Lum & Abner, Vol. 3 (253)
<a href="">Lum & Abner, Vol. 3 (253)</a>
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    Episode Log
    LA420715 Cedric Reports Seeing a Ghost in Abner's House.mp3
    LA420716 The Return of Lizabeth and Pearl.mp3
    LA420720 Will Lum or Elizabeth Get to Keep the Baby.mp3
    LA420721 Baby Will Draw Name for Himself.mp3
    LA420723 Finding a Coat of Arms on Baby's Locket.mp3
    LA420727 Coat of Arms in Newspaper.mp3
    LA420728 Help from Editor of Mena Star.mp3
    LA420729 Cedric Sends Letter by Carrier Pigeon.mp3
    LA420730 Fundamentals of Babysitting.mp3
    LA420803 Letter Makes Lum and Abner Think the Baby Is a King.mp3
    LA420804 Lum Will Take the Baby's Place as King.mp3
    LA420805 The Stranger Will Call About the Baby Tomorrow Nigh.mp3
    LA420806 The Mysterious Phone Call Is Cut off by a Gunshot.mp3
    LA420810 Lum Tries out Various Foreign Languages on the Baby.mp3
    LA420811 Squire Traces the Baby's Genealogical Past.mp3
    LA420812 Squire Says the Baby Is the Heir to a Gold Mine.mp3
    LA420813 Who's Going to Run the Gold Mine.mp3
    LA420817 Cedric Is Elected President of the Gold Mine.mp3
    LA420818 Cedric Hires Mousey to Work at the Mine.mp3
    LA420819 The Baby's Legal Case Gets Expensive.mp3
    LA420820 Lum and Abner Owe Squire $1100.mp3
    LA420824 Enter Baby in Movie Contest.mp3
    LA420825 Grandpap Will Auction off the Stores Fixtures.mp3
    LA420826 The Baby's Father Shows up Abner Hits Him with a Ba.mp3
    LA420827 Lum Thinks Squire Is Not Telling the Truth About t.mp3
    LA420831 Squire Has Not Been Telling the Truth About the Go.mp3
    LA420901 Squire Talks His Way out of Trouble.mp3
    LA420902 Lum and Abner Both Miss the Baby.mp3
    LA420903 Trying to Figure out the Folding Cot.mp3
    LA420907 Mousey Gray Opens up a Travel Agency.mp3
    LA420908 Taking a Back to Nature Vacation.mp3
    LA420909 Mousey Shows Lum and Abner Some Travel Slides.mp3
    LA420910 A War Plant Worker Describes the Conditions in Naz.mp3
    LA420914 The Annual Election for School Board President.mp3
    LA420915 Pine Ridge Needs a New School Teacher.mp3
    LA420916 Mousey Gray Wants to Be the New School Teacher.mp3
    LA420917 The School Board Will Hire a Teacher Named Profess.mp3
    LA420921 Playing the Penny Weighing Machine.mp3
    LA420922 Is Professor Slone a Man or a Woman.mp3
    LA420923 Lum Has a Date with Professor Slone.mp3
    LA420924 Lum Explains That 'v' Stands for Victory Homes.mp3
    LA420928 Professor Slone Isn't Doing Things Lum's Way.mp3
    LA420929 Getting Professor Slone and the Widder Abernathy T.mp3
    LA420930 Writing a Love Letter for Professor Slone.mp3
    LA421001 No One Can Read the Letter Abner Wrote.mp3
    LA421005 Professor Slone Will Name the Observatory After Lum.mp3
    LA421006 Scouting a Location for the New Observatory.mp3
    LA421007 Wanting to Invest in the New Observatory.mp3
    LA421008 Cedric Wants to Join the Army.mp3
    LA421012 Cedric Will Pick up the Telescope.mp3
    LA421013 Lum Explains Why Necessity Is the Mother of Inventi.mp3
    LA421014 Trying to Cheer up Professor Slone.mp3
    LA421015 Lum Takes over Teaching Duties for Professor Slone.mp3
    LA421019 Wanting to Buy Some Property for the Observatory.mp3
    LA421020 Bidding for the New Observatory Property.mp3
    LA421021 Cleaning the Old House Abner and Cedirc Move a Hea.mp3
    LA421022 Getting Meteorologist Supplies for the Observatory.mp3
    LA421026 Abner Has an Idea of a Rocket Ship to Mars.mp3
