OTR Detectives, V.1 (87)
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    Episode Log
    A Life In Your Hands 52-08-14 Captain Mendosa's Treasure.mp3
    A Life In Your Hands 52-08-21 Professor Allenby Murdered.mp3
    A Life In Your Hands 52-08-27 Alderman Is Murdered.mp3
    A Salute To Law 39-05-30 The Altar of Sacrifice.mp3
    A Salute To Law 39-06-27 Murder on Impulse.mp3
    A Salute To Law 39-07-04 On the Stroke of Eight.mp3
    Adventures of Michael Shayne - Grey-Eyed Blonde.mp3
    Adventures of Michael Shayne - Hate That Killed.mp3
    Adventures of Michael Shayne - Man Who Lived Forever.mp3
    Agatha Christie 86-12-24 Hercule Poirot's Christmas, Part 1.mp3
    Agatha Christie 86-12-24 Hercule Poirot's Christmas, Part 2.mp3
    Agatha Christie 86-12-24 Hercule Poirot's Christmas, Part 3.mp3
    Avengers 12-01 Clean Getaway.mp3
    Avengers 12-02 Clean Getaway.mp3
    Avengers 12-03 Clean Getaway.mp3
    Avengers 12-04 Clean Getaway.mp3
    Avengers 12-05 Clean Getaway.mp3
    Avengers 12-06 Clean Getaway.mp3
    BarryCraig 08-31-54 Blood Money.mp3
    BarryCraig 09-07-54 Ghosts Dont Die In Bed.mp3
    BarryCraig-09-31-54 Hay Is for Homicide.mp3
    Big Town 49-04-12 The Lonely Heart.mp3
    Big Town 49-04-19 The Iron Fist.mp3
    Big Town 49-04-26 The Hunter.mp3
    Black Museum - A Claw Hammer.mp3
    Black Museum - The Champagne Glass.mp3
    Black Museum - The Door Key.mp3
    Blackstone, Magic Detective 48-11-21 Organ Murder.mp3
    Blackstone, Magic Detective 48-11-28 Ghost That Wasn't.mp3
    Blackstone, Magic Detective 48-12-05 The Icy Touch.mp3
    Boston Blackie 07-14-44 Star of the Nile.mp3
    Boston Blackie 07-21-44 Black Market Case.mp3
    Boston Blackie 07-28-44 Devon Estate.mp3
    Box 13 12-06-48 Daytime Nightmare.mp3
    Box13 12-13-48 Death Is No Joke.mp3
    Box13 12-27-48 Design for Danger.mp3
    Broadway Is My Beat 04-14-51 Thomas Hart.mp3
    Broadway Is My Beat 04-21-51 Philip Hunt.mp3
    Broadway Is My Beat 04-28-51 Georgia Gray.mp3
    Bulldog Drummond - Death Rides a Racehorse.mp3
    Bulldog Drummond - Death Ship.mp3
    Bulldog Drummond - Death Uses Disappearing Ink.mp3
    Calling All Cars 33-12-27 Cookie Vegar Killing.mp3
    Calling All Cars 34-01-03 Missing Mexican Sheiks.mp3
    Calling All Cars 34-01-10 Caliente Money Car Holdup.mp3
    Calling All Detectives 48-09-08 Shot from a Canon.mp3
    Calling All Detectives 48-09-09 Earthquake.mp3
    Calling All Detectives 48-09-10 Cause Fires To Happen.mp3
    Candy Matson 50-06-20 Symphony of Death.mp3
    Candy Matson 50-09-11 The Movie Company.mp3
    Candy Matson 50-10-08 The Fort Ord Story.mp3
    Case Dismissed 54-02-06 Legal Wills.mp3
    Case Dismissed 54-02-13 Pitfalls Of Buying A Home.mp3
    Case Dismissed 54-02-20 Child Support.mp3
    Casebook of Gregory Hood 09-30-46 Daphne Bloggs Case.mp3
    Casebook of Gregory Hood 10-07-46 Saddest Clown.mp3
    Casebook of Gregory Hood 10-14-46 Eloquent Corpse.mp3
    Casey, Crime Photographer 08-14-47 Chivalrous Gunman.mp3
    Casey, Crime Photographer 09-04-47 Loaded Dice.mp3
    Casey, Crime Photographer 09-18-47 Tobacco Pouch.mp3
    Charlie Chan - Man Who Moved Mountains.mp3
    Charlie Chan - Murder In Cabin 15.mp3
    Charlie Chan - The Curious Ride of the Sea Witch.mp3
    Counterspy 50-04-11 Mile-High Murder.mp3
    Counterspy 50-04-13 Hoodlum's Hero.mp3
    Counterspy 50-04-17 Magic Murder.mp3
    Crime and Peter Chambers 54-04-27 Boarding House Murder.mp3
    Crime and Peter Chambers 54-05-04 Widow Abigail Murdered.mp3
    Crime and Peter Chambers 54-05-11 Murder Attempt On Mr. Krauss.mp3
    Crime Classics 54-03-03 Roger Nims.mp3
    Crime Classics 54-03-17 Old Sixtoes.mp3
    Crime Classics 54-04-07 General's Daughter.mp3
    Crime Club 47-10-02 Cowhide.mp3
    Crime Club 47-10-09 Sentence of Death.mp3
    Crime Club 47-10-16 Cupid Can Be Deadly.mp3
    Crime Does Not Pay 51-03-28 Plug Ugly.mp3
    Crime Does Not Pay 51-04-04 Front Boy.mp3
    Crime Does Not Pay 51-04-11 Violets Sweet Violets.mp3
    Danger With Granger - Murder By Hypnosis.mp3
    Danger With Granger - Negated Necklace.mp3
    Danger With Granger - Phony Photographer.mp3
    Danger, Dr. Danfield 46-09-29 Harriet Miller.mp3
    Danger, Dr. Danfield 46-10-06 Red Jacobi.mp3
    Danger, Dr. Danfield 46-10-13 Harry Evans.mp3
    Dangerous Assignment 50-05-17 The Lost City.mp3
    Dangerous Assignment 50-05-24 Burmese Witness.mp3
    Dangerous Assignment 50-05-31 Little White Pill.mp3

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