Lum & Abner, Vol. 8 (165)
<a href="">Lum & Abner, Vol. 8 (165)</a>
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    Episode Log
    LA461014 Widder Finds out Lum Tricked Her.mp3
    LA461015 Lum's Finances Become Complicated.mp3
    LA461016 Complaints About the Way the House Is Being Built.mp3
    LA461017 Childers Kids Like Listening to Lum and Abner.mp3
    LA461021 Mr Duncan Wants to See Lot Lum Has for Him.mp3
    LA461022 Things Work out for Lum for Once.mp3
    LA461023 Duncan's Father Creates Problems.mp3
    LA461024 Lum Must Fill out a Government Form.mp3
    LA461028 Mr Duncan Can Get Gi Loan Because He Is a Vet.mp3
    LA461029 Grandpap Wants Lum to Build an Office for New Docto.mp3
    LA461030 Doc Withers Is Coming to Town.mp3
    LA461031 Lum Plan Big Welcome for Doc Withers.mp3
    LA461104 Doc Withers Arrives in Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA461105 Doc Moves into the Jot'em Down Store Feed Room.mp3
    LA461106 Squire Tries to Sell Doc Some Insurance.mp3
    LA461107 Doc Decides to Board with Lum.mp3
    LA461111 Cedric Buys a New Pair of Shoes.mp3
    LA461112 Lum Will Start a Perfume Business.mp3
    LA461113 Lum Decides to Open a Whaleburger Restaurant.mp3
    LA461114 Operating a Restaurant in the Jot'em Down Store.mp3
    LA461118 Cedric and Doc Mind the Store.mp3
    LA461119 Cedric Delivers the Cook Store.mp3
    LA461120 Abner Still Has Laryngitis.mp3
    LA461121 Doc Makes Phone Call to Get Icebox.mp3
    LA461125 Lum and Abner Get Restaurant Supplies.mp3
    LA461127 Building the Restaurant.mp3
    LA461128 Thanksgiving Day Show.mp3
    LA461202 First Busload of Passengers Arrive at Restaurant.mp3
    LA461203 Advertising Restaurant on the Party Line.mp3
    LA461204 Lum Decides to Switch to Singing Commercials.mp3
    LA461205 Abner Wants Duncan Hines to Visit Restaurant.mp3
    LA461209 Lum Is Mad at Abner for Writing to Duncan Hines.mp3
    LA461210 Abner and Cedric Practice Hash House Lingo.mp3
    LA461211 Lum Will Prepare Roast Duck for Mr Hines.mp3
    LA461212 Squire Finds out That Mr Hines Will Arrive Monday.mp3
    LA461216 Duncan Hines Arrives in Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA461217 Duncan Hines Like Lumburgers.mp3
    LA461218 Lum Remembers How to Make Lumburgers.mp3
    LA461219 Doc Withers Advises Abner to Ask for a Raise.mp3
    LA470106 Lum Orders Oysters to Serve in the Restaurant .mp3
    LA470107 Figuring out How to Cook the Oysters .mp3
    LA470108 Restaurants All over USA Want Lumburgers.mp3
    LA470109 Doc Withers Reads a Telegram Dated from 1894 .mp3
    LA470113 Lum Will Use the Lumburgers to Be Goodwill Ambassad.mp3
    LA470114 Abner and Cedric Put on a Sideshow.mp3
    LA470115 Grandpap Is Hired as Lum Secretary.mp3
    LA470116 Abner Takes over as Telegram Delivery Boy.mp3
    LA470120 Lum Finds He Is Being Crushed by His Own Success.mp3
    LA470121 Nobody Wants to Try the Oysters.mp3
    LA470122 Grandpap Finds Pearl in Oyster.mp3
    LA470123 Everyone Claims Peral Doc Withers Mediates.mp3
    LA470127 Squire Sues for Ownership of the Pearl.mp3
    LA470128 Grandpap Also Wants to Sue Lum and Abner.mp3
    LA470129 Squire Offers to Buy Pearl for $800.mp3
