Space Patrol (97)
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    Episode Log
    1952\\004-the hole in empty space.mp3
    1952\\006-the city of the sun.mp3
    1952\\007-queen of space.mp3
    1952\\008-the giant bubble.mp3
    1952\\009-the electronic burglar.mp3
    1952\\010-the space shark.mp3
    1952\\011-search for asteroid-x.mp3
    1952\\012-the lady from venus.mp3
    1952\\013-last voyage of l. lena.mp3
    1953\\014-brain bank & space bnoc.mp3
    1953\\015-the sleep walker.mp3
    1953\\017-the scavengers of space.mp3
    1953\\018-the top secret d-ray.mp3
    1953\\019-crash landing.mp3
    1953\\020-the mysterious meteor.mp3
    1953\\021-The Moon Beetles.mp3
    1953\\022-Strange Gift - New Star.mp3
    1953\\023-Seed Crystals-Zeldabran.mp3
    1953\\024-Magic Space Pictures.mp3
    1953\\025-The Caverns of Venus.mp3
    1953\\026-The Forgotten City.mp3
    1953\\030-The Prisoner of Pluto.mp3
    1953\\031-The Venus Space Factory.mp3
    1953\\032-Cosmic Ray Detector.mp3
    1953\\033-The Secret of Sublevel7.mp3
    1953\\034-Treachery - Outer Space.mp3
    1953\\035-The Immortal Brain.mp3
    1953\\038-The Indestructible Germ.mp3
    1953\\039-Treasure of Planetoid 6.mp3
    1953\\045-Trouble Abd Super Nova.mp3
    1953\\046-peril over jupiter.mp3
    1953\\047-the menace of planet x.mp3
    1953\\048-the trap on planet x.mp3
    1953\\049-the valley of dread.mp3
    1953\\050-escape from planet x.mp3
    1953\\051-the spies from planet x.mp3
    1953\\052-target jupiter.mp3
    1953\\053-return to planet x.mp3
    1953\\054-ice cap of planet x.mp3
    1953\\055-rescue from planet x.mp3
    1953\\056-secret of adargo ruins.mp3
    1953\\057-iron eaters of planet x.mp3
    1953\\058-cyclone in outer space.mp3
    1953\\059-under sea of planet x.mp3
    1953\\060-sea monster of planet x.mp3
    1953\\061-revolt of the spacerats.mp3
    1953\\062-baccaratis scrt weapon.mp3
    1953\\063-the lost condor.mp3
    1953\\064-venus tulania mystery.mp3
    1953\\065-the lost dimension.mp3
    1954\\066-wizard-neptune's moon.mp3
    1954\\067-the claw of venus.mp3
    1954\\069-martian masquerade.mp3
    1954\\070-treasure of mount rocob.mp3
    1954\\071-the invisible enemy.mp3
    1954\\072-revenge of dryeager.mp3
    1954\\074-serpents of saturn.mp3
    1954\\076-test for survival.mp3
    1954\\077-secret of dr. borodeck.mp3
    1954\\078-the zero ray.mp3
    1954\\080-tests of the xk3.mp3
    1954\\081-image of evil.mp3
    1954\\084-cap haggart's planetoid.mp3
    1954\\086-strange voyager.mp3
    1954\\087-the red demon of venus.mp3
    1954\\088-mystery-masked martian.mp3
    1954\\089-the tattoed atom.mp3
    1954\\090-cavern of fear.mp3
    1954\\091-race against time.mp3
    1954\\092-the robot of vortena.mp3
    1954\\093-trial by terror.mp3
    1954\\098-the counterfeit atom.mp3
    1954\\099-formula for crime.mp3
    1954\\102-design for danger.mp3
    1954\\103-prisoners of tiranna.mp3
    1954\\104-invasion from tiranna.mp3
    1954\\105-voice from the future.mp3
    1954\\109-realm of the robot.mp3
    1954\\110-watchman of wormic.mp3
    1954\\111-the frightened robot.mp3
    1954\\114-the invisible enemy.mp3
    1954\\115-the city of hidden doom.mp3
    1954\\116-escape from neptune.mp3
    1954\\117-the lost galaxy.mp3
    1955\\118-ambush in space.mp3
    1955\\119-prison planet.mp3
    1955\\120-the crown of dargeeda.mp3
    1955\\121-the shadow of shardu.mp3
    1955\\122-the planet of discord.mp3
    1955\\123-conquest of dargeeda.mp3
    1955\\124-the hermit of pluto.mp3
    1955\\125-the time pirates.mp3
    1955\\126-voyage to the future.mp3
    1955\\127-monster from the past.mp3
    1955\\128-the weed of despair.mp3
    1955\\129-fugitive from telarma.mp3

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