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Nick Carter, Master Detective (109)
<a href="">Nick Carter, Master Detective (109)
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    Price: $6.00
    Episode Log
    Nick Carter 43-07-06 pgm.13 The Echo of Death.mp3
    Nick Carter 43-09-27 pgm.25 Glass Coffin.mp3
    Nick Carter 43-10-04 pgm.26 Flying Duck Murders.mp3
    Nick Carter 43-10-18 pgm.28 State's Prison Evidence.mp3
    Nick Carter 43-10-25 pgm.29 An Angle On Murder.mp3
    Nick Carter 43-11-03 pgm.30 Body On the Slab.mp3
    Nick Carter 43-11-10 pgm.31 Drug Ring Murder.mp3
    Nick Carter 43-11-17 pgm.32 Substitute Bride.mp3
    Nick Carter 43-12-25 pgm.37 Christmas Adventure.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-01-08 pgm.39 Double Disguise.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-01-15 pgm.40 Nine Hours To Live.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-01-22 pgm.41 Records of Death.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-01-29 pgm.42 The Unwilling Accomplice.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-02-05 pgm.43 Corpse In the Cab.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-02-12 pgm.44 Missing, Harold Ascort.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-02-19 pgm.45 Death After Dark.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-02-26 pgm.46 Dead Witnesses.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-03-04 pgm.47 Death In the Pines.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-03-25 pgm.50 Drums of Death.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-04-01 pgm.51 Professor's Secret.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-04-08 pgm.52 Murder By Magic.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-04-15 pgm.53 A Cat Brings Death.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-10-08 pgm.152 The Numbers Murder (muddy sound).mp3
    Nick Carter 44-10-15 pgm.153 Slingshot Murders (muddy sound).mp3
    Nick Carter 44-10-22 pgm.154 Murder On Mad Mountain.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-10-29 pgm.155 Funeral Wreath.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-11-05 pgm.156 Death In the Pool.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-12-03 pgm.160 Death Plays the Lead.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-12-24 pgm.163 Murder Goes To College.mp3
    Nick Carter 44-12-31 pgm.164 Murder In a Decantur.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-01-07 pgm.165 Monkey Sees Murder.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-01-14 pgm.166 Murder By Fire.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-01-21 pgm.167 Death By Richochet.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-01-28 pgm.168 Eye for An Eye.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-02-04 pgm.169 Ready for Murder.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-02-18 pgm.171 Mind Over Murder.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-02-25 pgm.172 Four Rings of Death.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-03-04 pgm.173 Poison With a Past.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-03-11 pgm.174 Webs of Murder.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-04-29 pgm.181 Witch of Dondenberg Mountain.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-05-27 pgm.185 The Haunted Rocking Chair.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-08-12 pgm.187 The Sick Statue.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-09-09 pgm.200 Talking Tree.mp3
    Nick Carter 45-09-30 pgm.203 Case of the Howling Horse.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-01-06 pgm.217 Case of the Wandering Corpse.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-04-02 pgm.229 Eight Records of Death.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-04-09 pgm.230 Case of the Disappearing Corpse.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-04-16 pgm.231 Nine Hours To Live.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-04-23 pgm.232 Case of the Little Old Ladies.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-05-21 pgm.236 Case of the Poker Murders.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-05-28 pgm.237 Case of the Demented Daughter.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-06-04 pgm.238 Dictaphone Murder.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-06-11 pgm.239 Clumsy Forgeries.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-06-18 pgm.240 Case of the Make-Believe Robbery.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-08-18 pgm.250 The Blue Mink.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-09-01 pgm.251 Case of the Red Goose Murder.mp3
    Nick Carter 46-12-22 pgm.267 Case of the Imitation Robbery.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-01-19 pgm.271 Gold-Headed Cane.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-01-26 pgm.272 Case of the Persistant Beggars.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-02-02 pgm.273 Case of the Careless Employees.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-03-23 Crystal of Prophesy.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-04-13 pgm.283 Chemical Chickens.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-04-20 pgm.284 Case of the Lucrative Wrecks.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-04-27 pgm.285 Case of the Luminous Spots.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-05-04 pgm.286 Case of the Missing Thumb.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-06-29 pgm.294 Case of the Sunken Dollar.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-07-13 pgm.296 Case of the Missing Piano Player.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-07-20 pgm.297 Case of the Wandering Maccaroni.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-09-07 pgm.304 Case of the Bearded Queen.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-09-21 pgm.306 Two-Faced Firemaster.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-10-12 pgm.309 Hermit Thrush.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-10-19 pgm.310 Perfect Alibi (muddy sound).mp3
    Nick Carter 47-11-23 pgm.315 Case of the Barefoot Banker.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-11-30 pgm.316 Jeweled Queen.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-12-07 pgm.317 Case of the Explored Alibi.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-12-14 pgm.318 Priceless Prose.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-12-21 pgm.319 Case of the Policy Makers.mp3
    Nick Carter 47-12-28 pgm.320 Case of the Missing Street.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-01-04 pgm.321 Case of the Devil's Left Eye.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-01-11 pgm.322 Case of the Graveyard Gunman.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-01-25 pgm.324 Case of the Invisible Treasure.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-03-07 pgm.330 Case of the Absent Clue.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-03-14 pgm.331 Case of the Last Old Timer.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-03-21 pgm.332 Case of the Magic Rope.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-03-28 pgm.333 Case of the Martyred Rat.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-04-04 pgm.334 Case of the Star of Evil.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-04-11 pgm.335 Case of the Henpecked Husband.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-05-09 pgm.339 Case of the Nameless Blonde.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-05-16 pgm.340 Case of the Salesman of Death.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-05-23 pgm.341 Case of the Tatooed Cobra.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-05-30 pgm.342 Case of the Littlest Gangster.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-06-13 pgm.344 Case of the Unexpected Corpse.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-06-20 pgm.345 Case of the Flowery Farewell.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-06-27 pgm.346 Case of the King's Apology.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-08-01 pgm.351 Case of the Midway Murders.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-08-29 pgm.355 Quiet Roommate.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-09-05 pgm.356 Failing Eyes.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-09-12 pgm.357 Great Impersonation.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-09-19 pgm.358 Case of the Homely Bride.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-09-26 pgm.359 Case of the Candidate's Corpse.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-10-24 pgm.363 Case of the Bull and the Bear.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-10-31 pgm.364 Case of the Wrong Mr. Wright.mp3
    Nick Carter 48-11-07 pgm.365 Case of the Forgetful Killer.mp3
    Nick Carter 49-09-18 pgm.410 Case of the Vanishing Weapon.mp3
    Nick Carter 49-12-25 pgm.424 Case of the Phantom Shoplifter.mp3
    Nick Carter 51-09-30 pgm.516 Case of Murder On the Mound.mp3
    Nick Carter 87-09-12 Man Who Died Laughing (re-creation).mp3
    Nick Carter Careless Window Washers.mp3
    Nick Carter Persistant Beggers.mp3

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