Lum & Abner, Vol. 7 (113)
<a href="">Lum & Abner, Vol. 7 (113)</a>
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    Episode Log
    LA460221 New Broom Party Courts Women's Vote.mp3
    LA460225 Women Swing over to Ezra's Side.mp3
    LA460226 Accident Puts Women Back on Abner's Side.mp3
    LA460227 Women Head to Mena for Big Sale.mp3
    LA460228 Lum Will Send Absentee Ballots to Women.mp3
    LA460304 Last Day for Absentee Ballots to Arrive.mp3
    LA460305 New Mayor of Pine Ridge Is Elizabeth Peabody.mp3
    LA460306 Trying to Talk to Mayor Peabody.mp3
    LA460307 Mayor Peabody Makes Abner Cook Dinner.mp3
    LA460311 Elizabeth Appoints an All Woman City Council.mp3
    LA460312 Miss Emaline Is the Justice of the Peace.mp3
    LA460313 1000th Broadcast over the Keystone Network.mp3
    LA460314 Abner and Grandpap Discuss the New Barber.mp3
    LA460318 Women Pass Law to Keep Men from the Barber Shop.mp3
    LA460319 Men Figure Away to Get Around the Law.mp3
    LA460320 Kitty the Barber Quits.mp3
    LA460321 Men Have a Special Meeting.mp3
    LA460325 Lum Dresses as a Woman to Avoid Curfew Law.mp3
    LA460326 Women Will Push Big Bond Issue.mp3
    LA460327 Lum Stirs up Med Against Crooked Bond Issue.mp3
    LA460328 Men Head for the Hills to Spoil Bond Issue.mp3
    LA460401 Caleb Weehunt Suggest Men Steal the Town Records.mp3
    LA460402 Men Steal Town Records Including Post Office Record.mp3
    LA460403 Men Give up and Return to Town.mp3
    LA460409 Lum Hires Dr Roller to Get Rid of Clyde.mp3
    LA460410 Dr Roller Tries to Trap Clyde.mp3
    LA460411 Dr Roller Is Obsessed with Catching Clyde.mp3
    LA460417 Finding a Confederate Treasure Map.mp3
    LA460418 Treasure Chest Full of Confederate Money.mp3
    LA460422 Cedric Tries to Use Confederate Money.mp3
    LA460423 Confederate Money Is Counterfeit.mp3
    LA460424 Lum Thinks Henry Kaiser Will Build a Ship Building.mp3
    LA460425 Everything Ready for Mr Kaiser's Visit.mp3
    LA460429 Vistor Is Kay Kyser Not Henry Kaiser.mp3
    LA460430 Cedric Washes Labels off All Caned Goods.mp3
    LA460501 Lum Finds Unlabeled Cans.mp3
    LA460502 Big Sale on Unlabeled Cans.mp3
    LA460506 Grandpap Can Guess What's in the Cans.mp3
    LA460507 Lum Will Get an Injunction Against Grandpap.mp3
    LA460508 Grandpap Sells Tips on Guessing Cans.mp3
    LA460509 Discovering the Secret Behind Grandpap's Guessing.mp3
    LA460513 Mr Hatstaff Is Coming to Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA460514 Hatstaff Is the Publicity Agent for Bob Hope.mp3
    LA460515 Why Is Bob Hope Coming to Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA460516 Press Agent Prepares Article About Hope's Arrival.mp3
    LA460520 Bob Hope Arrives in Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA460521 Selling Raffel Tickets on New 1946 Automobile.mp3
    LA460522 Bet on Who Can Get a New Car First.mp3
    LA460523 Abner Orders a New Car for Lumfor 1947.mp3
    LA460527 Lum Wins Car in a Raffle but He Can't Drive.mp3
    LA460528 Lum Can't Get to Mena to Pick up Car.mp3
    LA460529 Lum Wrecks His New Car.mp3
    LA460530 Lum Still Wins the Bet with Squire.mp3
