Lum & Abner, Vol. 6 (137)
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    Episode Log
    LA450507 Newspaper Clipping Alarms Lum and Abner.mp3
    LA450508 Lum and Abner Open Box.mp3
    LA450509 More on Contents of Box.mp3
    LA450510 Assembling Robert the Robert.mp3
    LA450515 Abner Wants to Put Robert to Work.mp3
    LA450516 Squire Find out About Robert.mp3
    LA450517 Dept of Child Welfare Investigates Robert.mp3
    LA450518 Squire Wants Carnival Tour with the Robot .mp3
    LA450521 Cedric Gets Robert a Date with Clarabelle's Cousin.mp3
    LA450522 Abner Will Use Robert to Deliver Groceries.mp3
    LA450523 Robert's First Day of Making Deliveries.mp3
    LA450524 Abner Loses Control of Robert.mp3
    LA450528 Robert Nowhere to Be Found.mp3
    LA450529 Cedric Finds Robert and Ira Hodgekins' Bull.mp3
    LA450531 Ira Sues Abner for $50000.mp3
    LA450605 Squire Gets Involved in Abner's Case.mp3
    LA450606 Lum Postpones Abner's Trial to Make Plans.mp3
    LA450607 Trial Begins Squire Represents Ira.mp3
    LA450611 Squire Drums up More Charges Against Abner.mp3
    LA450612 Abner in Deeper After Cedric's Testimony.mp3
    LA450613 Squire Springs Surprise Witness.mp3
    LA450614 Still More Problems for Abner.mp3
    LA450618 Lum Suggests That Abner Plead Insanity.mp3
    LA450619 Psychiatrist Tries to Figure out Who's Crazy.mp3
    LA450620 Squire Leaves Ira High and Dry.mp3
    LA450621 Settle out of Court.mp3
    LA450625 Abner Heckles Lum.mp3
    LA450626 Lum Finds out the Whole Story Behind Ira's Bull.mp3
    LA450627 Detective Lum Tells What He Found Out.mp3
    LA450628 Converting the Jot'em Down Store.mp3
    LA450702 Jot'em Down Store Will Issue Shares of Stock.mp3
    LA450703 Operating the Pine Ridge Stock Exchange.mp3
    LA450704 Lum Doesn't Go to the Forth of July Picnic.mp3
    LA450705 Selling Shares to Cedric.mp3
    LA450709 Lum and Abner Lose Money to Cedric.mp3
    LA450710 Grandpap Wants Consolidated Banana Stock.mp3
    LA450711 Grandpap Thinks He Is Rich from Banana Stock.mp3
    LA450712 Bottom Drops out of Banana Market.mp3
    LA450716 Trying to Get the Stock Certificate Back.mp3
    LA450717 Lum and Abner Are Arrested by Mousey Gray.mp3
    LA450718 Lum and Abner Locked in Jail.mp3
    LA450719 Jot'em Down Store Will Close for Six Weeks.mp3
    LA450903 Return from Vacation Lum's New Idea.mp3
    LA450904 Lum Tells Abner About New Post War World.mp3
    LA450905 The Eddards and Peabody Split Atom Co.mp3
    LA450906 Digging for Uranium on Store Property.mp3
    LA450910 Have Lum and Abner Found Uranium.mp3
    LA450911 Fooling Around with a Bottle of Nitroglycerine.mp3
    LA450912 Cedric Drinks the Uranium.mp3
    LA450913 Abner Feeds Cedric the St Bernard.mp3
    LA450917 The Dog Disappears and Cedric Returns.mp3
    LA450918 St Bernard Runs off with Nitroglycerine.mp3
    LA450919 Lum Is Trapped in a Truck with Nitroglycerine.mp3
    LA450920 Grandpap Tells About Big Blowout in Mena.mp3
    LA450924 Lum Pretends to Be Sick.mp3
    LA450925 Lum Brags to Miss Emaline.mp3
    LA450926 Miss Emaline Wants Lum to Get Her a Train Ticket.mp3
    LA450927 Lum Admits Everything.mp3
    LA451001 Abner Will Help Lum Fake an Accident.mp3
    LA451002 Cedric and Abner Will Run Lum over with a Car.mp3
    LA451003 Miss Emaline Gets an Injunction Against Lum.mp3
    LA451004 School Board Wants Lum to Talk to Miss Emaline.mp3
    LA451008 Excuses for the School Board.mp3
    LA451008 Lum Makes Excuses to School Board.mp3
    LA451009 Everything Ok Between Lum and Emaline.mp3
    LA451010 Lum Will Stop Exaggerating.mp3
    LA451011 Abner Teaches Lum How to Skate.mp3
    LA451015 Lum Gave Comical Skating Exhibition.mp3
    LA451016 Lum Is New Coach of Pine Ridge Football Team.mp3
    LA451017 Pine Ridge Possums Must Beat Oden Owls.mp3
