Pinto Pete & His Ranch Boys 2(35)
<a href=""> Pinto Pete & His Ranch Boys 2(35)
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    Episode Log
    036 Spanish Cavalier.mp3
    037 Strawberry Roan.mp3
    038 Chime Bells.mp3
    039 Goodbye, My Lover, Goodbye.mp3
    040 Open Up Them Pearly Gates.mp3
    041 Roamin' Cowboy.mp3
    042 Little Boy.mp3
    043 She'll Be Coming 'round the Mountain.mp3
    044 Old Man of the Mountain.mp3
    045 What's More Fun Than a Picnic Party.mp3
    046 Ridge Runnin' Roan.mp3
    047 The Railroad Crossing.mp3
    048 Sunshine Trail.mp3
    049 All God's Children.mp3
    050 Who Stole the Lock.mp3
    051 When It's Harvest Time, My Sweet Angelica.mp3
    052 Sunshine Trail .mp3
    053 El Rancho Grande.mp3
    054 Little Liza Jane.mp3
    055 Blue Mountain Shack.mp3
    056 My Little Cow Pony and I.mp3
    057 Dear Charlie.mp3
    058 I Whistle and Wait for Katie.mp3
    059 When the Sunset Bids the Day Goodbye.mp3
    060 Back To Old Smoky Mountain.mp3
    061 Strawberry Roan.mp3
    062 Down In Sleepy Hollow.mp3
    063 Where the Golden Poppies Grow.mp3
    064 Is There Still Room for Me.mp3
    065 When It's Lamp Lighting Time In the Valley.mp3
    066 When It's Night Time In Nevada.mp3
    067 Grandfather's Clock.mp3
    068 The Cat Came Back.mp3
    069 I Want To Be Ready.mp3
    070 A Cowboy's Heaven.mp3

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