    LA460603 Squire Almost Traps Lum in a Shady Deal.mp3
    LA460604 Lum Wants into Squire's New Business.mp3
    LA460610 Lum Will Become Bon Mot Hat Designer.mp3
    LA460611 Bon Mot Will Have a Big Hat Show.mp3
    LA460612 Lum Goes over Last Minute Plans for the Show.mp3
    LA460613 Hat Show Is a Big Fizzle.mp3
    LA460617 Lum and Abner Meet Tom Breneman in Hollywood.mp3
    LA460618 Trying to Get Railroad Tickets Back.mp3
    LA460619 Sharing a Ride with a Tourist.mp3
    LA460620 Finally Catching a Ride Back Home.mp3
    LA460624 Lum Roped into Writing Play for Pta.mp3
    LA460625 Miss Emaline Encourages Lum to Write.mp3
    LA460626 Abner and Cedric Rehearse Lum's Play.mp3
    LA460627 Lum Has a Plan to Sabotage Rehearsal.mp3
    LA460701 Reopening the Old Abandoned Hotel.mp3
    LA460702 Operating the Mountain View Inn.mp3
    LA460703 Everyone Busy Getting Hotel Ready.mp3
    LA460704 Guests Coming but No Rooms Are Left.mp3
    LA460708 Who Will Be the Manager of the Hotel.mp3
    LA460709 Lum Goes to Mena to Meet New Guest.mp3
    LA460710 Discussing Trixie and Her Dog.mp3
    LA460711 Miss Emaline Coming for a Visit Tuesday.mp3
    LA460715 Strange Things Begin to Happen.mp3
    LA460716 Hotel Guests Aren't All They Seem to Be.mp3
    LA460717 New Guests Add to the Mystery.mp3
    LA460718 Detective Wilson Comes to the Hotel.mp3
    LA460722 Lum Tries to Get Bellhop Job Away from Abner.mp3
    LA460723 Lum Won't Believe Trixie Is Involved.mp3
    LA460724 Who Will Be Bellhop and Collect Tips.mp3
    LA460725 Detective Thinks Lum Is Tipping off Thieves.mp3
    LA460729 Has Lum Joined Forces with the Thieves.mp3
    LA460730 Abner Jails Lum to Keep Him Away from Thieves.mp3
    LA460731 Dividing up the Hotel.mp3
    LA460801 Dick Tries to Patch Things Up.mp3
    LA460805 Abner Steals All of Lum's Guests.mp3
    LA460806 Lum Gets Revenge.mp3
    LA460807 What Has Lum Done with Detective Wilson.mp3
    LA460808 Cedric Finds Detective Wilson's Hat.mp3
    LA460812 Abner Releases Detective Wilson.mp3
    LA460813 Wilson Is Also a Jewel Thief.mp3
    LA460814 Lum Captures Whole Gang on Thieves.mp3
    LA460815 Lum Thinks Town Will Put up a Statue of Him.mp3
    LA460819 Hotel Stockholders Vote for New Managers.mp3
    LA460820 Grandpap Sues Lum and Abner over Pay.mp3
    LA460826 Lum Decides to Become a Piano Tuner.mp3
    LA460827 Lum Can Get a New Piano on Approval.mp3
    LA460828 Grandpap Tells Story About a Talking Dog.mp3
    LA460829 Lum Destroys the Church Piano.mp3
    LA460902 Abner Tells Lum What Happened at Church.mp3
    LA460903 Bloodhound Following Lum Around.mp3
    LA460904 Uncle Henry Finds a Clue.mp3
    LA460905 Lum Restrings Piano with Bailing Wire.mp3
    LA460909 Lum's 30 Day Trial Piano Arrives.mp3
    LA460910 Lum Donates His New Piano to the Church.mp3
    LA460911 How to Pay for the New Piano.mp3
    LA460912 Lum Will Become a Human Fly to Raise Money.mp3
    LA460916 Playing a Telephone Joke on Lum.mp3
    LA460917 Lum Doesn't Know What Abner and Grandpap Done.mp3
    LA460918 Abner and Grandpap Confess Everything.mp3
    LA460919 Lum May Leave Town over Joke.mp3

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