Lum & Abner, Vol. 4 (166)
<a href="">Lum & Abner, Vol. 4 (166)</a>
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    Episode Log
    LA431006 How to Get the Widder out of Lum's House.mp3
    LA431007 Lum Abner and Cedric Haunt the House.mp3
    LA431008 Ghosts.mp3
    LA431011 Discuss Opening a Movie Theater in Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA431012 Lum Wants to Mortage the Store.mp3
    LA431013 Where to Get a Movie Projector.mp3
    LA431014 Cedric Tries to Operate the Projector.mp3
    LA431018 Grandpap Will Play Piano at Theater.mp3
    LA431019 Lum Gives Free Passes to Everyone in Town.mp3
    LA431020 Abner Will Go to Mena.mp3
    LA431021 Abner Packs for Trip to Mena.mp3
    LA431025 Motion Picture Salesman Arrives.mp3
    LA431026 Lum Buys Crummy Picture the Vulture's Revenge.mp3
    LA431027 Film Co President Pays a Visit to Lum.mp3
    LA431028 Mary Having Problems in School.mp3
    LA431101 Abner Returns from Lyric Theater in Mena.mp3
    LA431102 Vote on the Name of the Theater.mp3
    LA431103 Squire Wants to Be Third Partner in Theater.mp3
    LA431104 Squire Will Open Rival Theater.mp3
    LA431108 Lum and Abner Lose All Help to Squire.mp3
    LA431109 Squire Tricks Grandpap out of His Job.mp3
    LA431110 Cedric Delivers Handbills for Squire.mp3
    LA431111 Free Preview on Lum and Abner's Picture Show.mp3
    LA431115 Squire Starts Rumor About Picture.mp3
    LA431116 Ladies Uplift League Boycotts Show.mp3
    LA431117 Spying on Squires Picture Show.mp3
    LA431118 Squires Theater Is Illegal.mp3
    LA431119 Loophole Ordinance.mp3
    LA431122 Lum Worried About Having Squire Arrested.mp3
    LA431123 Grandpap Get Warrent on Squire.mp3
    LA431124 Squire Rants and Raves over Warrant.mp3
    LA431125 Squire Is on Trial in Justice of the Peace Court.mp3
    LA431129 Squire Injuried in Fall at Lum's and Abner's Theate.mp3
    LA431130 Writing an Apologetic Letter to Squire.mp3
    LA431201 Story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.mp3
    LA431202 Squire Sues Lum and Abner for Damages.mp3
    LA431206 Apology Note Becomes Incriminating Evidence.mp3
    LA431207 Lum Goes to County Seat to Hire a Lawyer.mp3
    LA431208 Things Don't Look Good Because of Note.mp3
    LA431209 Abner in Trouble for Stealing Note.mp3
    LA431213 Squire Will Drop Charges Against Abner.mp3
    LA431214 Squires Lawyer Tricks Lum and Abner.mp3
    LA431215 Lum and Abner Ask for Squires X-Rays.mp3
    LA431216 Doc Miller Says Squires Back Is in Bad Shape.mp3
    LA431220 Lum Leaves During Trial.mp3
    LA431221 Trying to Find Lum at the Hospital.mp3
    LA431222 Abner Grandpap and Cedric Wander the Streets.mp3
    LA431223 Lum Returns to Save the Day.mp3
    LA431227 Lum Will Become a Lawyer.mp3
    LA431228 Lawyer Lum Decides It's Time to Retire.mp3
    LA431229 Lum and Abner Split Partnerships.mp3
    LA431230 Lum nor Abner Happy About Splitting Up.mp3
    LA440103 Everyone in Town Thinks Abner Made a Mistake.mp3
    LA440104 Lum's Theater Burns Down.mp3
    LA440105 Lum Lost Everything in Fire.mp3
    LA440106 Abner Hires Lum to Work in the Store.mp3
    LA440110 Lum Becomes the Delivery Boy.mp3
    LA440111 Abner Sends Lum to Chamber of Commerce Meeting.mp3
    LA440112 Relationship Between Lum and Abner Becomes Worse.mp3
    LA440113 Lum Asks for a Raise.mp3
    LA440117 Lum Will Become Diamond Jim Edwards.mp3
    LA440118 Abner Wants into Lum's Diamond Business.mp3
    LA440119 Everyone in Town Is Authorized to Sell Diamonds.mp3
    LA440120 Lum Trades Bogus Diamonds for Barber Chair.mp3
    LA440124 Cedric Goes to Get the Barber Chair.mp3
    LA440125 Abner Doesn't Think Lum Can Be a Good Barber.mp3
    LA440126 Lum Practices Barbering on Abner.mp3
    LA440127 Rehearsing Lum's War Bond Play.mp3
    LA440131 Lum Installs Personalized Barber Mugs.mp3
    LA440201 Lum Hires Hillbillies to Pose as Customers.mp3
    LA440202 Miss Barton Wants Lum to Cut Her Hair.mp3
    LA440203 Lum Accidentally Shaves off Grandpappy's Beard.mp3
    LA440207 Grandpap's After Lum.mp3
    LA440208 Lum Disguises Himself.mp3
    LA440209 Grandpap Has Something to Tell Lum.mp3
    LA440210 Recruiting Book for Waves.mp3
    LA440214 Lum Invents Quick-Grow Hair Tonic.mp3
    LA440215 Grandpap Mad at Lum.mp3
    LA440300 Pt.1 Lum's Bank.mp3
    LA440300 Pt.2 Lum's Bank.mp3
    LA440403 Cedric Is President of Lost Treasure Company.mp3
    LA440404 Cedric Hires Abner as a Stenographer.mp3
    LA440405 Leaving for Treasure Expedition Tomorrow.mp3
