Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 4 (99)
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    Episode Log
    47-03-10 Affair Of The Ancient Egyptian Curse(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-03-17 The Creeping Man(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-03-24 Adventure Of The Scarlet Worm(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-03-31 Adventures Of Maltree Abbey(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-04-07 Adventure Of The Tolling Bell(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-04-14 Adventures Of The Carpathian Horror(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-04-21 The Lion's Mane(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-04-28 Island Of Death(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-05-05 Remarkable Affair Of The Pointless Robbery(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-05-12 Wysteria Lodge(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-05-19 The Harley Street Murders(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-05-26 Adventure Of The Submerged Nobleman(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-06-02 Red Headed League(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-06-09 Murder In The Locked Room(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-06-16 Death In The North Sea(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-06-23 Adventure Of The Speckled Band(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-06-30 The Innocent Murderess(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-07-07 Adventures Of The Iron Maiden(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-09-28 The Dog Who Changed His Mind(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-10-05 The Missing Heiress(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-10-12 Red Headed League(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-10-26 Laughing Lemur(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-11-02 The Copper Beeches(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-11-09 Cadaver In Roman Toga(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-11-16 Well Staged Murder(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-11-23 The Stolen Naval Treaty(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-11-23_The Stolen Naval Treaty(Stanley).mp3
    47-11-30 Cradle That Rocked Itself(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-11-30_Cradle that Rocked Itself(Stanley).mp3
    47-12-07 Moriarty And Diamond Jubilee(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-12-07_Moriarty & Diamond Jubilee(Stanley).mp3
    47-12-14 The Sussex Vampire(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-12-14_The Sussex Vampire(Stanley).mp3
    47-12-21 Adventure Of Christmas Bride(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-12-21_The Christmas Bride(Stanley).mp3
    47-12-28 New Years Eve Off The Scilly Islands(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    47-12-28_New Year's Eve Off Scilly (Stanley).mp3
    48-01-04 The Mazarin Stone(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-01-04_The Mazarin Stone(Stanley).mp3
    48-01-11 Sudden Senility(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-01-11_The Sudden Senility(Stanley).mp3
    48-01-18 Case Of The Lucky Shilling(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-01-25 Case Of The Engineer's Thumb(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-02-01 Case Of The Avenging Blade(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-02-08 Case Of The Sanguinary Spectre(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-02-15 Shoscombe Old Place(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-02-22 The Wooden Claw(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-02-22_Adv Of The Wooden Claw(Stanley).mp3
    48-02-29 King Philip's Golden Salvor(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-02-29_King Philip's Gold Salver(Stanley).mp3
    48-03-07 Adventure of The Six Napoleons(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-03-14 Adventure Of The Serpent God(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-03-21 Death is A Golden Arrow(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-03-28 Disappearance Of Lady Francis Carfax(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-04-04 Adventure Of Lady Waverley's Imitation Pearls(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-04-11 Adventure Of The Empty House(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-04-18 Case Of The Very Best Butter.mp3
    48-05-02 Adventure Of The Sinister Crate Of Cabbages.mp3
    48-05-09 Adventure Of The Illustrius Client(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-05-16 Case Of The Everblooming Roses(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-05-23 Case Of The Accomodating Valise(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-05-30 A Case Of Identity(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-06-06 The Complicated Poisoning At Eel Pie Island(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-06-13 Case Of The Bleeding Chandelier(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-06-20 Adventure Of Veiled Lodger(Stanley-Shirley).mp3
    48-12-26 The Blue Carbuncle.mp3
    49-05-09 The Three Garridebs.mp3
    49-11-23 Duke of Hollywell.mp3
    54-10-05 Charles Augustus Milverton(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    54-10-12 Scandal In Bohemia(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    54-11-02 A Case Of Identity(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    54-11-09 The Dying Detective(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    54-11-16 The Second Stain(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    54-11-23 The Norwood Builder(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    54-12-07 Case Of The Six Napoleons(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    54-12-21 The Adventure of the Final Problem(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-01-06 The Missing Three Quarter(62-08-14)(Hobbs-Shelly).mp3
    55-01-09 A Scandal In Bohemia(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-01-16 The Red Headed League(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-01-23 A Case Of Identity(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-01-30 The Adventure Of The Second Stain(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-02-06 Bruce Partington Plans(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-02-13 Adventure Of The Dying Detective(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-02-20 The Norwood Builder(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-03-13 The Blue Carbuncle(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-03-20 The Speckled Band(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-03-27 Disappearance Of Silver Blaze(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-04-03 The Golden Pince-Nez(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-04-17 The Final Problem(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-04-24 The Empty House(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-04-29 The Mazarin Stone(62-09-04)(Hobbs-Shelly).mp3
    55-05-01 The Second Stain(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    55-05-08 The Dying Detective(Gielgud-Richardson).mp3
    58-04-06 The Hound of the Baskervilles (six parts)(Hobbs-Shelly).mp3
    59-05-12 Man With The Twisted Lip(Hobbs-Shelly).mp3
    59-06-30 Adventure Of The Beryl Coronet(Hobbs-Shelly).mp3
    59-08-04 The Blanched Soldier(Hobbs-Shelly).mp3
    59-08-11 Copper Beeches(Hobbs-Shelly).mp3
    59-08-18 Noble Bachelor(Hobbs-Shelly).mp3

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