Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 3 (93)
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    Episode Log
    1995-10-15 The Politician, Lighthouse & Trained Cormorant.mp3
    1998-05-27 Radio Detectives The Voice Of Sherlock Holmes.mp3
    2000-11-15 The Beekeeper's Apprentice Pt 1.mp3
    2000-11-22 The Beekeeper's Apprentice Pt 2.mp3
    2000-11-29 The Beekeeper's Apprentice Pt 3.mp3
    2000-12-06 The Beekeeper's Apprentice Pt 4.mp3
    2001-03-11 The Unreal Life Of Sherlock Holmes.mp3
    32-05-19 The Final Problem.mp3
    33-01-18 Murder by Proxy(The Final Problem).mp3
    34-11-11 The Hebraic Breastplate - (Hector, Lovell) .mp3
    36-05-30 The Devil's Foot (Hector, West).mp3
    36-06-06 The Armchair Solution - (Hector, West).mp3
    39-11-06 Bruce Partington Plans(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    39-12-18 Wisteria Lodge (2nd Half)(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    40-03-11 The Retired Colourman(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    40-10-06 The Copper Beeches(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    40-12-22 The Boscombe Valley Mystery(Partial)(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    41-02-09 Hound Of The Baskervilles Part 5 (1st Half)(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    41-11-09 The Stockbroker's Clerk (Partial) 20-17(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    41-12-07 Mystery Of Mrs Warren's Lodger(The Red Circle)(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    43-07-30 Murder In The Waxworks (Partial)(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    43-08-20 The Missing Dancer (2nd Half)(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    43-08-27 The Cardboard Box(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    43-10-01 The Speckled Band(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    44-05-15 Missing Bloodstain(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    44-05-22 Adventure of the Superfluous Pearl(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-03-26 Book Of Tobit(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-04-02 Mendicant Society(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-04-09 The Viennese Strangler (W Intro)(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-04-23 The Notorious Canary Trainer(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-04-30 Unfortunate Tobacconist(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-05-07 The Purloined Ruby(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-05-14 In Flanders Field(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-05-21 The Paradol Chamber(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-09-03 Limping Ghost(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-09-10 Colonel Warburton's Madness(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-09-17 The Out Of Date Murder(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-09-24 Eyes Of Mr Leyton(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-10-01 The Problem Of Thor Bridge(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-10-08 The Mystery Of The Vanishing Elephant(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-10-15 Manor House Case(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-10-22 The Great Gandolfo(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-10-29 Murder By Moonlight(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-11-05 The Gunpowder Plot(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-11-12 The Speckled Band(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-11-19 The Double Zero(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-11-26 Accidental Murderess(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-12-03 Murder In The Casbah(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-12-10 Scandal In Bohemia(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-12-17 The Second Generation(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-12-24 Night Before Xmas(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    45-12-31 The Strange Case Of The Iron Box(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-01-07 The Strange Case Of The Murderer In Wax(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-01-14 Murder Beyond the Mountains(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-01-21 The Telltale Pigeon Feathers(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-01-28 Strange Case Of The Demon Barber(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-02-04 Indiscretion Of Mr Edwards(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-02-11 Guileless Gypsy(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-02-18 The Camberwell Poisoning Case(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-02-25 Terrifying Cats(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-03-04 Submarine Caves(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-03-11 The Adventure Of The Living Doll(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-03-18 The Adventure Of The Blarney Stone(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-03-25 The Girl With The Gazelle(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-04-01 April Fool's Day Adventure(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-04-08 The Adventure Of The Disappearing Scientists(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-04-15 Mystery Of The Headless Monk(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-04-22 The Tankerville Club Scandal(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-04-29 Waltz Of Death(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-05-06 Man With The Twisted Lip(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-05-13 Strange Adventure Of The Uneasy Easy Chair(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-05-20 Haunting Of Sherlock Holmes(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-05-27 The Singular Affair Of The Baconian Cipher(Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    46-10-12 Stuttering Ghost(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    46-10-19 Adventure Of The Black Angus(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    46-10-26 Clue Of The Hungry Cat(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    46-11-02 Original Hamlet(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    46-11-09 Singular Affair Of The Dying School Boys(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    46-11-16 Adventure Of The Genuine Guarnarius(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    46-11-23 Adventure Of The Sally Martin(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    46-11-30 Death Of Mrs Abernathy(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    46-12-07 Case Of The Coptic Compass(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    46-12-14 Adventures Of The Elusive Diamond(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    46-12-21 Adventure Of The Grand Old Man(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    46-12-28 Singular Affair Of The White Cockerel(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-01-04 Darlington Substitution(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-01-11 The Devil's Foot(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-01-27 Case Of The Babbling Butler(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-02-03 The Dying Detective(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-02-10 Strange Case Of The Persecuted Millionaire(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-02-17 Adventure Of The Haunted Bagpipe(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-02-24 Adventure Of The Horseless Carriage(Conway-Bruce).mp3
    47-03-04 Queue For Murder(Conway-Bruce).mp3

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