Lum & Abner, Vol. 2 (235)
<a href="">Lum & Abner, Vol. 2 (235)</a>
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    Episode Log
    LA380721 Famous Trans-Atlantic Broadcast.mp3
    LA381223 Tradition Christmas Show 1938 Production.mp3
    LA390222 Lum Is Mistakenly Engaged Top Bertha Skinner.mp3
    LA390310 Jack Benny Visits Lum and Abner.mp3
    LA400101 Lum Makes a New Year's Resolution.mp3
    LA400103 Arrested for Operating a Post Office.mp3
    LA400105 Lum Escapes from Prison and Returns Home.mp3
    LA400108 Lum Hides out Under the Store.mp3
    LA400110 Abner and Grandpap Scare Lum Away.mp3
    LA400112 Lum Is Found in Mexico Missouri.mp3
    LA400115 Lum Answers Ad in the Newspaper.mp3
    LA400117 Lum Begins to Have Second Thoughts.mp3
    LA400119 Telegram Arrives from Wealthy Widder.mp3
    LA400122 Lum Will Have to Be a Family Man.mp3
    LA400124 Widder and Her Kids Are Quarantined.mp3
    LA400126 Widder and Family Move in Lum's House.mp3
    LA400129 Lum Decides Widder and Kids Are Not So Bad.mp3
    LA400131 Squire Use Threats to Run Widder out of Town.mp3
    LA400202 Lum Mourns the Loss of the Widder.mp3
    LA400205 A New Girl Comes to Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA400207 Abner Decides to Stand up to Lizabeth.mp3
    LA400209 Formation of Men's Protective Association.mp3
    LA400212 Trouble with the Men's Association.mp3
    LA400214 Lum Receives a Comic Valentine.mp3
    LA400216 Women Lock Men out of Homes.mp3
    LA400219 Abner and Grandpap Are Discouraged.mp3
    LA400221 Women Want to Take Control of the Town.mp3
    LA400223 Election Will Be Held (Lou Crosby Makes a Mistake).mp3
    LA400226 Lum Has an Idea to Stir up Trouble.mp3
    LA400228 Women Gang up on Lum and Beat Him Up.mp3
    LA400301 Big Election Held the Women Win.mp3
    LA400304 Bank Robbers Are Headed for Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA400306 Lizabeth Catches the Bank Robbers.mp3
    LA400308 Lizabeth's Fame Grows Mr Volton Arrives.mp3
    LA400311 Mr Volton Decides to Make a Movie in Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA400313 Movie Will Be Shot in Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA400315 Squire Rents the Store from Abner.mp3
    LA400318 Lum Learns of Abner's Deal with Squire.mp3
    LA400320 Movie Scripts Arrive.mp3
    LA400322 Lum Makes a New Deal with Squire.mp3
    LA400325 Why Chicken's Come Home to Roost.mp3
    LA400327 Lum and Abner Sell Out-Dated Merchandise.mp3
    LA400329 Jot'em Down Store Closes (last Show of '40).mp3
    LA401225 Lum and Abner's Christmas Story.mp3
    LA410228 Abner Runs for School Board President (audition) (1.mp3
    LA410228 Lum and Abner return to the air after a vacation.mp3
    LA410526 First Show Since Closing in March 1940.mp3
    LA410527 Lum and Abner Borrow $2300 from Cedric.mp3
    LA410528 Abner Obtains Clothes Dummy Mr Dilbeck.mp3
    LA410529 Abner Dresses Mr Dilbeck.mp3
    LA410530 Discuss Lum's Speech at Schoolhouse.mp3
    LA410602 Grandpap Wants to Buy the Mule.mp3
    LA410603 Lum Appoints Cedric as Marketing Manager.mp3
    LA410605 First Marketing Scheme Backfires.mp3
    LA410609 Abner Dresses Clothes Dummy Like a Woman.mp3
    LA410610 Lum Thinks Rabbits Are Worth Alot of Money.mp3
    LA410612 Abner Has Showdown with Lizabeth.mp3
