Suspense, Vol. 4 (90)
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    Episode Log
    ep285 480221 Beyond Reason(1hour).mp3
    ep286 480228 House by the River(1hour).mp3
    ep287 480306 In A Lonely Place(1hour).mp3
    ep289 480320 Wet Saturday August Heat(1hr).mp3
    ep290 480327 Night Must Fall(1hr).mp3
    ep291 480403 Suspicion(1hour).mp3
    ep292 480410 Crossfire(1hour).mp3
    ep294 480501 The Blind Spot(1hr).mp3
    ep295 480508 Life Ends At Midnight.mp3
    ep296 480515 Deadline At Dawn(last 1 hour show).mp3
    ep298 480715 Summer Night.mp3
    ep299 480722 Deep into Darkness.mp3
    ep300 480729 Yellow Wallpaper.mp3
    ep301 480805 An Honest Man.mp3
    ep302 480812 Beware the Quiet Ma.mp3
    ep303 480819 Crisis.mp3
    ep304 480826 Song of the Heart.mp3
    ep305 480902 The Morrison Affair.mp3
    ep306 480909 The Big Shot.mp3
    ep307 480916 Hitchhike Poker w Gregory Peck.mp3
    ep308 480923 Celebration.mp3
    ep309 480930 The Man Wanted To Be EG Robinson.mp3
    ep310 481007 Night Cry.mp3
    ep311 481014 Little Piece of Rope.mp3
    ep312 481021 Give Me Liberty.mp3
    ep313 481104 Death Sentence John Garfield.mp3
    ep315 481118 Sorry Wrong Number.mp3
    ep316 481125 The Screaming Woman.mp3
    ep317 481202 The Hands Of Mr Ottermole.mp3
    ep318 481209 The Sisters.mp3
    ep319 481216 No Escape.mp3
    ep320 481223 Back For Christmas.mp3
    ep322 490106 To Find Help.mp3
    ep323 490113 The Too Perfect Alibi.mp3
    ep324 490120 If The Dead Could Talk.mp3
    ep325 490127 The Thing In The Window.mp3
    ep326 490203 Back Seat Driver.mp3
    ep327 490210 DeMortuis.mp3
    ep328 490217 Catch Me if You Can.mp3
    ep329 490224 Where There's A Will.mp3
    ep330 490303 Lovebirds.mp3
    ep331 490310 Three O Clock.mp3
    ep332 490317 Murder Through The Looking Glass.mp3
    ep333 490324 Dead Earnest.mp3
    ep334 490331 You Can't Die Twice.mp3
    ep335 490407 Noose Of Coincidence.mp3
    ep336 490414 Murder In Black And White.mp3
    ep337 490421 The Copper Tea Strainer.mp3
    ep338 490428 The Lie.mp3
    ep339 490505 Death Has A Shadow.mp3
    ep340 490512 The Light Switch.mp3
    ep341 490519 Consequence.mp3
    ep342 490526 The Night Reveals.mp3
    ep343 490602 Ten Years.mp3
    ep344 490609 The Lunch Kit.mp3
    ep345 490616 The Trap(AFRS).mp3
    ep346 490623 Ghost Hunt.mp3
    ep347 490630 The Day I Died(off for summer).mp3
    ep349 490908 Chicken Feed.mp3
    ep350 490915 The Last Confession.mp3
    ep351 490922 Experiment 6-R.mp3
    ep352 490929 Blind Date.mp3
    ep353 491006 The Defense Rests.mp3
    ep354 491013 Account Payable.mp3
    ep355 491020 Goodnight, Mrs Russell.mp3
    ep356 491027 Momentum.mp3
    ep357 491103 The Search For Isabel.mp3
    ep358 491110 The Murder Of Aunt Delia.mp3
    ep359 491117 The Red Headed Woman.mp3
    ep360 491124 The Long Wait.mp3
    ep361 491201 Mission Completed.mp3
    ep362 491208 For The Love Of Murder.mp3
    ep363 491215 The Flame Blue Glove.mp3
    ep364 491222 Double Entry.mp3
    ep365 491229 The Bullet.mp3
    ep366 500105 I Never Met The Dead Man.mp3
    ep367 500112 Four Hours To Kill.mp3
    ep368 500119 The Escape of Lacey Abbott.mp3
    ep369 500126 Mr Diogenes.mp3
    ep370 500202 Consideration.mp3
    ep371 500209 The Butchers Wife.mp3
    ep372 500216 Murder Strikes Three Times.mp3
    ep373 500223 Slow Burn.mp3
    ep374 500302 Lady Killer.mp3
    ep375 500309 Banquo's Chair.mp3
    ep376 500316 Motive For Murder.mp3
    ep377 500323 One and One's a Lonesome.mp3
    ep378 500330 Blood Sacrifice.mp3
    ep379 500406 Salvage.mp3
    ep380 500413 Six Feet Under.mp3

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