Phil Harris, Vol. 2 (55)
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    Episode Log
    49-10-02 Car for Alice.mp3
    49-10-09 Beauty Shop.mp3
    49-10-16 Market Fight.mp3
    49-10-23 Mister Scott's Party.mp3
    49-10-30 Uke Lesson.mp3
    49-11-06 TV Show Proposal.mp3
    49-11-20 Talented Children's Screen Test.mp3
    49-11-27 Investment In Female Wrestler.mp3
    49-12-04 Perfume Salesman.mp3
    49-12-11 Dishwasher or Mink Coat for Christmas.mp3
    49-12-18 Cutting Down a Christmas Tree.mp3
    49-12-25 Jack Benny Plays Santa Claus.mp3
    50-01-01 Phil Takes Singing Lessons.mp3
    50-01-08 Paint on the Poodle.mp3
    50-01-15 Home Late & Fixing the Furnace.mp3
    50-01-22 Phil's Birthday.mp3
    50-01-29 Train Tickets to New York.mp3
    50-02-05 Publicity for Phil in New York.mp3
    50-02-12 Phil Wins a Contest.mp3
    50-02-19 Returning to Hollywood.mp3
    50-02-26 Remley Writes Movie Script for Phil.mp3
    50-03-05 Saving Marjorie from Her Lover.mp3
    50-03-12 Trying to Break Up Julius & Marjorie.mp3
    50-03-19 Alice Gets a New Car.mp3
    50-03-26 Last Day in Palm Springs.mp3
    50-04-02 Remley Sees a Flying Saucer.mp3
    50-04-09 Too Many Easter Bunnies.mp3
    50-04-16 Phil is Cinderella.mp3
    50-04-30 Hiring a Secretary for Phil.mp3
    50-05-07 Phil Buys Gangster's Trunk for Trip.mp3
    50-05-14 Cooking Dinner for Alice.mp3
    50-05-21 Alice & Phil Take Drivers' License Exams.mp3
    50-05-28 South Pacific.mp3
    51-02-13 Tomorrow Is Valentine's Day.mp3
    51-02-25 Golf Game.mp3
    51-04-01 Song Writers.mp3
    52-11-23 Chloe, The Gold Digger.mp3
    52-12-21 Alice Volunteers Phil to Play Santa.mp3
    53-02-21 American Red Cross Program.mp3
    53-09-25 Courtship of Elliot.mp3
    53-10-02 Horse Race.mp3
    53-10-09 Alice's First Date.mp3
    53-10-16 Barbells Scotland.mp3
    53-10-23 How to Repair a Living Room.mp3
    53-10-30 Romance.mp3
    53-11-06 From Here to Eternity.mp3
    53-11-13 Trip to the Moon.mp3
    53-11-20 Birthday Gift.mp3
    53-11-27 Los Angeles Traffic.mp3
    53-12-04 Night With Phil.mp3
    53-12-11 Jessica Dragging Neck.mp3
    53-12-18 The Chaperone (Complete With Warmup).mp3
    53-12-25 Hosting French Refugee Kids For Christmas.mp3
    Potato Chips From The Mid 40s.mp3

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