Missing Masters (60)
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    Episode Log
    Action Eighty.52-3-26 - Audition Show.mp3
    Action.44-1-15 - High Explosives - Audition Show.mp3
    Adventure of the Scarlet Cloak.50-2-15 - Audition Show.mp3
    Baby Snooks.45-9-16 - Rare Episode.mp3
    Bob Burns.47-11-25 - Audition Show.mp3
    Boston Blackie.45-11-19 - Foreman Shot On the 20th Floor.mp3
    Bunco Squad.50-4-15 - Book Worm - Rehearsal.mp3
    Christopher London.1950 - The Price of Sugar (rare episode).mp3
    Clyde Beatty Show.1940 - The Devil Cat - Premier.mp3
    Crime Classics.52-12-3 - Bathsheba Spooner - Audition Show.mp3
    Crime Correspondent.49-10-21 - The Chair for Dino - Audition Show.mp3
    Duffys Tavern.43-2-7 Rare Episode.mp3
    Emotion.49-7-6-Jetatura - Audition Show.mp3
    Escape.44-9-18 From Autumn.mp3
    Fantasy.47-8-23 Entity from the Void - Audition Show.mp3
    Father Knows Best.48-12-20 Audition Show.mp3
    Fibber McGee.44-1-25 First Beulah Appearance.mp3
    Great Caesars Ghost.46-3-8 Audition Show.mp3
    Half Hour To Kill.46-10-29 Audition Show.mp3
    Harry Lime.1950 Ticket To Tangiers - Audition.mp3
    Here Comes McBride.49-5-19 - Premier.mp3
    Humphery Bogart Theatre.49-9-17 Deadman - Audition Show.mp3
    I Cover the Waterfront.55-8-29 - AuditionShow.mp3
    I Deal In Crime.46-1-21 - Audition Show.mp3
    Junes My Girl.48-10-4 - Employment Office - Audition Show.mp3
    Let George Do It.46-5-14 - Audition Show.mp3
    Life with Lugi.48-9-21 - Premier.mp3
    Martin and Lewis-48-12-21 - Premier.mp3
    Martin Sane Private Detective.53-10-29 - Only Existing Show.mp3
    Meet Corliss Archer.47-4-6 - BeautyContest.mp3
    Meet Miss Sherlock.46-9-12 - Wilmer and the Widow.mp3
    Mulligans Travels.49-6-8 - Audition Show.mp3
    Murder By Experts.49-12-26 - The Missing Mind (rare episode).mp3
    My Friend Irma.47-6-13 - TheFurCoat-Premier.mp3
    My Mothers Husband.50-5-4 - Audition Show.mp3
    Once Upon a Midnight.45-5-11 - Malice Aforethought - Audition Show.mp3
    Operation Danger.50-6-25 - Audition Show.mp3
    Out of the Deep.51-1-10 - Dress Rehearsal (rare episode).mp3
    Private Practice of Dr Dana.47-12-21 - Sophia Howard Case (rare episode).mp3
    Rocky Jordan.51-3-28 - Man from Damascus - Audition Show.mp3
    Safari.1950-The Bull Elephant (rare episode).mp3
    Smiths of Hollywood.1947 - Rare Show.mp3
    Stand By for Adventure.1950s - The Knife.mp3
    Straight Arrow.48-5-6 - Premier.mp3
    Suspense.45-3-8 - Loves Lovely Counterfiet.mp3
    T Man.49-4-29 - Case of the Bleeding Gold - Audition Show.mp3
    Tarzan.52-3-22 - Siren of Omdur Mara - Premier.mp3
    Thats Rich.53-11-21 - Audition Show.mp3
    The Case of Mr Ace.47-6-25 - Premier.mp3
    The Fat Man.46-1-21 - 19th Pearl - Premier.mp3
    The Green Lama.49-5-17 - Man Who Never Existed - Audition Show.mp3
    The Judge.52-2-13 - Death of a Playboy - Audition Show.mp3
    The Life of Riley.49-11-11 - Jackie Gleason Subs.mp3
    The Lone Ranger.41-4-9 - Homesteaders Ruse.mp3
    The Man from Homicide.50-9-16 - Audition Show.mp3
    The McCoy.51-4-24 - Three Wayward Girls - Audition Show.mp3
    The Notorious Tariq.47-8-16 - Audition Show.mp3
    Three for Adventure.1940 - Audition Show.mp3
    Voyage of the Scarlet Queen.47-2-2 - Audition Show.mp3
    Yours Truly Johnny Dollar48-12-6 - Audition Show.mp3

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