Lum & Abner, Vol. 9 (110)
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    Episode Log
    LA480624 Squire Resells the Circus for $400000.mp3
    LA480707 Needing a Loan to Save the Store Audition.mp3
    LA480715 Grandpap Thinks Grimly Ludlow Is Coming --poor Soun.mp3
    LA480716 Cedric Recieves His Draft Notice from 1943.mp3
    LA480719 Cedric Discusses Visit to the Draft Board.mp3
    LA480720 Abner Must Prove He Is Alive and Married.mp3
    LA480721 Abner Must Marry Lizabeth All over Again.mp3
    LA480722 Remodeling the Tuxedo for the Wedding.mp3
    LA480723 Discussing Plans for Abner's Wedding.mp3
    LA480726 Abner Tells Dick About Honeymoon in Hot Springs.mp3
    LA480727 Abner Must Dispose of All His Possessions.mp3
    LA480728 Townspeople Start to Get Suspicious of Abner.mp3
    LA480729 Abner Trades His House to Squire Skimp.mp3
    LA480730 Ben Demonstrates How to Put up a Tent.mp3
    LA480802 Abner Wants to Buy Grandpap's Swampland.mp3
    LA480803 Squire Tries to Sell Stock in Swampland Oil Co.mp3
    LA480804 Lum Gets Carried Away with Silly Trades.mp3
    LA480805 Ben Withers Runs Gypsies out of Town.mp3
    LA480806 Lum Trades Some of Abner's Possessions to the Gypsi.mp3
    LA480809 Lum and Abner Are in Jail.mp3
    LA480810 Abner's Horse Was Stolen from Dallas Texas.mp3
    LA480811 Abner Will Get Reward for Stolen Horse.mp3
    LA480812 Lum Helps Abner Get Rid of His Half of the Store.mp3
    LA480813 Squire Skimp Buys Abner's Half of the Store.mp3
    LA480818 Abner Has Images Stamped All over His Face.mp3
    LA480819 Selling Abner's Remaining Possessions at Auction.mp3
    LA480820 Lum Is Fed up with Squire's Crooked Tactics.mp3
    LA480823 Lum Buys More Than He Intended at Auction.mp3
    LA480824 Abner and Lizabeth Move in with Lum.mp3
    LA480825 Building a Modern Luxury Poor House in Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA480826 Abner Will Have a Grab Bag Sale.mp3
    LA480827 Discussing Ways for Abner to Spend His Money.mp3
    LA480830 Abner Will Spend His the Rest of His Money on Trip.mp3
    LA480831 Abner Calls Lum from St Louis.mp3
    LA480901 Lum and Dick Wonder If Abner Got His Inheritance.mp3
    LA480902 Abner and Lizabeth Arrive Back Home.mp3
    LA480903 Abner Brings Presents for All His Friends.mp3
    LA480906 Lizabeth Lets Abner's Money Go to Her Head.mp3
    LA480907 Grandpap Teaches Abner How to Play Polo.mp3
    LA480908 Cedric Takes Abner's Place During Polo Practice.mp3
    LA480909 Lizabeth Wants to Go to a Dude Ranch.mp3
    LA480910 Everyone's at the Depot to See Abner Off.mp3
    LA480913 Lum Cedric and Grandpap Go to Las Vegas Too.mp3
    LA480914 Grandpap Shops for Souvenirs.mp3
    LA480915 Visiting the Grand Canyon.mp3
    LA480916 Arriving in Las Vegas Abner Can't Find Lizabeth.mp3
    LA480917 Abner Meets a Women in the Bus Depot.mp3
    LA480920 Adjusting to Life on the Dude Ranch.mp3
    LA480921 Abner Decides to Buy a Ranch of His Own.mp3
    LA480922 Using Ranch for a Boys Camp.mp3
    LA480923 Closing the Deal on the Bar Nothing Ranch.mp3
    LA480924 Last Show for the Miles Laboratories.mp3
    LA480926 A Surprise Party for Lum and Abner.mp3
    LA481003 The Store Is Own Someone Else’s Property.mp3
    LA481010 Baby Cedric the Mind Reader.mp3
    LA481017 Lum Fakes a Broken Leg.mp3
    LA481024 Lum Becomes the Substitute Postmaster.mp3
    LA481031 Lum Takes up Surrealist Painting.mp3
    LA481107 Lum Becomes a Rodeo Cowboy.mp3
    LA481108 Parly Baer Auditions.mp3
    LA481114 Abner Becomes Ole Doc Peabody.mp3
    LA481121 Ezra Seestrunk's Cousin Rowena Has Thanksgiving Di.mp3
    LA481128 Birthday Present Problem.mp3
    LA481205 Trip to the Hospital.mp3
    LA481212 Lum Is Planning to Elope with Rowena.mp3
    LA481219 Traditional Christmas Show.mp3
    LA481226 Exchanging a Paper Weight.mp3
    LA490102 Balancing the Books.mp3
    LA490109 Lum Has a Rival for Rowen's Affections.mp3
    LA490116 Off to Washington.mp3
    LA490123 The Farewell Dinner.mp3
    LA490130 Opening a Collection Agency.mp3
    LA490206 Finding an Abondoned Baby at the Bus Depot.mp3
    LA490213 Lum Wants to Make a Valentine for Rowena.mp3
    LA490220 Raising Money to Attend Horned Owl Convention.mp3
    LA490306 Writing a Newspaper Column.mp3
    LA490313 Golden Fleece Finance Company.mp3
    LA490320 Abner's Advice Bureau.mp3
    LA490403 Lum's Insurance Co.mp3
    LA490410 Lum Tries to Buy a New House.mp3
    LA491116 Coming out Party.mp3
    LA491123 Invitation to Lum's.mp3
    LA500104 Lum Becomes Engaged to Lydia.mp3
    LA500308 History in the Remaking.mp3
    LA500405 Reader's Digest Manuscript.mp3
    LA500412 Trying to Buy Property.mp3
    LA500419 Lum Sells His Interest in the Jot'em Down Store.mp3
    LA500426 Lum Wants Hemingway to Speak at Luncheon.mp3
    LA500818 Tricked Into Graveyard Plots.mp3
    LA510614 Jukebox Jamboree.mp3
    LA530216 Grand Re-Opening of the Jot'em Down Store.mp3
    LA530217 Abner Bought Something at an Auction.mp3
    LA530218 Lum and Abner Has a Short-wave Transceiver.mp3
    LA530219 Lum and Abner Start Their Own Radio Station.mp3
    LA530220 Cedric Tries to Hear Lum and Abner on His Radio.mp3
    LA530223 New Radio Station Will Be Voice of Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA530224 Lum Sets up Vpr Station Management.mp3
    LA530225 Arguing over Management Positions.mp3
    LA530226 Cedric Auditions to Be a Radio Announcer.mp3
    LA530227 All the Sponsors Have the Same Hour.mp3
    LA530302 Vpr's First Show Love Comes to Gilbert the Boy Trap.mp3
    LA530303 New Show Thankee Fer the Information.mp3
    LA530304 Vpr Presents the Court of Human Beings.mp3
    LA530305 Vpr's Daytime Soap Life Faces the Sufferin' Jensens.mp3
    LA530306 Lum and Abner Rehearse Mose's New Show, Princess o.mp3
    LA530309 Mose Wants to Know the Ratings of His Show.mp3
    LA530310 Widder Abernathy Becomes the Princess.mp3
    LA530311 Lum Will Pawn off Widder on Someone Else.mp3
    LA530312 Mose Wants Wedding Broadcast on the Radio.mp3
    LA530313 Grandpappy Spears Is Interviewed on Vpr.mp3

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