OTR Children's Shows, V.4 (107)
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    Episode Log
    Magic Island, Episodes 001-005.mp3
    Magic Island, Episodes 006-010.mp3
    Magic Island, Episodes 011-015.mp3
    Magic Island, Episodes 016-020.mp3
    Magic Island, Episodes 021-025.mp3
    Magic Island, Episodes 026-030.mp3
    Magic Island, Episodes 031-035.mp3
    Magic Island, Episodes 036-040.mp3
    Magic Island, Episodes 041-045.mp3
    Magic Island, Episodes 046-050.mp3
    Mark Trail 501018 Wings of the Vampire.mp3
    Mark Trail 501020 Killers of Lost Forest.mp3
    Mark Trail 501023 Sticks of Fear.mp3
    Mark Trail 501025 Silver Sky.mp3
    Mark Trail 501027 Avenging Arrow.mp3
    Mark Trail 511003 Snowy Owl Bounty.mp3
    Mark Trail 511005 Operation Eager Beaver.mp3
    Mel Blanc - 01 The Birthday Cards.mp3
    Mel Blanc - 02 The Efficiency Expert.mp3
    Mel Blanc - 03 The Cake Contest.mp3
    Mel Blanc - 04 Mr. Colby's Water Heater.mp3
    Mel Blanc - 05 Muscle Man Contest.mp3
    Mel Blanc - 06 Sally and Marylou.mp3
    Mel Blanc - 07 The Postman's Ball.mp3
    Mel Blanc - 08 Songwriter.mp3
    Mel Blanc - 09 Community Chest Show.mp3
    Mel Blanc - 10 The New Radio.mp3
    Old Tales and New - A Camel Named Cuddles.mp3
    Old Tales and New - A Small Tribute.mp3
    Old Tales and New - Boy That Was Carried Away By a Bear.mp3
    Old Tales and New - Pierre, The Remarkable Prarie Dog.mp3
    Old Tales and New - Strange Occurance In Toyland.mp3
    Old Tales and New 501002 A Yak At the County Fair.mp3
    Old Tales and New 501009 Whitney, The Neighborly Whale.mp3
    Old Tales and New 501016 Three Billy Goats Gruff.mp3
    Old Tales and New 501218 The Lost Puppy.mp3
    Old Tales and New 510108 Sleeping Beauty.mp3
    Planet Man, Episode 0011.mp3
    Planet Man, Episode 0012.mp3
    Planet Man, Episode 0013.mp3
    Planet Man, Episode 0014.mp3
    Planet Man, Episode 0015.mp3
    Planet Man, Episode 0016.mp3
    Planet Man, Episode 0017.mp3
    Planet Man, Episode 0018.mp3
    Planet Man, Episode 0019.mp3
    Planet Man, Episode 0020.mp3
    Red Ryder 000000 Crooked Poker Game.mp3
    Red Ryder 420314 Frying Pan Val.mp3
    Red Ryder 420321 Sundown Valley.mp3
    Red Ryder 420328 Devil's Hole.mp3
    Red Ryder 420404 Bank Robbery.mp3
    Red Ryder 420407 Roaring River.mp3
    Red Ryder 420408 Brimstone Way.mp3
    Red Ryder 430112 Stove Pipe.mp3
    Red Ryder 470429 The Badlands.mp3
    Red Ryder 481223 Christmas Story.mp3
    Roy Rogers 51-10-26 Old Prospecting Friends.mp3
    Roy Rogers 51-11-02 Doug Manson Gang.mp3
    Roy Rogers 51-11-09 After Counterfeiters.mp3
    Roy Rogers 51-11-16 Lawman's Badge.mp3
    Roy Rogers 51-11-23 DeBona Gang.mp3
    Roy Rogers 51-11-30 The Map.mp3
    Roy Rogers 51-12-21 Prodigal.mp3
    Roy Rogers 51-12-28 The De Bona Gang.mp3
    Roy Rogers 52-01-04 Andy Sales.mp3
    Roy Rogers 52-01-11 Lyn Snyder and His Son.mp3
    Sea Hound 000000 Magic Idol.mp3
    Sea Hound 410223 The Envelope.mp3
    Sea Hound 420911 Trapped Below.mp3
    Sea Hound 440125 Wrestling Match Over.mp3
    Sea Hound 440128 Contacting the Sprayhound.mp3
    Sea Hound 440201 Alf Taken Back To Ship.mp3
    Sea Hound 440309 Phantom Raider Escape.mp3
    Sea Hound 440816 Trouble With Indians - The Tractor.mp3
    Sea Hound 441005 Phantom Raider Captured.mp3
    Sea Hound 441012 The Escape.mp3
    Shadow of Fu Manchu 390510 (1-02) Zayat Kiss (Part 1).mp3
    Shadow of Fu Manchu 390512 (1-03) Zayat Kiss (Part 2).mp3
    Shadow of Fu Manchu 390515 (1-04) Clue of the Pigtail (Part 1).mp3
    Shadow of Fu Manchu 390517 (1-05) Clue of the Pigtail (Part 2).mp3
    Shadow of Fu Manchu 390519 (1-06) Redmost (Part 1).mp3
    Shadow of Fu Manchu 390522 (1-07) Redmost (Part 2).mp3
    Shadow of Fu Manchu 390524 (1-08) Green Mist (Part 1).mp3
    Shadow of Fu Manchu 390526 (1-09) Green Mist (Part 2).mp3
    Shadow of Fu Manchu 390529 (1-10) Call of Sivi (Part 1).mp3
    Shadow of Fu Manchu 390531 (1-11) Call of Sivi (Part 2).mp3
    Sleepy Joe 15 Brer Beaver's Christmas Dinner.mp3
    Sleepy Joe 16 Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit's Lesson.mp3
    Sleepy Joe 17 Mr. Rabbit's Christmas.mp3
    Sleepy Joe 18 Brer Fox and the Christmas Packages.mp3
    Sleepy Joe 19 Santa Claus Comes To the Brier Patch.mp3
    Sleepy Joe 20 The Night Before Christmas.mp3
    Sleepy Joe 129 Brer Fox and Brer Goat.mp3
    Sleepy Joe 130 Brer Fox's Toothache.mp3
    Sleepy Joe 131 The Tattlin' Snake.mp3
    Sleepy Joe 132 Brer Fox In the Brier Patch.mp3
    Space Patrol (120) The Crown of Dargeeda.mp3
    Space Patrol (121) The Shadow of Shardu.mp3
    Space Patrol (122) The Planet of Discord.mp3
    Space Patrol (123) Conquest of Dargeeda.mp3
    Space Patrol (124) The Hermit of Pluto.mp3
    Space Patrol (125) The Time Pirates.mp3
    Space Patrol (126) Voyage To the Future.mp3
    Space Patrol (127) Monster from the Past.mp3
    Space Patrol (128) The Weed of Despair.mp3
    Space Patrol (129) Fugitive from Telarma.mp3

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