    LA470130 Going to Mena to Get Pearl Appraised.mp3
    LA470203 Lum Hires Lawyer Wallford to Handle Case.mp3
    LA470204 The Pearl Is Missing.mp3
    LA470205 Lawyer Wallford Works on the Case.mp3
    LA470212 Lum on the Witness Stand.mp3
    LA470213 Abner Takes the Witness Stand.mp3
    LA470217 Doc Withers Testimony Drive the Judge Crazy.mp3
    LA470218 Cedric Is the Star Witness at Trial.mp3
    LA470219 Cedric's Testimony Makes Lum out to Be a Criminal.mp3
    LA470220 Lum Facing Bribery Charge.mp3
    LA470224 Wallford More Interested in Race Horses Than Lum's .mp3
    LA470225 Lum Takes the Witness Stand.mp3
    LA470226 Trial Is Postponed for Hearing on Lum's Bribery Cha.mp3
    LA470227 Doc Withers Treats Lum for a Nervous Breakdown.mp3
    LA470304 Jury Comes Back with a Verdict.mp3
    LA470305 Lum Feels Guilty for Accepting Pearl Money.mp3
    LA470306 Dividing the Money with Squire and Grandpappy.mp3
    LA470310 Grandpap Receives Threatening Phone Call.mp3
    LA470311 Mysterious Voice on the Party Line Threatens Squire.mp3
    LA470312 Everyone Is Frightened by the Voice.mp3
    LA470313 Lum Thinks Abner Is Trying to Do Him In.mp3
    LA470317 The Voice Predicts Disaster for Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA470318 Doc Withers Is Upset and Lum and Abner Thinks He I.mp3
    LA470319 Doc Changes His Name to Ben Withers.mp3
    LA470320 Ben Prepares to Leave Town.mp3
    LA470324 Monitoring the Party Line Listening for the Voice.mp3
    LA470325 Disconnecting the Phone System .mp3
    LA470326 Squire Conducts Town Meeting to Discuss the Voice.mp3
    LA470327 Voice Maybe the Ghost of Former Pine Ridge Horse Th.mp3
    LA470331 Ben Withers Sets a Trap for the Voice.mp3
    LA470401 Ben Withers Will Name the Voice.mp3
    LA470402 Ben Tells How He Caught the Voice.mp3
    LA470403 Protecting the Voice from a Lynch Mob.mp3
    LA470407 Abner Is Waiting for a Present from Pearl.mp3
    LA470408 Abner's Present Arrives No One Knows What It Is.mp3
    LA470409 Abner's Present Is a Short-wave Transceiver.mp3
    LA470410 Ben Withers Is Appointed Constable of Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA470414 Constable Withers Buys a New Bloodhound.mp3
    LA470415 Learning How to Use the Transceiver.mp3
    LA470418 Special - Heres to Veterans #40.mp3
    LA470421 Lum Appoints Officers of the New Vpr Radio Station.mp3
    LA470422 Abner Tricked into Making Lum the President of Vpr.mp3
    LA470423 Cedric Learns to Be a Radio Announcer.mp3
    LA470424 Lum and Abner's 16th Anniversary on Radio.mp3
    LA470428 Everyone Sells the Same Hour of Advertising.mp3
    LA470429 Love Comes to Gilbert the Boy Trapper .mp3
    LA470430 Vpr Presents Information Show.mp3
    LA470501 The Court of Human Beings.mp3
    LA470507 Finding out Vpr's Ratings.mp3
    LA470508 Vpr's Radio Program Queen for a Hour.mp3
    LA470512 Lum Tries to Arrange a Romance.mp3
    LA470513 Widder Must Claim Her Prize in Two Weeks.mp3
    LA470514 Sponsor Mose Moots Wants Wedding Held Tomorrow.mp3
    LA470515 Abner and Ben Withers Disc Jockey Show.mp3
    LA470519 At Rehearsal Lum Marries Cedric to the Widder.mp3
    LA470521 Widder Hires a Lawyer to See If Wedding Is Legal.mp3
