Sam 'n' Henry (15)
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    Episode Log
    Sam 'n' Henry 260420 Sam Phoning Sweetheart Liza.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 260420 Victor20032B At the Dentist's, Part 2.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 260526 Victor20107A Sing Georgiana, Part 2.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 260526 Victor20107B Gene Austin's Here I Am, Part 2.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 260527 Speech At the Colored Lodge.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 260527 Victor20375A Rollin' the Bones.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 260527 Victor20375B Buying Insurance.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 260528 Victor20093B The Fortune Teller's.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 260925 Victor20286A Sing Meadowlark.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 260929 Victor20286B Sing Kiss Your Little Baby.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 270706 Victor20826A Sing Gorgeous.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 270706 Victor20826B Sing Who Is Your Who.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 270707 The Morning After.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 270707 Victor20788A Sam's Big Night.mp3
    Sam 'n' Henry 270707 Victor20788B The Morning After.mp3

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