OTR Detectives, V.3 (83)
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    Episode Log
    Paul Temple, The Alex Affair, Part 1.mp3
    Paul Temple, The Alex Affair, Part 2.mp3
    Paul Temple, The Alex Affair, Part 3.mp3
    Paul Temple, The Alex Affair, Part 4.mp3
    Paul Temple, The Alex Affair, Part 5.mp3
    Paul Temple, The Alex Affair, Part 6.mp3
    Paul Temple, The Alex Affair, Part 7.mp3
    Paul Temple, The Alex Affair, Part 8.mp3
    Perry Mason - Crying Dorrie Runs.mp3
    Perry Mason - Dorrie's Little Bible.mp3
    Perry Mason - Mae To Visit Dorrie.mp3
    Philip Marlowe 01-28-50 Hairpin Turn.mp3
    Philip Marlowe 02-14-50 Grim Echo.mp3
    Philip Marlowe 06-21-50 Gold Cobra.mp3
    Philo Vance - Little Murder Case.mp3
    Philo Vance - Nightmare Murder Case.mp3
    Philo Vance - Thundering Murder Case.mp3
    Police Headquarters - Deadly Poker Game.mp3
    Police Headquarters - Judge Carlton Missing.mp3
    Police Headquarters - Spencer Killed.mp3
    Private Files of Rex Saunders 51-07-01 Murder As a Silent Companion.mp3
    Private Files of Rex Saunders 51-07-04 Feminine Mind.mp3
    Private Files of Rex Saunders 51-07-18 'Til Death Do Us Part.mp3
    Richard Diamond 02-02-51 Casbury Case.mp3
    Richard Diamond 02-09-51 Blue Serge.mp3
    Richard Diamond 02-16-51 The Gray Man.mp3
    Rocky Fortune (Sinatra) - Companion To a Chimp.mp3
    Rocky Fortune (Sinatra) - Plot To Murder Santa.mp3
    Rocky Fortune (Sinatra) - Prize Fight Setup.mp3
    Rogue's Gallery 01-03-46 Stark McVey Case.mp3
    Rogue's Gallery 05-16-46 Judge Collin Baker.mp3
    Rogue's Gallery 12-20-45 George Grant Case.mp3
    Saint 09-03-50 Baseball Murder.mp3
    Saint 09-17-50 Ghost That Giggled.mp3
    Saint 09-24-50 Dossier On a Doggone Day.mp3
    Sam Spade 49-08-07 The Champion Caper.mp3
    Sam Spade 49-08-28 The Prodigal Daughter Caper.mp3
    Sam Spade 49-11-06 The Cheesecake Caper.mp3
    Scarlet Pimpernel - A Break In the Chain.mp3
    Scarlet Pimpernel - Murder On the Beach.mp3
    Scarlet Pimpernel - Set a Trap for a Swindler.mp3
    Secret Agent K7 Returns - Revolution.mp3
    Secret Agent K7 Returns - Suicide Ships.mp3
    Secret Agent K7 Returns - War Supplies.mp3
    Secrets of Scotland Yard - Absent Minded Professor.mp3
    Secrets of Scotland Yard - Bank of England Robbery.mp3
    Secrets of Scotland Yard - Witchcraft Law Volume Flux.mp3
    Shadow 12-03-39 Death Shows the Way.mp3
    Shadow 12-10-39 Flight of the Vulture.mp3
    Shadow 12-17-39 Murder, Inc..mp3
    Sherlock Holmes 09-28-47 Dog Who Changed His Mind.mp3
    Sherlock Holmes 10-05-47 Missing Heiress.mp3
    Sherlock Holmes 10-12-47 Red Headed League.mp3
    Speed Gibson 37-03-13 Trio Is Ambushed On Guam.mp3
    Speed Gibson 37-03-20 Octopus Planning a Surprise.mp3
    Speed Gibson 37-03-27 Arrival In Hong Kong.mp3
    Spy Catcher - Game Set Match.mp3
    Spy Catcher - Logic and Lies.mp3
    Spy Catcher - The Absent Friend.mp3
    Stand By for Crime - Episode 12.mp3
    Stand By for Crime - Episode 13.mp3
    Stand By for Crime - Episode 14.mp3
    Tales of the Texas Rangers 01-07-51 Dead Head Freight.mp3
    Tales of the Texas Rangers 01-14-51 Death In the Cards.mp3
    Tales of the Texas Rangers 01-21-51 Blood Harvest.mp3
    Third Man 51-09-28 Work of Art.mp3
    Third Man 51-10-05 Operation Music Box.mp3
    Third Man 51-10-12 Golden Fleece.mp3
    This Is Your FBI 49-10-21 Helpful Hobo.mp3
    This Is Your FBI 49-10-28 The Unhappy Firebug.mp3
    This Is Your FBI 49-11-04 The Musical Frame-Up.mp3
    True Detective Mysteries 37-04-01 Black Legion.mp3
    True Detective Mysteries 37-04-08 Buddha Man Mystery.mp3
    True Detective Mysteries 58-06-08 Hitchhiking Psycho.mp3
    Twenty-First Precinct - Eva Tarpin Has a Crazy Bother-In-Law.mp3
    Twenty-First Precinct - Eva Weld Shoots Husband.mp3
    Twenty-First Precinct - Family Fight Ends On the Roof.mp3
    Whitehall 1212 52-04-27 Case of Francis Nichelson.mp3
    Whitehall 1212 52-05-04 Case of William George Greenley.mp3
    Whitehall 1212 52-05-11 Case of Marge Tate.mp3
    Yours Truly, JohnnyDollar 06-22-50 London Matter.mp3
    Yours Truly, JohnnyDollar 06-29-50 Barbara James Matter.mp3
    Yours Truly, JohnnyDollar 07-06-50 Bello Horizonte Railroad.mp3

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