The Scarlet Pimpernel (50)
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    Episode Log
    SP Ep 01 Madame Susan Florey.mp3
    SP Ep 02 Duke De Montreu and Daughter Escape.mp3
    SP Ep 03 Jean Pierre Lamond to be Guillotined.mp3
    SP Ep 04 Escape of Duchess Marguerite.mp3
    SP Ep 05 Emily Rumbolt's Father.mp3
    SP Ep 06 Rescue Servants of Royal Palace.mp3
    SP Ep 07 Sir Percy Impersonates LeClair.mp3
    SP Ep 08 French Ambassador - Ramon du Loc.mp3
    SP Ep 09 Susan Lemoreau.mp3
    SP Ep 10 Robbing and Killing of Accused Traitors.mp3
    SP Ep 11 A Traitor at the Crossroads.mp3
    SP Ep 12 Lt Jean Soule Smuggles Gold.mp3
    SP Ep 13 Blackmailing English Gentlemen.mp3
    SP Ep 14 Madelaine DeLong's Brother.mp3
    SP Ep 15 Viscount DeVille to be Executed.mp3
    SP Ep 16 Plot to Murder English Prince.mp3
    SP Ep 17 Disguised as a French Ship.mp3
    SP Ep 18 Tricked by Marchiones Devon.mp3
    SP Ep 19 Rescue of Admiral Lanning.mp3
    SP Ep 20 Andre Pinard, French Prisoner.mp3
    SP Ep 21 Helping Spanish Escape the French.mp3
    SP Ep 22 Rescue English Children from Bell Tower.mp3
    SP Ep 23 Tony Dewhurst is Missing.mp3
    SP Ep 24 League Guards John Sykes.mp3
    SP Ep 25 A Break in the Chain.mp3
    SP Ep 26 Murder on the Beach.mp3
    SP Ep 27 Set a Trap for a Swindler.mp3
    SP Ep 28 Reward for Capture of Tony Dewhurst Alive.mp3
    SP Ep 29 Countess Lucille Destramont.mp3
    SP Ep 30 The General's Necklace.mp3
    SP Ep 31 New Recruits Needed by the League.mp3
    SP Ep 32 Man in the Mask.mp3
    SP Ep 33 Mayor Wrongfully Accuses Six Men.mp3
    SP Ep 34 Margot Verculot's Husband is Imprisoned.mp3
    SP Ep 35 Rescue an Old Friend & Betrayal .mp3
    SP Ep 36 Sir Basil North & the Club.mp3
    SP Ep 37 Janet's Young Man.mp3
    SP Ep 38 Margot Veradot Seeks Tony's Help.mp3
    SP Ep 39 Butcher of Paris.mp3
    SP Ep 40 Allies.mp3
    SP Ep 41 Rescue of Dr. Minote from Prison.mp3
    SP Ep 42 Chain is Broken Again.mp3
    SP Ep 43 Sir Percy has Been Captured.mp3
    SP Ep 44 General's Son.mp3
    SP Ep 45 A Firing Squad for Tony.mp3
    SP Ep 46 Affairs of the Heart.mp3
    SP Ep 47 A Love Triangle Setup.mp3
    SP Ep 48 Secrets and the Countess.mp3
    SP Ep 49 In Pursuit of Colonel Drury.mp3
    SP Ep 50 Ghosts of Martin's Folly.mp3

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