OTR Detectives, V.2 (87)
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    Episode Log
    Diamond Dramas - The Miniature Diamond.mp3
    Diamond Dramas - The Pitt Diamond.mp3
    Diamond Dramas - The Sancey Diamond.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 01 - Thieves.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 02 - Boxing Match.mp3
    Dick Cole, Episide 03 - First Year Man.mp3
    Dick Tracy 47-11-18 Deadly Tipoff, Part 1.mp3
    Dick Tracy 47-11-19 Deadly Tipoff, Part 2.mp3
    Dick Tracy 47-12-31 Big Black Box.mp3
    Dragnet 10-06-53 Big Little Mother.mp3
    Dragnet 10-13-53 Big Plea.mp3
    Dragnet 10-20-53 Big Paint.mp3
    Ellery Queen 46-03-27 Armchair Detective.mp3
    Ellery Queen 47-03-05 Nikki Porter, Murderer.mp3
    Ellery Queen 48-04-29 Three Frogs.mp3
    Falcon - Missing Patient.mp3
    Falcon - Neighbor's Nightmare.mp3
    Falcon - Silent Butler.mp3
    Fat Man 49-07-22 Murder Is the Medium.mp3
    Fat Man 51-01-17 Nightmare Murder.mp3
    Fat Man 51-09-15 Order for Murder.mp3
    FBI In Peace and War 50-09-14 The Crackup.mp3
    FBI In Peace and War 52-08-01 The Fence.mp3
    FBI In Peace and War 53-06-10 The Traveling Man.mp3
    Frank Race 50-02-05 Loveable Character.mp3
    Frank Race 50-02-12 Black Friars Bridge.mp3
    Frank Race 50-02-19 Big Top.mp3
    Gangbusters - The Carnival Caper.mp3
    Gangbusters - The Four Feathers.mp3
    Gangbusters - The Horserace Hijackers.mp3
    Ghost Corps 0014 Prayer Rug of Nana Sieb, Part 01.mp3
    Ghost Corps 0015 Prayer Rug of Nana Sieb, Part 02.mp3
    Ghost Corps 0016 Prayer Rug of Nana Sieb, Part 03.mp3
    Green Hornet 46-01-29 Escape for Revenge.mp3
    Green Hornet 46-02-05 Washington Story.mp3
    Green Hornet 46-02-12 Woman In the Case.mp3
    Hop Harrigan 07-14-47 Mystery of the Vanishing Pen.mp3
    Hop Harrigan 08-4-47 Riddle of the Ghostly Avengers, Part 3.mp3
    Hop Harrigan 08-5-47 Riddle of the Ghostly Avengers, Part 4.mp3
    In the Name of the Law 36-07-26 Nothing Ever Happens In Chinatown.mp3
    In the Name of the Law 36-08-02 I Didn't Do Nothing.mp3
    In the Name of the Law 36-08-09 She Was Murdered.mp3
    It's a Crime, Mr. Collins - Pink Elephant.mp3
    It's a Crime, Mr. Collins - Pink Lady.mp3
    It's a Crime, Mr. Collins - Red Hot Mama.mp3
    Jeff Regan 07-17-48 Prodigal Daughter.mp3
    Jeff Regan 11-20-48 Pilgrims Process.mp3
    Jeff Regan 11-27-48 Man Who Fought Back.mp3
    Let George Do It 49-03-14 A Motive for Murder.mp3
    Let George Do It 49-03-21 The Four-Sided Triangle.mp3
    Let George Do It 49-03-28 The Host of Casa Dia.mp3
    Lineup 51-02-08 Carl Young.mp3
    Lineup 51-02-15 Cigar Box Bandit.mp3
    Lineup 51-06-12 Culley Price.mp3
    Man Called X 52-02-19 Hey Penny Stamp.mp3
    Man Called X 52-02-26 Ononoko River Basin.mp3
    Man Called X 52-05-20 Noah and His Ark.mp3
    Manhunt 45-00-00 The Clue of the Crimson Corpse.mp3
    Manhunt 45-00-00 The Clue of the Murdered Maestro.mp3
    Manhunt 45-00-00 The Clue of the StairwaySlaying.mp3
    Mister Keen 49-09-22 Yellow Talon Murder Case.mp3
    Mister Keen 49-09-29 Murder With a Thousand Witnesses.mp3
    Mister Keen 49-10-06 Case of the Man Who Invented Death.mp3
    Mr. and Mrs. North 44-08-09 Pam Solves It.mp3
    Mr. and Mrs. North 47-07-01 Picnic .mp3
    Mr. and Mrs. North 47-07-08 Fool's Gold .mp3
    Mr. District Attorney 44-10-04 Set-up for Re-entry.mp3
    Mr. District Attorney 48-05-19 Spring Fever.mp3
    Mr. District Attorney 48-05-26 The Deadly Snowflake.mp3
    Murder By Experts 49-08-15 Dig Your Own Grave.mp3
    Murder By Experts 49-12-26 Case of the Missing Mind.mp3
    Murder By Experts 50-05-22 Three's a Crowd.mp3
    Mystery Is My Hobby - Cinderella for a Day.mp3
    Mystery Is My Hobby - Mink Coat.mp3
    Mystery Is My Hobby - Stella Dix Is Murdered.mp3
    Nero Wolfe 51-03-23 The Final Page.mp3
    Nero Wolfe 51-03-30 Tell-Tale Ribbon.mp3
    Nero Wolfe 51-04-06 The Shot In the Dark.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-02-12 pgm.44 Missing, Harold Ascort.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-02-19 pgm.45 Death After Dark.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-02-26 pgm.46 Dead Witnesses.mp3
    Nightbeat 50-05-22.mp3
    Nightbeat 50-05-29.mp3
    Nightbeat 50-06-05.mp3
    Pat Novak 04-02-49 Escape from Prison.mp3
    Pat Novak 04-23-49 Pat's Boat Is Missing.mp3
    Pat Novak 04-30-49 Watch Wendy Morris.mp3

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