    LA421027 Mousey Wants to Go on the Rocket Ship to Mars.mp3
    LA421028 How to Build a Rocket Ship.mp3
    LA421029 Squire Wants to Manage the Trip to Mars.mp3
    LA421102 Squire Appoints Himself Treasurer of the Mars Expe.mp3
    LA421103 Lum Abner and Cedric Plan the Landing on Mars.mp3
    LA421104 A Company Meeting at Squire's House.mp3
    LA421105 Mousey Gray Enforces Meat Rationing.mp3
    LA421109 Abner and Cedric Varnish the Rocket Ship.mp3
    LA421110 Squire Wants to Resign as Expedition Treasurer.mp3
    LA421111 Lum Talks Squire out of Resigning.mp3
    LA421112 The Rocket Unveiling Ceremony Without the Rocket.mp3
    LA421116 Trying to Get the Rocket Ship out of the Observator.mp3
    LA421117 The Mars Launch Is Tomorrow.mp3
    LA421118 Big Trouble at the Blast off of the Rocket Ship.mp3
    LA421119 The Reason Squire Got Arrested.mp3
    LA421123 'the Top Ten Chumps of 1942'.mp3
    LA421124 Writing a Magazine Article About the Mars Expeditio.mp3
    LA421125 Lums Needs Some Photos for the Magazine Article.mp3
    LA421126 Lum Deposits the Money from the Magazine Article.mp3
    LA421130 Mousey Gray Is Drafted.mp3
    LA421201 Helping Mousey Get Ready for His Physical.mp3
    LA421202 Planning a Surprise Going Away Party for Mousey.mp3
    LA421203 Mousey's Going Away Party.mp3
    LA421207 Lum Starts the Golden Era Discussion Club.mp3
    LA421208 The First Meeting of the Golden Era Discussion Club.mp3
    LA421209 Did Cedric Get Engaged.mp3
    LA421210 Cedric Is Worried About His Impending Marriage to '.mp3
    LA421214 There's a Little Mix-up with the Wedding Instructio.mp3
    LA421215 Golden Era Club Meets at Grandpappy's House.mp3
    LA421216 Cedric Is to Be Married Tomorrow.mp3
    LA421217 Cedric Is Kidnapped During the Wedding.mp3
    LA421221 Cedric Returns but He Is Still Engaged.mp3
    LA421222 The Golden Era Club Discusses Spinoza.mp3
    LA421223 Winifred Sues Cedric for Breach of Promise.mp3
    LA421228 Ms Winifred's Breach of Promise Trial Begins.mp3
    LA421229 Golden Era Club Discusses the Mona Lisa.mp3
    LA421230 Charlie Redfield Takes the Witness Stand.mp3
    LA421231 Mousey Comes Home on Furlough.mp3
    LA430104 Wimpy Foster Takes the Stand.mp3
    LA430105 The Golden Era Club Meets Again.mp3
    LA430106 Ms Winifred Redfield Testifies.mp3
    LA430107 The Trial Ends Winifred Elopes with Her Doctor.mp3
    LA430111 Cedric Wins Double Grand Prize on the Pinball Machi.mp3
    LA430112 Golden Era Club Meets at Cedric's House.mp3
    LA430113 Abner's Trading Fever out of Control.mp3
    LA430114 Abner Needs to Find a Job for Pearl.mp3
    LA430118 Ulysses S Quincy the Alibi King.mp3
    LA430119 Golden Era Club Thinks Lum Is Crazy.mp3
    LA430120 Glorious History of the Jot'em Down Store.mp3
    LA430121 The Citizens of Pine Ridge Are Leaving for the Big .mp3
    LA430125 How to Save the Town from Becoming Deserted.mp3
    LA430126 The Golden Era Club Meets at Ulysses House.mp3
    LA430127 Grandpap Has a New Chemistry Set.mp3
    LA430128 Learning How to Make Invisible Ink.mp3
    LA430201 Invisible Ink Turns into Synthetic Rubber.mp3
    LA430202 The Golden Era Club Discusses the Rubber Invention.mp3
    LA430203 The Synthetic Rubber Company Is Formed.mp3
    LA430204 Lum Abner and Cedric Practice Red Tape.mp3
    LA430208 Grandpap Must Keep the Formula a Secret.mp3
    LA430209 Grandpap Has Amnesia.mp3
    LA430210 Grandpap Decides He Is Buster V Davenport of Toled.mp3
    LA430211 Buster Tries to Sell Lizabeth a Vacuum Cleaner.mp3
    LA430215 Grandpap's Amnesia Is Causing All Kind of Trouble.mp3