    LA410613 Abner Thinks He Is a Tough Guy.mp3
    LA410616 Lum Brags to Squire About Value of Rabbits.mp3
    LA410617 Taxes on Rabbits.mp3
    LA410619 Buying Old Prof Hinkeldorf Property.mp3
    LA410620 Cedric Buy Property for Lum and Abner.mp3
    LA410623 Discovery of Prof's Old Chemicals.mp3
    LA410624 Inventing a Way to Make Things Fall Sideways.mp3
    LA410625 Formula for Synthetic Gasoline.mp3
    LA410819 Special Routine for Alka-Seltzer.mp3
    LA410825 Operating the Pine Ridge Bank.mp3
    LA410826 Lum Buy's Abner a Bank Guard Uniform.mp3
    LA410828 Stranger Leaves a Mysterious Box at the Bank.mp3
    LA410829 Speculating on the Contents of the Box.mp3
    LA410901 The Mysterious Box Contains Diamonds.mp3
    LA410902 Lum Thinks the Diamonds Belong to Mrs Barrington.mp3
    LA410904 Lum Waits for a Reply from Mrs Barrington.mp3
    LA410905 Lum Plans to Marry the Rich Widow.mp3
    LA410908 Lum and Abner Practice Jujitsu Holds.mp3
    LA410909 Lum Tells Abner About the Letter He Received.mp3
    LA410911 Mr Devroe Discovers Jewels Are Missing.mp3
    LA410912 Mr Devroe Was Not a Jewel Thief.mp3
    LA410915 The Union Bank in Mena Wants to Talk to Lum.mp3
    LA410916 The Pine Ridge Bank Does Not Have a Charter.mp3
    LA410918 Discussion of Taking Mohammed to the Mountain.mp3
    LA410919 Lum Wants to Open up a Nursery in the Store.mp3
    LA410922 Lum and Abner Confessed About Diamonds.mp3
    LA410923 Lum and Abner Must Close the Bank.mp3
    LA410925 Cleaning Away Bank Remnants.mp3
    LA410926 A Nursery in the Jot Em Down Store.mp3
    LA410929 Lum Orders a Book on Modern Salesmanship.mp3
    LA410930 Lum's Modern Salesmanship Book Arrives.mp3
    LA411002 Experimenting with Various Sales Methods.mp3
    LA411003 Lum Decides to Get Rid of the Salesmanship Book.mp3
    LA411006 Lum Finds an Offer for a Correspondence Course.mp3
    LA411007 The Store's New Adding Machine Arrives.mp3
    LA411009 Lum Is Interested in the New School Teacher.mp3
    LA411010 Abner Tells Sister Simpson That Lum Broke His Leg.mp3
    LA411013 Squire Wants Lum to Collect on His Insurance.mp3
    LA411014 Lum Has Trouble Keeping up His Deception.mp3
    LA411016 Miss Fredricks Starts Dating Frank Foster.mp3
    LA411017 Abner Accidentally Bandages the Wrong Leg.mp3
    LA411020 Lum Gets an Answer from His Correspondence Course.mp3
    LA411021 Squire Discovers Lum's Fake Broken Leg.mp3
    LA411023 Squire Has a Plan to Help Lum Out.mp3
    LA411024 A Hindu Miracle Man Will Heal Lum.mp3
    LA411027 Hindu Prince Ali Kush Arrives.mp3
    LA411028 Plans Are Made for Big Show at Schoolhouse.mp3
    LA411030 The Prince Pretends to Heal Lum's Leg.mp3
    LA411031 Squrie Wants Lum to Help Swindle the Town.mp3
    LA411103 The Prince Beats up Squire for Cheating Him.mp3
    LA411104 The Prince Leaves Town.mp3
    LA411106 Lum Makes a Date with Ms Fredricks.mp3
    LA411107 Abner Wrecks Lum's Date.mp3
    LA411110 Lum Decides to Open a Library in the Store.mp3
    LA411111 Cedric Delivers the Books for the Library.mp3
    LA411113 Lum Tells Abner About the New York Library.mp3
    LA411114 Abner Buys a Lion from Squire Skimp.mp3
    LA411117 Ervin the Lion Is Loose in the Feed Room.mp3
    LA411118 Miss Fredericks Is Impressed by Cedric's Lion Tami.mp3
    LA411120 Cedric Teaches Lum About Lion Taming.mp3
