Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 6 (58)
<a href="">Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 6 (58)</a>
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    Episode Log
    1 The Case Of The Clockwork Fiend(Newly Discovered Casebook).mp3
    2 Mystery Of The Obese Escapologist(Newly Discovered Casebook).mp3
    3 Case Of The Deranged Botanist(Newly Discovered Casebook).mp3
    4 Sherlock Holmes & The Glorious Doppelganger(Newly Discovered Casebook).mp3
    5 Holmes Strikes A Happy Medium(Newly Discovered Casebook).mp3
    #6 The Demon Cobbler of Greek Street(Newly Discovered Casebook).mp3
    00-00-00 Dressed To Kill(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    80-07-14 Nightmare In Gillette Castle(CBS-RMT).mp3
    81-01-29 The Vanishing Herd(CBS-RMT).mp3
    81-08-31 The Musgrave Ritual(CBS-RMT).mp3
    81-12-28 The Silver Mirror(CBS-RMT).mp3
    82-04-02 The Naval Treaty(CBS-RMT).mp3
    82-11-25 The Reigate Mystery(CBS-RMT).mp3
    87-00-00 A Scandal In Bohemia(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 Black Peter(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 Charles Augustus Milverton(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 Shoscombe Old Place(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Abbey Grange(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Blue Carbuncle(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Boscombe Valley Mystery(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Bruce Partington Plans(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Cardboard Box(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Devils' Foot(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Engineer's Thumb(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Golden Pince-Nez(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Man With The Twisted Lip(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Naval Treaty(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Problem Of Thor Bridge(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Six Napoleons(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Solitary Cyclist(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    87-00-00 The Speckled Band(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    93-06-24 The Priory School(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    93-07-01 The Second Stain(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    93-07-08 The Copper Beeches(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    93-07-15 The Norwood Builder(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    93-07-22 The Red-Headed League(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    93-07-29 The Sussex Vampire(Marsden-Moffat).mp3
    AC Doyle Documentary_The Good Giant.mp3
    CD - White Scarf Strangler.mp3
    Doyle, Rathbone, & Gillette Talk About Holmes.mp3
    Hound Of The Baskervilles Part 1 (Williamson-Rose).mp3
    Hound Of The Baskervilles Part 2 (Williamson-Rose).mp3
    MERCURY THEATER 38-09-25 The Immortal Sherlock Holmes.mp3
    Sherlock's Secret Life.mp3
    The Sherlock Holmes Assignment 2000 From Wcrs.mp3
    Universal Pictures 1939 Adv.of Sherlock Holmes(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1942 Secret Weapon(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1942 Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Ter(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1943 Sherlock Holmes Faces Death(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1943 Sherlock Holmes in Washington(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1944 Pearl Of Death(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1944 Spider Woman(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1944 The Scarlet Claw(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1945 Pursuit To Algiers(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1945 The House of Fear(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1945 The Woman in Green(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1946 Dressed To Kill(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Universal Pictures 1946 Terror By Night(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3

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