    LA430216 Golden Era Club Tries to Cure Grandpap.mp3
    LA430217 Trying to Recall Synthetic Rubber Formula.mp3
    LA430218 Abner and Buster Play Checkers.mp3
    LA430222 Pine Ridge Is Saved from Ruin.mp3
    LA430223 Golden Era Club Honors Grandpap for Saving the Town.mp3
    LA430224 Throwing Grandpap a Coming out Party.mp3
    LA430225 Lum Studies an Etiquette Book to Get Some Ideas fo.mp3
    LA430301 Lum Wants to Be the Pine Ridge Social Leader.mp3
    LA430302 Grandpap Will Be a Debutante.mp3
    LA430303 Abner and Elizabeth Are Going to Adopt Grandpap.mp3
    LA430304 Lum Wants to Adopt Grandpap.mp3
    LA430308 How to Dress for the Big Party.mp3
    LA430309 The Golden Era Club Discusses Etiquette.mp3
    LA430310 Cedric Gets a Promotion at Work.mp3
    LA430311 The Big Coming out Party Will Be on Monday Night.mp3
    LA430315 Grandpap Doesn’t Show for His Party.mp3
    LA430316 Grandpap Leaves for Toledo Ohio.mp3
    LA430317 Pine Ridge Needs a Dentist.mp3
    LA430318 Dr Samuel Snide Is Coming to Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA430322 Dr Snide Arrives in Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA430323 Dr Snide Is Introduced to the Golden Era Club.mp3
    LA430324 Dr Snide Sets up Office in the Feed Room.mp3
    LA430325 Mousey Gray Comes Home for a Visit.mp3
    LA430329 Lum and Abner Install a Intercom System.mp3
    LA430330 Dr Snide Lectures at the Golden Era Club.mp3
    LA430331 How to Improve Dr Snide's Business.mp3
    LA430401 Dr Snide Isn't Doing Much Dental Work.mp3
    LA430405 Lum Must Arrest Dr Snide.mp3
    LA430406 Dr Snide Skips out of Town.mp3
    LA430407 Grandpap Returns to Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA430408 Grandpap Joins the County Agricultural Bureau.mp3
    LA430412 Barbara Stanwyck Visits Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA430413 Golden Era Discusses the Life of Milford Avery Spea.mp3
    LA430414 Lum Wants Grandpap to Fall in Love with Aunt Charit.mp3
    LA430415 Arranging a Date for Grandpap and Aunt Charity.mp3
    LA430419 Cedric's Car Pool Troubles.mp3
    LA430420 Grandpap and Charity Finally Get Together.mp3
    LA430421 Grandpa Thinks Aunt Charity Is Too Good for Him.mp3
    LA430422 The Dangers of Black Market Meat.mp3
    LA430426 Grandpap Proposes to Aunt Charity.mp3
    LA430427 Cedric Accidentally Restores Grandpap's Memory.mp3
    LA430428 Synthetic Rubber Formula Was Written on the Wall.mp3
    LA430429 Lum Explains His Plans for Synthetic Rubber Factory.mp3
    LA430503 Report Shows That Synthetic Rubber Is Worthless.mp3
    LA430504 Chairmen of the Pine Ridge War Bond Staff.mp3
    LA430505 Business Meeting at Luke Spears' Lunchroom.mp3
    LA430506 Lum Writes a Play About Inflation (1943 Production).mp3
    LA430510 Squire Suggests a New War Bond Promotion.mp3
    LA430511 Putting up a Tent for Neosho the Mystic.mp3
    LA430512 Neosho the Mystic Doesn't Show Up.mp3
    LA430513 Abner Substitutes for Neosho the Mystic.mp3
    LA430517 Fortune Teller Abner Gets Lum in Trouble.mp3
    LA430518 Lum Tries to Get out Dinner with Sister Simpson.mp3
    LA430519 The Whole Town Knows of Lum's Problem.mp3
    LA430520 Election for Lum's Wife Sells Alot of Bonds.mp3
    LA430524 Lum Thinks Election Is a Good Idea After All.mp3
    LA430525 The Simpson and Abnernathy Relatives Arrive.mp3
    LA430526 Realitives Camp out Next to the Store.mp3
    LA430527 Squire Suggests Fictional Third Party to Enter Cont.mp3
    LA430531 Creating the Mystery Woman Mabel Melrose.mp3
    LA430601 Lum Uses Psychology on Women.mp3