    LA411121 Ervin Escapes and Terrorizes the Town.mp3
    LA411124 Setting a Trap for Ervin the Lion.mp3
    LA411125 Lum Dresses up Like Sir Alixis the Big Game Hunter.mp3
    LA411127 On Safari Cedric Captures a Mountain Lion.mp3
    LA411128 Ervin Is Located and Adopted.mp3
    LA411201 Abner Read Cedric the Story of Pinky Winky.mp3
    LA411202 Lum Finds a Cook Book and Decides to Open a Bakery.mp3
    LA411204 Cedric Delivers the Stove for the Bakery.mp3
    LA411205 Abner Puts up the Stove Pipe.mp3
    LA411208 Lum Invents Prune Bread.mp3
    LA411209 Lum Goes to Mena to Market His Bread.mp3
    LA411211 Abner Buys a Red and Yellow Delivery Truck.mp3
    LA411212 Loaf of Bread for Miss Fredricks Gets Lost.mp3
    LA411215 Lum's Locket Is Found by Snake Hogans Sister Gussie.mp3
    LA411216 Snake May Force Lum to Marry Gussie.mp3
    LA411218 Mousey Gray Is Mad at Lum (Debut of the Character .mp3
    LA411219 Snake Forces Lum to Have Dinner with Gussie.mp3
    LA411222 Mousey Knocks Lum Out.mp3
    LA411223 Mousey Beats up Snake Hogan.mp3
    LA411225 Traditional Christmas Story (1941 Production).mp3
    LA411226 Lum Decides Mousey Should Be a Prizefighter.mp3
    LA411229 Mousey Refuses to Fight.mp3
    LA411230 Squire Becomes Mousey's Manager.mp3
    LA420101 Lum Buys Mousey's Contract from Squire.mp3
    LA420102 Mousey's Fight with Iron Ike.mp3
    LA420105 Lum Will Market Lucky Loaf Bread.mp3
    LA420106 Lum Turns over the Store and Bakery to Abner.mp3
    LA420108 Lum Wants the Store and Bakery Back.mp3
    LA420109 Mousey Loses His Fight with Iron Ike.mp3
    LA420112 Abner Thinks Lum Is Destitute.mp3
    LA420113 Lum Starts Selling the Farm and Needlework Weekly.mp3
    LA420115 Abner Hires Mousey to Work in the Store.mp3
    LA420116 Lum Fakes a Narvis Breakdown.mp3
    LA420119 Lum Unknowingly Gains Control of the Ownership Pape.mp3
    LA420120 Squire Persuades Lum to Break into the Store.mp3
    LA420122 Lum Is Jailed for Breaking into the Store.mp3
    LA420123 Lum Realizes That He Must Try Himself in Court.mp3
    LA420126 Lum Sets His Own Bail at Five Cents.mp3
    LA420127 Cedric Brings the Missing Paper to the Trial.mp3
    LA420129 County Seat Judge Drops the Case Against Lum.mp3
    LA420130 Cedric and Mousey Practice Being Ventriloquists.mp3
    LA420202 Lum and Abner Fill out Their Taxes.mp3
    LA420203 Cedric's New Button.mp3
    LA420205 Diogenes Smith Offers Reward for Honesty.mp3
    LA420206 Squire Finally Pays Overdue Bill at the Store.mp3
    LA420209 Who Are Diogenes' Deputies.mp3
    LA420210 Cedric Maybe One of the Deputies.mp3
    LA420212 Abner Is Appointed to Help Write Pamphlet Phrases.mp3
    LA420213 Lum Is Choosen to Deliver the Pamphlets.mp3
    LA420216 Abner Is Caught Using Lum's Pamphlet Phrases.mp3
    LA420217 Setting the Clock to War Savings Time.mp3
    LA420219 Lum Is Promoted to Circulation Manager.mp3
    LA420220 Diogenes Sends Lum to Ft Smith to Deliver Pamphlets.mp3
    LA420223 Installing Victory Boxes.mp3
    LA420224 Lum Becomes the New Air Raid Warden.mp3
    LA420226 Lum Appoints Mousey as an Airplane Watcher.mp3
    LA420227 Mousey Gray Makes a Report.mp3
    LA420302 Someone Stole Cedric's License Plate.mp3
    LA420303 Cedric's Missing License Plate Is Returned.mp3
    LA420305 Diogenes Leaves Town in a Hurry.mp3
