Suspense, Vol. 6 (100)
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    Episode Log
    ep499 530209 The Man Who Cried Wolf.mp3
    ep500 530216 The Love & Death Of Joaquin Murieta.mp3
    ep501 530223 St James Infirmary Blues.mp3
    ep502 530302 The Storm.mp3
    ep503 530309 The Dead Alive.mp3
    ep504 530316 The Mountain.mp3
    ep505 530323 The Signalman.mp3
    ep506 530330 Tom Dooley.mp3
    ep507 530406 Around The World.mp3
    ep508 530413 The Great Train Robbery.mp3
    ep509 530420 Public Defender.mp3
    ep510 530427 The Man Within.mp3
    ep511 530504 Othello Pt1.mp3
    ep512 530511 Othello Pt2.mp3
    ep513 530518 Vial of Death.mp3
    ep514 530525 Pigeon In The Cage.mp3
    ep515 530601 A Vision Of Death.mp3
    ep516 530608 Mystery Of The Mary Celeste(last for summer).mp3
    ep517 530914 A Message To Garcia.mp3
    ep518 530921 The Empty Chair.mp3
    ep519 530928 Hellfire.mp3
    ep520 531005 Action.mp3
    ep521 531012 The Shot.mp3
    ep522 531019 My True Loves Hair.mp3
    ep523 531026 Dutch Schultz.mp3
    ep524 531102 Ordeal In Donner Pass.mp3
    ep525 531109 Needle In The Haystack.mp3
    ep526 531116 The Moonstone [part 1].mp3
    ep527 531123 The Moonstone [part 2].mp3
    ep528 531130 Wreck Of The Maid Of Athens.mp3
    ep529 531207 Trent's Last Case.mp3
    ep530 531214 Mystery Of The Marie Roget.mp3
    ep531 531221 Twas The Night Before Christmas.mp3
    ep532 531228 The Queens Ring.mp3
    ep533 540104 On A Country Road.mp3
    ep534 540111 One Man Crime Wave.mp3
    ep535 540118 The Face Is Familiar.mp3
    ep536 540125 Want Ad.mp3
    ep537 540201 Never Follow A Banjo Act.mp3
    ep538 540208 Death At Skreikerodd Pond.mp3
    ep539 540215 The Outer Limit.mp3
    ep540 540222 Murder by Jury.mp3
    ep541 540301 The Barking Death.mp3
    ep542 540308 Circumstantial Terror.mp3
    ep543 540315 The Girl In Car 32.mp3
    ep544 540322 The Guilty Always Run.mp3
    ep545 540329 Somebody Help Me.mp3
    ep546 540405 Grand Theft.mp3
    ep547 540412 Parole To Panic.mp3
    ep548 540419 The Card Game.mp3
    ep549 540426 The Bertillion Method.mp3
    ep550 540503 Giant Of Thermopylae.mp3
    ep552 540517 The Revenge Of Captain Bligh.mp3
    ep553 540524 Weekend Special - Death.mp3
    ep554 540531 Listen Young Lovers.mp3
    ep555 540607 A Terribly Strange Bed.mp3
    ep556 540615 The Earth Is Made of Glass .mp3
    ep557 540622 Sequel To Murder.mp3
    ep558 540629 Too Hot To Live.mp3
    ep559 540706 The Tip.mp3
    ep561 540720 Telling.mp3
    ep562 540727 Destruction.mp3
    ep563 540803 Goodnight Mrs Russell.mp3
    ep564 540810 Never Steal A Butcher's Wife.mp3
    ep565 540930 Little Matter of Memory.mp3
    ep566 541007 Chicken Feed.mp3
    ep567 541014 Lost.mp3
    ep568 541021 Rave Notice.mp3
    ep569 541028 The Shelter.mp3
    ep570 541104 Last Letter Of Dr Bronson.mp3
    ep571 541111 The Sure Thing.mp3
    ep572 541118 Blind Date.mp3
    ep573 541125 Shooting Star.mp3
    ep574 541202 The Shot.mp3
    ep576 541216 A Pretty Girl.mp3
    ep577 541223 Premonition Of Death.mp3
    ep578 541230 Odd Man Out.mp3
    ep580 550113 Final Payment.mp3
    ep581 550120 The Case Study Of A Murder.mp3
    ep582 550127 The Operation.mp3
    ep584 550210 Diagnosis Of Death.mp3
    ep586 550222 Waiting.mp3
    ep588 550308 Nobody Ever Quits.mp3
    ep589 550315 The Game.mp3
    ep591 550329 Give Me Liberty.mp3
    ep592 550405 Zero Hour.mp3
    ep595 550426 Sight Unseen.mp3
    ep596 550503 Remember Me.mp3
    ep598 550517 Lilly And The Colonel.mp3
    ep600 550531 Beirut By Sunrise.mp3
    ep601 550607 Frankenstein.mp3
    ep602 550614 The Whole Towns Sleeping.mp3
    ep603 550621 Over The Bounding Main.mp3
    ep605 550705 The Cave in.mp3
    ep606 550712 Kaleidoscope.mp3
    ep608 550726 Greatest Thief In The World.mp3
    ep609 550802 Black Death.mp3
    ep610 550809 Love Honor And Murder.mp3
    ep611 550816 A Study In Wax.mp3
    ep614 550906 Strange For A Killer.mp3

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