    LA440406 Trip to Tennessee Underway.mp3
    LA440410 Spending a Night in a Motel Room.mp3
    LA440411 Car Breaks Down.mp3
    LA440412 The Evils of Wealth.mp3
    LA440413 Digging for Treasure on Farmer's Property.mp3
    LA440417 Broke and Stranded in Little Rock Arkansas.mp3
    LA440418 Having to Pawn the Pinball Machine.mp3
    LA440419 Grandpap Doesn't Ask About Expedition.mp3
    LA440420 Lum Will Give Speech About Expedition.mp3
    LA440424 Mysterious Package Arrives from Tennessee.mp3
    LA440425 Trouble Opening Package.mp3
    LA440426 Abner and Cedric Ordering Merchandise.mp3
    LA440427 Squire Thinks Lum and Abner Are Rich.mp3
    LA440501 Lum Decides to Open a Museum with Artifacts.mp3
    LA440502 Labeling Items in Museum.mp3
    LA440503 Cedric Describes His Date with Clarabelle.mp3
    LA440504 Lum Wants to Hire a Woman.mp3
    LA440508 Lum Practices Museum Lecture.mp3
    LA440509 Stuffed Owl Disappears from Museum.mp3
    LA440510 Mystery of the Stuffed Owl.mp3
    LA440511 Is the Owl Alive or Not.mp3
    LA440515 Abner and Grandpap Visit Lum.mp3
    LA440516 Old Photos Makes Abner Believe He Was Once a King.mp3
    LA440517 Abner's Papa Phinus Peabody Coming for a Visit.mp3
    LA440518 Discussing Phinus's Eccentricities.mp3
    LA440522 Abner Can't Tell Lizabeth About Phinus.mp3
    LA440523 Lizabeth Find out About Phinus.mp3
    LA440524 Phinus Calls from Mena.mp3
    LA440525 Phinus Peabody Arrives in Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA440529 Phinus Takes Waves Prisoner.mp3
    LA440530 Grandma and Grandpa Masters 50th Wedding Anniversar.mp3
    LA440531 History of the Peabody Family.mp3
    LA440601 Cedric and Phinus Go to Ft Smith.mp3
    LA440605 Phinus Is Driving Lizabeth Crazy.mp3
    LA440606 Abner Tells Lum About Problems with Phinus.mp3
    LA440607 Grandpap Can't Stand Phinus Reading the Almanac.mp3
    LA440608 The Man Who Came to Dinner.mp3
    LA440612 Phinus Peabody Meets Sister Simpson.mp3
    LA440613 Trying to Find a Job for Phinus.mp3
    LA440614 Phinus Will Get Job at Defense Plant.mp3
    LA440615 Will Phinus Work on the Tire Rationing Board.mp3
    LA440619 Rich Stranger Arrives in Town.mp3
    LA440620 Phinus Is Acting as a Guide for Stranger.mp3
    LA440621 Abner and Grandpap Discuss Lum's Business Meeting.mp3
    LA440622 Lum Tells Abner About the Fountain of Youth (late .mp3
    LA440626 Lum Want's to Attend Meeting.mp3
    LA440627 Wanting to Build a Health Resort on Grandpap's Farm.mp3
    LA440628 Grandpap Does Not Want His Property Developed.mp3
    LA440629 Taking Cedric's Picture.mp3
    LA440703 Grandpap Agree's to Resort Idea.mp3
    LA440704 Lum Will Hire an Architect.mp3
    LA440705 People Getting Suspicious of BJ.mp3
    LA440706 Lum Will Have Water Analyzed.mp3
    LA440710 Abner Teaches Cedric How to Dance.mp3
    LA440711 Results of Spring Water Analysis.mp3
    LA440712 Bj Webster Gets Water Analysis.mp3
    LA440713 Job Opening at Defense Plant.mp3
    LA440717 Health Resort May Make Grandpap Rich.mp3
    LA440718 Bj Will Be Sole Owner of the Resort.mp3
    LA440719 Desperate to Invest in the Health Resort.mp3
    LA440720 Cedric Explains Efficiency Measures at Work.mp3
    LA440724 Grandpap Ready to Turn His Land Over.mp3
    LA440725 Can't Get in to See Prez Spears.mp3
    LA440726 Abner and Cedric Put up Screen Door.mp3
    LA440727 A Tribute to the Merchant Marines.mp3
    LA440731 Serving Eviction Papers on Grandpap.mp3
    LA440801 Grandpap Finds out About Eviction Papers.mp3
    LA440802 Lum Is Messing with Grandpap's Property Lines.mp3
    LA440803 Abner Does Not Like Lum's Idea About Briar Creek.mp3
    LA440807 Abner Walkes out on Lum.mp3
    LA440808 Abner Minds the Jail and Entertains Prisoners.mp3
    LA440809 Abner Divides Jot'em Down Store.mp3
    LA440810 Grandpap Accidentally Serves Eviction Notice on Him.mp3
    LA440814 Abner and Grandpap Not Talking to Lum.mp3
    LA440815 Lum Will Trap Bj with Old Traffic Ordinance.mp3
    LA440816 Bj Agrees to Let Abner Arrest Him.mp3
    LA440817 Discussion of Bj Upcoming Trial.mp3
    LA440821 Bj Surprises Everyone by Pleading Guilty.mp3
    LA440822 Using Fine to Buy Dillard Farm for Grandpap.mp3
    LA440823 Cedric Mails Christmas Package to Ernest Macmillan.mp3
    LA440824 Abner Helps Grandpap Move to New Farm.mp3
    LA440828 Plan to Divert Creek onto Grandpap's New Farm.mp3
    LA440829 Lum and Abner Don't Have to Change Creek.mp3

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