    LA451018 Football Team Needs New Equipment.mp3
    LA451022 Pine Ridge Loses to Oden.mp3
    LA451023 Cedric Is Pine Ridge's Star Football Player.mp3
    LA451024 Sgt Hartford Is Coming to Work in the Store.mp3
    LA451025 The Sarge Quickly Takes Over.mp3
    LA451029 Sgt Hartford Is Working Lum and Abner to Death.mp3
    LA451030 Explaining the Bookkeeping System.mp3
    LA451031 Collecting Unpaid Bills.mp3
    LA451101 Collecting Unpaid Bill from Grandpap.mp3
    LA451105 The Sarge Has Been out Collecting Bills Herself.mp3
    LA451106 Lum and Abner Decide That the Sarge Must Go.mp3
    LA451107 Jot'em Down Store No Longer Bankrupt.mp3
    LA451108 A Romance May Get the Sarge Out.mp3
    LA451112 Abner Tells Cedric About His Pet Mouse.mp3
    LA451113 Mose Moots and the Sagre Hate Each Other.mp3
    LA451114 Store Will Have Big Sale on Pre War Girdles.mp3
    LA451115 Sale Comes off with Only a Few Casualties.mp3
    LA451119 Sarge Gets a Letter from Matrimonial Bureau.mp3
    LA451120 Cedric Must Pass Test to Keep on Football Team.mp3
    LA451121 Matrimonial Bureau Send Old Photo of Lum.mp3
    LA451122 Everyone at Abner's House for Thanksgiving.mp3
    LA451126 Abner Helps Cedric Study for Test.mp3
    LA451127 Sarge Fall in Love with Old Picture of Lum.mp3
    LA451128 Grandpap's Help Makes Things Worse.mp3
    LA451203 Lum Fakes a Letter from Mr X.mp3
    LA451204 Sarge Thinks Mr X Works at the Wholesale House.mp3
    LA451205 Sarge Goes to Mena to Find Mr X.mp3
    LA451206 Lizabeth Wants to Be Queen for a Day.mp3
    LA451210 Otis Bagley to Come to Dinner with Sgt Hartford.mp3
    LA451211 Sgt Hartford Has Eloped.mp3
    LA451212 Abner's Pet Mouse, Clyde.mp3
    LA451213 Lum Makes Abner Set Traps for Clyde.mp3
    LA451217 Mr Talbert Wants to Buy the Store.mp3
    LA451218 Cedric and Mousey Help Impress the Talberts.mp3
    LA451219 Borrowing Cash to Make Receipts Look Better.mp3
    LA451220 Talberts Rob Tie and Gag Lum and Abner.mp3
    LA451224 Trapped in Burning Jot'em Down Store.mp3
    LA451226 Lum and Abner Escape the Fire.mp3
    LA451227 Squire Says Lum and Abner Can't Collect on Fire In.mp3
    LA451231 Lum and Abner Searching for the Robbers.mp3
    LA460101 Old Style Bills Provides a Clue.mp3
    LA460102 Lum and Abner Burn Robbers Tent and Money.mp3
    LA460103 Squire Writes a Newspaper Article About Incident.mp3
    LA460107 Lum and Abner Collect $1500 Reward Money.mp3
    LA460108 Everyone Wants the Reward Money.mp3
    LA460109 Squire Sells Lum and Abner Some Insurance.mp3
    LA460110 Abner Takes a Physical Exam.mp3
    LA460114 Abner Thinks Lum Is Trying to Kill Him.mp3
    LA460115 Lum Suspects Abner Is up to Something.mp3
    LA460116 Lum Finds out Abner Is Packing a Pistol.mp3
    LA460117 Abner Becomes More Suspicious.mp3
    LA460121 Lum and Abner Keeping an Eye on Each Other.mp3
    LA460122 Lum and Abner Still Having Problems.mp3
    LA460123 Lum and Abner Will Have a Duel.mp3
    LA460124 Lum Explains the Rules of Dueling.mp3
    LA460128 Abner Infuriates the Governor of Arkansas.mp3
    LA460129 Lum Is Upset over the Way the Town Is Run.mp3
    LA460130 Pine Ridge Will Elect a New Mayor.mp3
    LA460131 Lum Will Be the Political Boss of Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA460204 Organizing the New Broom Party.mp3
    LA460205 Lum Appoints Cedric as Ward Heeler.mp3
    LA460206 Squire's Political Party May Cause Problems.mp3
    LA460207 Abner vs Ezra Seestruck for Mayor.mp3
    LA460211 Having a Political Rally over the Party Line.mp3
    LA460212 New Broom Party Hold Rally over the Party Line.mp3
    LA460213 How to Get the Lodge Hall Away from Squire.mp3
    LA460312 Miss Emaline Is the Justice of the Peace.mp3

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