    LA470522 Trying to Keep Lawyer from Talking to Widder.mp3
    LA470526 Lum Will Tryout New Hypnotist Act for Radio Show.mp3
    LA470527 Lum Hypnotizes Abner into Doing All the Work.mp3
    LA470528 Lum Causes Squire and Cedric to Switch Personalitie.mp3
    LA470708 Attempting to Open the Box.mp3
    LA470710 Box Must Be Opened by Hempstead Heirs .mp3
    LA470714 Everyone Is Related to Hempsteads.mp3
    LA470715 Lum Thinks They Should Get Rid of Prof Crenshaw.mp3
    LA470716 Mysterious Box Will Be Opened Tomorrow.mp3
    LA470717 Box Contains Envelope Promising Riches.mp3
    LA470721 Envelope Contains Secret Formula.mp3
    LA470722 Ben Withers Arrests Prof Crenshaw for Fraud.mp3
    LA470723 The Eddards and Peabody Chemical Company.mp3
    LA470724 Chemical Company Has Total Assets of $1300.mp3
    LA470728 Cedric Starts to Take over the Store.mp3
    LA470729 Chemicals to Mix Formula.mp3
    LA470730 Cedric Accidentally Drinks a Bottle of Formula -poor.mp3
    LA470731 Trying to Figure out What the Formula Is for -poor.mp3
    LA470804 Formula Dyes Clothes Purple.mp3
    LA470805 Hempstead Formula Makes Great Insect Spray.mp3
    LA470806 Formula Great for Killing Potato Bugs.mp3
    LA470807 Electing Officers of Chemical Company.mp3
    LA470811 Potato Bug Formula May Save Cotton Crop -poor.mp3
    LA470812 Polk Co Cotton Growers Order 6000 Gallons of Formul.mp3
    LA470813 Ben Withers Orders 200 Barrels for Formula.mp3
    LA470814 Lum Give Abner Just 3 Hours to Get Rid of Kraut.mp3
    LA470815 Raising Money to Pay for Sauerkrautmp3.mp3
    LA470818 Chemical Company Interested in Formula.mp3
    LA470819 Giving the Formula to the Wrong Man.mp3
    LA470820 Impostor Located in Squires Office.mp3
    LA470821 Impostor Didn't Get the Formula After All.mp3
    LA470922 Little Pearls Wedding Ceremony --date Uncertain.mp3
    LA471002 Lum Tries New Psychology to Improve Business.mp3
    LA471113 Pine Ridge Celebrates Abner Peabody Day.mp3
    LA471114 Lum Has Trouble Starting the Pine Ridge Navy.mp3
    LA471201 Ben Withers Enters Abner in Mt Ida Rodeo.mp3
    LA471216 Building a Float for Christmas Parade.mp3
    LA471222 Lum Tells Everyone Not to Buy Him X-Mas Gifts.mp3
    LA471225 Traditional Christmas Story 1947 Production.mp3
    LA480107 Abner and Cedric Think They Have Found Aladdin's La.mp3
    LA480208 Land in Pine Ridge Is Being Auctioned off for Taxes.mp3
    LA480304 Abner Is Stranded in Phoenix, Arizona.mp3
    LA480315 Lum and Abner Make out Their Tax Return.mp3
    LA480322 Abner Explains the First Day of Spring.mp3
    LA480601 Lum and Abner Hire Squire to Be Ballyhoo Man.mp3
    LA480602 Hiring Squire to Be Ballyhoo Man.mp3
    LA480603 Squire Assembles Freak Sideshow.mp3
    LA480606 Lum Gives up Trapeze Act.mp3
    LA480607 Lum Gives up Trapeze Act.mp3
    LA480608 Lum Thinks All Circus Jobs Are Too Dangerous.mp3
    LA480609 Grand Opening of Circus Is Tomorrow.mp3
    LA480610 Lum Falls in Love with Zenora.mp3
    LA480614 All of the Circus Reciept Money Is Stolen.mp3
    LA480615 Many Suspects in Safe Buglary.mp3
    LA480616 Everyone Suspects Zenora's Brother.mp3

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