Moon River - Mood Music (34)
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    Episode Log
    (01) Song.mp3
    (02) There Be None of Beauty's Daughters.mp3
    (03) Love's Philosophy.mp3
    (04) Meeting at Night.mp3
    (05) When I Was One and Twenty.mp3
    (06) She Walks in Beauty.mp3
    (07) Sonet to Laura.mp3
    (08) My Love is Like a Red Red Rose.mp3
    (09) To A D.mp3
    (10) All for Love.mp3
    (11) Love's Omnipresence.mp3
    (12) Proposal.mp3
    (13) The Memory of the Heart.mp3
    (14) Sunum Bonum.mp3
    (15) Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day.mp3
    (16) Excerpts from the Rubieat.mp3
    (17) Verses for Margaret.mp3
    (18) Madragal.mp3
    (19) A Lover's Sonet.mp3
    (20) Sonet.mp3
    (21) The Token.mp3
    (22) The Arrow and the Sound.mp3
    (25) A Psalm.mp3
    (26) Song to the Evening Star.mp3
    (27) Jennie, Kiss Me.mp3
    (28) Go From Me.mp3
    (29) Thine Eyes Still Shine.mp3
    (32) A Son.mp3
    (35) White in the Moon.mp3
    (36) She Was a Phantom of Delight.mp3
    (37) On the Sea.mp3
    (38) Jennie, Kiss Me.mp3
    (39) Thou Art Not Fair.mp3
    (42) A White Rose.mp3

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