Suspense, Vol. 5 (100)
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    Episode Log
    ep381 500420 Pearls Are A Nuisance.mp3
    ep382 500427 The Chain.mp3
    ep384 500511 The Man in the Room.mp3
    ep385 500518 Angel Face.mp3
    ep386 500525 Very Much Like a Nightmare.mp3
    ep388 500608 The Case Of Henri Vivard.mp3
    ep390 500622 The One Millionth Joe.mp3
    ep391 500629 Love, Honor Or Murder.mp3
    ep392 500831 True Report.mp3
    ep394 500914 Over the Bounding Main.mp3
    ep395 500921 The Crowd.mp3
    ep396 500928 Fly By Night.mp3
    ep397 501005 The Rose Garden.mp3
    ep398 501012 Rave Notice.mp3
    ep399 501019 Wages of Sin.mp3
    ep400 501026 Too Hot To Live.mp3
    ep401 501102 The Victoria Cross.mp3
    ep402 501109 Blood On The Trumpet.mp3
    ep404 501123 Going, Going, Gone.mp3
    ep405 431130 The Lady in the Red Hat.mp3
    ep406 501207 After The Movies.mp3
    ep407 501214 A Killing in Abilene.mp3
    ep408 501221 A Christmas For Carol.mp3
    ep409 501228 A Ring For Marya.mp3
    ep410 510104 Alibi Me.mp3
    ep412 510118 The Well-Dressed Corpse.mp3
    ep413 510125 Aria For Murder.mp3
    ep416 510215 The Death Parade.mp3
    ep418 510301 The Gift of Jumbo Brannigan.mp3
    ep419 510308 A Vision Of Death.mp3
    ep420 510315 Strange For A Killer.mp3
    ep421 510322 Three Lethal Words.mp3
    ep422 510329 Death Pitch.mp3
    ep423 510405 Murder In G Flat.mp3
    ep424 510412 Early To Death.mp3
    ep427 510503 When The Bough Breaks.mp3
    ep428 510510 Death On My Hands.mp3
    ep429 510517 Another Mans Poison.mp3
    ep431 510531 Overdrawn.mp3
    ep432 510607 Tell You Why I Shouldn't Die.mp3
    ep433 510614 The Truth About Jerry Baxter.mp3
    ep434 510621 The Greatest Thief in The World.mp3
    ep435 510628 The Case For Doctor Singer.mp3
    ep436 510827 Report On The Jolly Death Riders.mp3
    ep437 510903 The Steel River Prison Break.mp3
    ep438 510910 Evil Of Adelaide Winters.mp3
    ep439 510917 Neal Cream Doctor Of Poison.mp3
    ep440 510924 The McKay College Basketball Scandal.mp3
    ep441 511001 Case Study of a Murderer.mp3
    ep442 511008 Betrayal in Vienna.mp3
    ep443 511015 The Flame.mp3
    ep444 511022 Log of the Marne.mp3
    ep445 511029 The Hunting Of Bob Lee.mp3
    ep450 511203 A Murderous Revision.mp3
    ep451 511210 Black Jack To Kill.mp3
    ep452 511217 The Case History Of A Gambler.mp3
    ep453 511224 'Twas the Night before Christmas.mp3
    ep454 511231 Rogue Male.mp3
    ep455 520107 The Case Against Loo Doc.mp3
    ep456 520114 Fall River Tragedy.mp3
    ep457 520121 The Perfectionist.mp3
    ep458 520128 The Carnival.mp3
    ep459 520204 Treasure Chest Of Don Jose.mp3
    ep460 520211 Odd Man Out.mp3
    ep461 520218 The Track Of The Cat.mp3
    ep462 520225 A Killing In Las Vegas.mp3
    ep463 520303 The 39 Steps.mp3
    ep464 520310 A Watery Grave.mp3
    ep465 520317 The Wreck Of The Old 97.mp3
    ep466 520324 A Murder Of Necessity.mp3
    ep467 520331 Lady Pamela.mp3
    ep468 520407 Remember Me.mp3
    ep469 520414 Mate Bram.mp3
    ep470 520421 The Diary Of Captain Scott.mp3
    ep471 520428 The Shooting Of Billy The Kid.mp3
    ep472 520505 Frankie and Johnny.mp3
    ep473 520512 The Missing Person.mp3
    ep474 520519 The Flight Of The Bumble Bee.mp3
    ep475 520526 Death of Me.mp3
    ep476 520602 A Good And Faithful Servant.mp3
    ep477 520609 Concerto for Killer and Eye Witness.mp3
    ep480 520929 Vidocq's Final Case.mp3
    ep481 521006 The Diary Of Dr Pritchard.mp3
    ep482 521013 How Long Is The Night.mp3
    ep483 521020 Death of Barbara Allen.mp3
    ep484 521027 Allan in Wonderland.mp3
    ep485 521103 Frankenstein.mp3
    ep486 521110 Frightened City.mp3
    ep487 521117 Death And Miss Turner.mp3
    ep488 521124 Mann Alive.mp3
    ep489 521201 The Big Heist.mp3
    ep490 521208 Joker's Wild.mp3
    ep491 521215 Man With Two Faces.mp3
    ep492 521222 Artic Rescue.mp3
    ep493 521229 Melody In Dreams.mp3
    ep494 530105 The Mystery Of Edwin Drood Pt1.mp3
    ep495 530112 The Mystery Of Edwin Drood Pt2.mp3
    ep496 530119-Gold Of The Adomar.mp3
    ep497 530126 The Spencer Brothers.mp3
    ep498 530202 Plan X.mp3

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