    LA430602 The Contest Is over and the Winner Is.mp3
    LA430603 Mabel Wants to Claim Her Prize.mp3
    LA430607 Squire Says Mabel Will Leave Town for $1000.mp3
    LA430608 Lum Falls in Love with Mabel Melrose.mp3
    LA430609 Mable Is a Surrealist Painter.mp3
    LA430610 Cleaning Abner's Attic for Mabel.mp3
    LA430614 Abner Having Trouble with Mabel.mp3
    LA430615 Lum Wants to Sponsor an Art Exhibit.mp3
    LA430616 Lum Has Trouble Painting Surrealist Paintings.mp3
    LA430617 Lum Paints a War Bond Poster.mp3
    LA430621 Abner Tries to Get Lum to Propose to Mabel.mp3
    LA430622 Preparations for Big Surrealist Art Exhibit.mp3
    LA430623 Lum Explains How Exhibit Will Be Conducted.mp3
    LA430624 Grandpap Presides over Art Exhibit.mp3
    LA430628 Lum Gets Disgusted with Art.mp3
    LA430629 Lum and Mabel Go Bird Watching.mp3
    LA430630 Lum Studies Correct Grammar.mp3
    LA430701 Lum Tries to Propose to Mabel.mp3
    LA430705 Mousey Returns from the War.mp3
    LA430706 Mousey's War Adventures.mp3
    LA430707 Mousey's Secret War Diary.mp3
    LA430708 How Mousey Was Wounded.mp3
    LA430712 Mousey Confesses Truth About His Wound.mp3
    LA430713 Mabel Melrose Leaves Town.mp3
    LA430714 Getting Back to Business.mp3
    LA430715 Treasure Department Honors.mp3
    LA430719 Will Old Blue Be Drafted.mp3
    LA430720 Mousey and Old Blue at Golden Era Club.mp3
    LA430721 Old Blue Wont Be Drafted.mp3
    LA430722 Ellie Connors Escapes from Reform School.mp3
    LA430726 Don't Tell Anybody about Ellie.mp3
    LA430727 Trying to Disguise Ellie.mp3
    LA430728 Ellie Will Go to Wisconsin.mp3
    LA430729 Ellie Poses as Lum's Niece.mp3
    LA430802 Convinced Ellie Is Mary.mp3
    LA430803 Keeping Mary Entertained.mp3
    LA430804 Who's Mary's Guardian.mp3
    LA430805 Gaining Custody of Mary.mp3
    LA430809 A Scientific Discussion.mp3
    LA430810 Curing Cedric's Insomnia.mp3
    LA430811 Squire Gets Suspicious of Mary.mp3
    LA430812 Mary's Romantic Problems.mp3
    LA430816 Mary Will Be on Probation.mp3
    LA430817 Uncle Henry Trails Mary Around Town.mp3
    LA430818 Trying to Get on Uncle Henrys Good Side.mp3
    LA430819 Lum and Abner Mind the Jail.mp3
    LA430823 Uncle Henry Is in a Wheelchair.mp3
    LA430824 Trouble for Stealing Kettle.mp3
    LA430825 Everyone Gets the Measles.mp3
    LA430826 Cedric Infects Everyone.mp3
    LA430830 Nurse Lunsford and the Sick.mp3
    LA430831 Story of Snorter the Pig.mp3
    LA430901 Getting Rid of Uncle Henry.mp3
    LA430902 Report on the Reformatory.mp3
    LA430906 Uncle Henry's Conscience.mp3
    LA430907 Lum Changes Uncle Henrys Mind.mp3
    LA430908 Mary Belongs to Lum and Abner.mp3
    LA430909 Abner and Grandpap Discuss Modern Conveniences.mp3
    LA430913 Lum Wants to Be President of the School Board.mp3
    LA430914 Caleb Weehunt Has the Deciding Vote.mp3
    LA430915 Caleb Elected President of School Board.mp3
    LA430916 Lum Mopes over Losing Election.mp3
    LA430920 Cedric Will Return to School as a High School Stude.mp3
    LA430921 Caleb Doing All Sorts of Favors for Cedric.mp3
    LA430922 Cedric Writes Paper for English Class.mp3
    LA430923 Lum Discusses Being a Self Made Man.mp3
    LA430927 Caleb Institutes Trade School Classes.mp3
    LA430928 Lum Will Teach Class in Country Storekeeping.mp3
    LA430929 Lum Leaves Town in Despondency.mp3
    LA430930 Grandpap and Abner Will Find Lum in Classifieds.mp3
    LA431004 Abner Rents Lum's House to Widder Jessup.mp3

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