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OTR Children's Shows, V.2 (99)
<a href="">OTR Children's Shows, V.2 (99)
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    Episode Log
    Christmas On the Moon 381129 01.mp3
    Christmas On the Moon 381130 02.mp3
    Christmas On the Moon 381201 03.mp3
    Christmas On the Moon 381202 04.mp3
    Christmas On the Moon 381203 05.mp3
    Christmas On the Moon 381204 06.mp3
    Christmas On the Moon 381205 07.mp3
    Christmas On the Moon 381206 08.mp3
    Christmas On the Moon 381207 09.mp3
    Christmas On the Moon 381208 10.mp3
    Cinnamon Bear 371129 0001 Paddy O Cinnamon.mp3
    Cinnamon Bear 371130 0002 Weary Willie.mp3
    Cinnamon Bear 371201 0003 Crazy Quilt Dragon.mp3
    Cinnamon Bear 371202 0004 The Inkaboos.mp3
    Cinnamon Bear 371203 0005 Weasley, The Wailing Whale.mp3
    Cinnamon Bear 371204 0006 Samuel Seal.mp3
    Cinnamon Bear 371205 0007 Presto, The Magician.mp3
    Cinnamon Bear 371206 0008 Candy Pirates.mp3
    Cinnamon Bear 371207 0009 Roly Poly Policeman.mp3
    Cinnamon Bear 371208 0010 Professor Whiz.mp3
    Cisco Kid - Cup of Justice.mp3
    Cisco Kid - Merchant of Death.mp3
    Cisco Kid - Much Ado About Mavericks.mp3
    Cisco Kid - Partial Show - Rustlers On Lazy D.mp3
    Cisco Kid - Rescue of Rusty Silversmith.mp3
    Cisco Kid - San Fernando Fire.mp3
    Cisco Kid - Scorp Judson's Revenge.mp3
    Cisco Kid - Showdown At Showlow.mp3
    Cisco Kid - Silverton Swindle.mp3
    Cisco Kid - Sixgun Law.mp3
    Cruise of the Poll Parrot 370925 Episode 01.mp3
    Cruise of the Poll Parrot 371002 Episode 02.mp3
    Cruise of the Poll Parrot 371009 Episode 03.mp3
    Cruise of the Poll Parrot 371016 Episode 04.mp3
    Cruise of the Poll Parrot 371023 Episode 05.mp3
    Cruise of the Poll Parrot 371030 Episode 06.mp3
    Cruise of the Poll Parrot 371106 Episode 07.mp3
    Cruise of the Poll Parrot 371113 Episode 08.mp3
    Cruise of the Poll Parrot 371120 Episode 09.mp3
    Cruise of the Poll Parrot 371127 Episode 10.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 01 - Thieves.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 02 - Boxing Match.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 03 - First Year Man.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 04 - Counterfeiters.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 05 - The Circus.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 06 - Basketball.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 11 - Simba's Warts.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 12 - Judo.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 16 - Baseball.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 17 - Spies.mp3
    Dick Tracy 380208 (27) Black Pearl of Osirus.mp3
    Dick Tracy 380209 (28) Pat Goes Overboard.mp3
    Dick Tracy 380210 (29) Mystery In the Hotel.mp3
    Dick Tracy 380211 (30) Dick Shot In the Leg.mp3
    Dick Tracy 380214 (31) Dick Gets Ring of Osiris.mp3
    Dick Tracy 380215 (32) Dick Finds Black Pearl.mp3
    Dick Tracy 380216 (33) Agent Is Murdered.mp3
    Dick Tracy 380217 (34) Going After the Ring.mp3
    Dick Tracy 380218 (35) Dick Captures Gang.mp3
    Dick Tracy 380221 (36) Pat Hypnotized.mp3
    Dr. Sixgun 540902 (01) Tribe Infected with Measles.mp3
    Dr. Sixgun 540909 (02) Land Development Program.mp3
    Dr. Sixgun 540916 (03) The Belle and the Baby.mp3
    Dr. Sixgun 540923 (04) Duel On Yom Kipper.mp3
    Dr. Sixgun 540930 (05) Colonel Crown Is Mad.mp3
    Dr. Sixgun 541007 (06) Fred Garth Jailed for Murder.mp3
    Dr. Sixgun 541014 (07) Horse with Clipped Mane.mp3
    Dr. Sixgun 541021 (08) The Immigrant Settler.mp3
    Dr. Sixgun 541024 (09) Last of the Aztecs.mp3
    Dr. Sixgun 541031 (10) No Guns Ordinance.mp3
    Flash Gordon 350504 Befriends Lion Men.mp3
    Flash Gordon 350511 Imprisoned By Hawkmen.mp3
    Flash Gordon 350518 Death Battle.mp3
    Flash Gordon 350525 Rules Over Cave World.mp3
    Flash Gordon 350601 Blue Magic Men.mp3
    Flash Gordon 350608 Dr. Zarkoff To the Rescue.mp3
    Flash Gordon 350615 Seeds of Doubt.mp3
    Flash Gordon 350629 Ice Barricade.mp3
    Flash Gordon 350706 Dr. Zarkoff Thawed.mp3
    Flash Gordon 350713 Shoots Cooks with Electrodes.mp3
    Frank Merriwell 481218 Quarantine.mp3
    Frank Merriwell 490115 Snow Trap.mp3
    Frank Merriwell 490129 Mystery of Green Hill.mp3
    Frank Merriwell 490226 Unexpected Game.mp3
    Frank Merriwell 490305 Championship Game.mp3
    Frank Merriwell 490402 April Shower Adventure.mp3
    Frank Merriwell 490416 Urgent Errand.mp3
    Frank Merriwell 490507 Sawdust Adventure.mp3
    Frank Merriwell 490528 Frank Merriwell's Promise.mp3
    Green Hornet 391031 Parking Lot Racket.mp3
    Green Hornet 391123 His Name.mp3
    Green Hornet 400927 Votes for Sale.mp3
    Green Hornet 401003 Highway That Graft B.mp3
    Green Hornet 410621 Walkout for Profit.mp3
    Green Hornet 410705 Murder Across the Bo.mp3
    Green Hornet 410809 Bid and Asked.mp3
    Green Hornet 420131 Reservoir for Murder.mp3
    Green Hornet 420221 Charity Takes It On.mp3
    Green Hornet 420516 Invasion Plans.mp3

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