    LA420306 Who Did Diogenes Leave in Charge.mp3
    LA420309 Lum Starts Wearing Diogenes' Clothes.mp3
    LA420310 Cedric Becomes Rich but No One Knows How.mp3
    LA420312 Is Diogenes' Lantern Magical.mp3
    LA420313 Cedric Gets a Half Interest in the Store.mp3
    LA420316 Mr Adams Comes to Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA420317 Cedric Shows Abner How the Printing Press Works.mp3
    LA420319 Abner and Cedric Decide to Quit Work.mp3
    LA420320 Lum Discovers the Magic Behind the Printing Press.mp3
    LA420323 Lum and Abner Worry About Going to Jail.mp3
    LA420324 Cedric Escapes from Jail.mp3
    LA420326 Abner Is Arrested for Harboring a Criminal.mp3
    LA420327 Detective Mousey Gray Is on the Case.mp3
    LA420330 Lum Returns and Brings Back Diogenes (r).mp3
    LA420331 Diogenes Leaves $10000 to Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA420402 Discussing Ways to Spend the Money.mp3
    LA420403 Premier of the Bashful Bachelor Will Be in Pine Rid.mp3
    LA420406 The Committees for the Premiere Are Approved.mp3
    LA420407 Lum Practices His Premiere Speech.mp3
    LA420409 Discussing the Need for a Projectionist.mp3
    LA420410 The Bashful Bachelor (movie).mp3
    LA420413 Ulysses S Quincy Wins Contest for Best Suggestion.mp3
    LA420414 Ulysses Wants the Town to Build a Toll Bridge.mp3
    LA420416 Idea's on How to Spend the $10000 Diogenes Left.mp3
    LA420417 Mousey Gray's Wonderful World Apartment's Plan.mp3
    LA420420 Grandpap Is Ready to Move into an Apartment.mp3
    LA420421 Mousey Wants His Mother to Move into Apartments.mp3
    LA420423 Cedric Can't Get an Apartment.mp3
    LA420424 Cedric Living in a Tent on Store's Property.mp3
    LA420427 Squire Knows the Perfect Building Contractor.mp3
    LA420428 Gregory W W Dobbs Will Build Apartments.mp3
    LA420430 Mousey Gets Cedric to Move the Tent.mp3
    LA420501 Gregory W W Dobbs Comes to Town.mp3
    LA420504 Jw Tiffin Destroys Idea of Apartments.mp3
    LA420505 Lum Tricks Squire out of Check to Mr Dobbs.mp3
    LA420507 Lum and Abner Discuss Car Pooling.mp3
    LA420508 Mousey Wants to Build an Old Folks Home.mp3
    LA420511 Investing 10000 in War Bonds.mp3
    LA420512 Lum Decides to Start a Print Shop.mp3
    LA420514 Printing Jot'em Down Store Bills.mp3
    LA420515 Lum Puts a Bell on the Door.mp3
    LA420616 Cedric's Love Life Is Looking Desperate.mp3
    LA420618 Cedric Wants to Join the Marines.mp3
    LA420619 Abner Demonstrates How to Boss Your Wife.mp3
    LA420622 Lum Will Make Peace Between Abner and Lizabeth.mp3
    LA420623 Lum Starts a Rumor to Help Abner.mp3
    LA420625 The Rumor Backfires Oddly Enough.mp3
    LA420626 Lizabeth and Pearl Leave Town.mp3
    LA420629 Lum Is to Blame for All of Abner's Troubles.mp3
    LA420630 The Masked Muskrat Reports.mp3
    LA420702 Abner Wants to Search the Mountains for Lizabeth.mp3
    LA420703 Strange Lady Leaves Baby at Jot'em Down Store.mp3
    LA420706 Mousey Takes Care of Baby.mp3
    LA420707 Threats Make Lum and Abner Keep Baby.mp3
    LA420708 Lum Dresses Like a Woman to Keep Baby Happy.mp3
    LA420709 Argument over Name for Baby.mp3
    LA420713 The Black Pelican Confesses.mp3
    LA420714 The Masked Muskrat Makes a Report.mp3

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