Pinto Pete & His Ranch Boys 3(34)
<a href=""> Pinto Pete & His Ranch Boys 3(34)
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    Episode Log
    071 Two Little Girls In Blue.mp3
    072 Back Home Again In Indiana.mp3
    073 Keep a Inchin' Along.mp3
    074 I Know The Lord Laid His Hands On Me.mp3
    075 Ridin' Old Paint.mp3
    076 Sierra Mountain Moon.mp3
    077 When It's Prayer Meeting Time In the Hollow.mp3
    078 Call of the Rockies.mp3
    079 Mother's Crazy Quilt.mp3
    080 Tumblin' Tumbleweeds.mp3
    081 An Old Lullaby.mp3
    082 Take Them Mountains Out of My Way.mp3
    083 On The Ozark Trail.mp3
    084 Arizona, Here I Come.mp3
    085 Down In Alabama.mp3
    086 Won't You Come Over To My House.mp3
    087 Answer with a Kiss.mp3
    088 Night On the Desert.mp3
    089 My Blue Ridge Mountain Home.mp3
    090 Bring Your Roses To Her Now.mp3
    091 Waters of The Mohawk.mp3
    092 When the Wandering Boy Comes Home.mp3
    093 The Old Sunday School.mp3
    094 Lonely and Blue.mp3
    095 I Get the Blues.mp3
    096 Waiting By the Silvery Rio Grande.mp3
    097 Little Old Rag Doll.mp3
    098 I Love You Best of All .mp3
    099 Blue Feather.mp3
    100 Sweetest Little Rose In Tennessee.mp3
    101 Oh Boys, Carry Me Long.mp3
    102 That Naughty Waltz.mp3
    103 Sweet Genevieve.mp3
    104 The Last Roundup.mp3

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