753 580601 Rave Notice.mp3
    ep754 580608 Invisible Ape.mp3
    ep755 580615 Strange For A Killer.mp3
    ep760 590720 It's All In Your Mind.mp3
    ep764 580817 The Bridge.mp3
    ep770 580928 Misfire.mp3
    ep773 581018 Three Skeleton Key.mp3
    ep774 581025 Head Shrinker.mp3
    ep778 581123 My Dear Niece.mp3
    ep782 581221 Out For Christmas.mp3
    ep783 581228 32nd Of December.mp3
    ep784 590104 Don't Call Me Mother.mp3
    ep785 590111 Night On Red Mountain.mp3
    ep786 590118 Ride Down Cajon.mp3
    ep788 590201 Return To Dust.mp3
    ep789 590208 Death Notice.mp3
    ep790 590215 The Signalman.mp3
    ep791 590222 Star Over Hong Kong.mp3
    ep792 590301 The Waxworks.mp3
    ep793 590308 The Mad Man of Manhattan.mp3
    ep794 590315 Death In Box 234.mp3
    ep795 590322 Script By Mark Brady.mp3
    ep796 590329 John Barby And Son.mp3
    ep797 590412 Too Hot To Live.mp3
    ep798 590419 See How He Runs.mp3
    ep799 590426 Deep Deep Is My Love.mp3
    ep800 590503 Amateur.mp3
    ep802 590517 Friend Of Daddy's.mp3
    ep805 590607 The Pit And The Pendulum.mp3
    ep806 590614 Drive In.mp3

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