OTR Baseball (76)
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    Episode Log
    Abbott and Costello 470417 Baseball Player.mp3
    Abbott and Costello 470618 Who's On First - Original Live Show.mp3
    Abbott and Costello 470619 Lou Joins The New York Yankees.mp3
    Aldrich Family 490414 Henry the Shortstop.mp3
    Amos n Andy 440211 Three Times and You're Out.mp3
    Babe Ruth 340416 Dusty Collins.mp3
    Babe Ruth 340423 Dutch Reaver.mp3
    Babe Ruth 340514 Harry the Hat.mp3
    Babe Ruth 340521 Sweet William.mp3
    Babe Ruth 340528 There Are No Bad Kids.mp3
    Babe Ruth 340604 Chick Foster.mp3
    Babe Ruth 340625 Kidnapped.mp3
    Babe Ruth 340702 Bobby Lee.mp3
    Babe Ruth Radio Call.mp3
    Believe It Or Not - Home Run Show.mp3
    Bill Stern 460322 Babe Ruth.mp3
    Bill Stern 490218.mp3
    Boston Blackie 460416 Baseball Player Shot.mp3
    Boston Blackie 470429 Baseball and Gambling.mp3
    CBS Radio Workshop 570707 You Could Look It Up.mp3
    Columbia Workshop 460926 033 The Day That Baseball Died.mp3
    Damon Runyon Theater - Baseball Hattie.mp3
    Destination Freedom 481121 The Rhyme of the Ancient Dodger.mp3
    Destination Freedom 490515 The Ballad of Satchell Paige.mp3
    Dick Cole - Baseball.mp3
    Dizzy Dean 480703 Lefty Gomez.mp3
    Dizzy Dean 480710 Jose Gomez.mp3
    Dizzy Dean 480717 Results of the All-Star Game.mp3
    Dizzy Dean 480724 Bucky Walters.mp3
    Dizzy Dean 480731 Charlie Grimm.mp3
    Dizzy Dean 480807 Frankie Frisch.mp3
    Dizzy Dean 480814 Country Baseball Diamond.mp3
    Dizzy Dean 480821 Dizzy's Fast Ball.mp3
    Dizzy Dean 480904 High Batting Average.mp3
    Dizzy Dean 480911 Ewell Blackwell.mp3
    Dizzy Dean 480918 Dizzy's All-Star Lineup.mp3
    Ellery Queen 430930 Adventure of World Series Crime.mp3
    Family Theater 490330 The Fourth Strike.mp3
    Family Theater 490615 The Scout.mp3
    Family Theater 530610 Another Catcher In the Family.mp3
    Fibber McGee and Molly 460521 Fireball McGee.mp3
    Fibber McGee and Molly 480518 Baseball Cologne.mp3
    Frances Langford 470605 Going To a Baseball Game.mp3
    Fred Allen - Guest Leo Durocher.mp3
    Fred Allen - Guests Frank Sinatra, Leo Durocher.mp3
    Fred Allen 451125 Brooklyn Pinafore.mp3
    Fred Allen 460416 Leo Durocher.mp3
    Fred Allen 480425 Scalping Baseball Tickets.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 480407 The Baseball Field.mp3
    Information, Please 381018 Gene Tunney.mp3
    Jack Benny 401013 Phil Tries To Collect a World Series Bet.mp3
    Jack Benny 451007 Jack Listens To World Series On Radio.mp3
    Jack Benny 461117 Guests Ronald Coleman and Leo Duroche.mp3
    Jack Benny 470413 Jack Fixes a Phonograph, Buys Baseball Team.mp3
    Jack Benny 550501 - Jack Buys a Baseball.mp3
    Jean Shepherd 660618 Baseball.mp3
    Jean Shepherd 660723 Baseball, Army.mp3
    Jimmy Durante Show 480425 Scalping Baseball Tickets.mp3
    Jimmy Durante Show 500421 Opening of Baseball Season.mp3
    Life of Riley 480501 Junior's Baseball Uniform.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 370419 Alibi Ike.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 431004 Pride Of The Yankees.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 500213 The Stratton Story.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 530406 Angels In the Outfield.mp3
    Marx Brothers - A Baseball Team for Jolson.mp3
    Mutual Radio Theater 800415 The Baseball Announcer.mp3
    My Favorite Husband 490916 Girls Play Baseball, Too.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 500326 The Baseball Game.mp3
    Ozzie and Harriet 530501 The Baseball Manager.mp3
    Quiz Kids 480606 Baseball Dessert.mp3
    Reader's Digest 470424 Babe Ruth, Big Man of Baseball.mp3
    Red Skelton 510422 McPug's Magic Glove.mp3
    Red Skelton 510603 Take Me Out To the Ball Game.mp3
    Richard Diamond 530830 Baseball Matter.mp3
    Screen Directors' Playhouse 500414 It Happens Every Spring.mp3
    The Saint 500903 Baseball Murder.mp3

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