Point Sublime (12)
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    Episode Log
    Point Sublime 471208 Refused Blood Transfusion.mp3
    Point Sublime 471222 Thief Has Change of Heart.mp3
    Point Sublime 471229 New Year's Eve Show.mp3
    Point Sublime 480105 Willet's Mail Order Bride.mp3
    Point Sublime 480112 Ben Mistaken for Counterfeiter.mp3
    Point Sublime 480119 Scottish Girl Visits.mp3
    Point Sublime 480216 Voting Contest for County Commissioner.mp3
    Point Sublime 480223 Ben Proposes to Evelyn.mp3
    Point Sublime 480322 Men Goes to SF with War Vet.mp3
    Point Sublime 480400 Moonie Bitten by Love Bug.mp3
    Point Sublime 480405 Blinded War Vet Sees.mp3
    Point Sublime 480426 Sammy's Job as Band Singer.mp3

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