OTR Golf (14)
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    Episode Log
    Baby Snooks - Golf Tee.mp3
    Calling All Detectives 480831 Golf.mp3
    Father Knows Best 500511 The Golf Challenge.mp3
    Gangbusters - The Case of the Golf Course Murder.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 420906 The Golf Tournament.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 521105 Gildy Vs. Golf.mp3
    Jack Benny 471019 Golf Match at Hillcrest Country Club.mp3
    Jack Benny 471026 The Seventh Hole at Hillcrest.mp3
    Jack Benny 501217 Golf Tees for Don.mp3
    Mutual Radio Theater 800408 The Haunted Golf Course.mp3
    OTR Bloopers - Golf Curse.mp3
    Phil Harris 510225 Golf Game.mp3
    Red Skelton 1939 The Fights and Golf.mp3
    The Eddie Cantor Show 450328 Golf.mp3

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