Lum & Abner, Vol. 1 (208)
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    Episode Log
    LA330102 Hunting the Lion (date Unknown).mp3
    LA350109 Pine Ridge Oil Boom Over.mp3
    LA350118 Operating the Pine Ridge Matrimonial Bureau.mp3
    LA350121 Matrimonial Bureau Swamped with Mail.mp3
    LA350122 Reading Matrimonial Bureau Mail .mp3
    LA350123 Matrimonial Bureau Will Move into the Store.mp3
    LA350124 Abner Receives Telegram from Hortense.mp3
    LA350125 Abner Goes to the Railroad Depot to Meet Hortense.mp3
    LA350130 Lizabeth Thinks Abner Is Having an Affair with Hort.mp3
    LA350131 Abner Is in Bed with Two Broken Arms.mp3
    LA350201 Financing the Re-Opening of the Jot'em Down Store.mp3
    LA350204 William Horlick Agrees to Distribute the Flashlight.mp3
    LA350205 More Mail for Matrimonial Bureau.mp3
    LA350206 Election for President of the Jot'em Down Store.mp3
    LA350207 Lum Tell Listeners That Abner's Arms Aren't Broke.mp3
    LA350208 Insurance Company Pays Abner $200.mp3
    LA350211 Lum Is Nervous.mp3
    LA350212 Lum Is Arrested and Thrown in Jail.mp3
    LA350213 Dick Huddleston Gets Lum out of Jail.mp3
    LA350214 Lum Has Lead in Election for Store Pres Huh.mp3
    LA350215 Abner Hires Cedric to Carry a Campaign Poster.mp3
    LA350218 Restocking of the Jot'em Down Store Begins.mp3
    LA350219 Abner Asks Squire to Cash His Insurance Check.mp3
    LA350220 Mena Newspaper Reports on Abner's Donation.mp3
    LA350221 Squire Donates Abner's Insurance Money.mp3
    LA350222 Abner Asks Listeners to Vote for Lum.mp3
    LA350225 Lum Wins Election by 17 Votes.mp3
    LA350226 Jot'em Down Store Re-Opens to the Public.mp3
    LA350227 Lum and Cedric Don't Like Abner as Boss.mp3
    LA350228 Abner Buys Ten Cases of Soap.mp3
    LA350301 Squire Pays Abner 10000 for Rights to Soap.mp3
    LA350304 Abner Wants to Start Trading Merchandise.mp3
    LA350305 Lum and Abner Divide up the Store.mp3
    LA350306 Abner Operating Store on Swap Basis.mp3
    LA350307 Abner Swaps with Snake Hogan.mp3
    LA350308 Broken Down Circus Comes to Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA350311 Almost All of Abner's Merchandise Is Gone.mp3
    LA350312 Abner Forecloses on Circus.mp3
    LA350313 Back in Partnership.mp3
    LA350314 Using Feed to Pay Admission to Circus.mp3
    LA350315 Lum and Abner Hire Squire Skimp.mp3
    LA350318 Squire Assembles Freak Sideshow.mp3
    LA350319 Circus Will Open Saturday.mp3
    LA350320 Lum Give Up Trapeze Act.mp3
    LA350321 Lum Thinks All Circus Jobs Are Dangerous.mp3
    LA350322 Grand Opening of Circus Tomorrow.mp3
    LA350325 Lum and Abner Lose Money on Circus.mp3
    LA350326 Abner Buys a Cheap Pair of Glasses.mp3
    LA350327 Walt Bates Will Move Circus to Mena.mp3
    LA350328 Circus Is Big Business in Mena.mp3
    LA350329 Storm Blows Circus Tent Down.mp3
    LA350401 Circus Moves to Belleville.mp3
    LA350402 Lum Borrows $20000 from the Union Bank.mp3
    LA350403 Dick Smashes Lum and Abner's Glasses.mp3
    LA350404 Lum Falls in Love with Zenora.mp3
    LA350405 Lum and Abner to Travel with Circus.mp3
    LA350408 Circus Appearing in Mt Ida.mp3
    LA350409 Squire Is the Main Suspect.mp3
    LA350410 Lum Will Hide Money.mp3
    LA350411 Money Disappears Again.mp3
    LA350422 Lum and Abner Sell Their Circus.mp3
    LA350423 Lum and Abner Reconcile.mp3
    LA350426 Evalena and Frank Foster to Be Married.mp3
    LA350429 Lum Needs an Engagement Ring for Evalena.mp3
    LA350506 Squire Buys Evalena's Engagement Ring for Lum.mp3
    LA350507 Lum Receives a Chain Letter from Denver.mp3
    LA350508 Lum Will Start His Own Chain Letter.mp3
    LA350509 Finding a Place to Keep Hogs.mp3
    LA350510 Dick Tells Lum and Abner Chain Letters Are Illegal.mp3
    LA350513 Lum Wants to Start an Un-Chain Letter.mp3
    LA350514 Dick Says Hog Chain Letter Should Be Ok.mp3
    LA350515 Squire Will Take Hogs to Chicago.mp3
    LA350516 Lum Wants a Statue Made in His Honor.mp3
    LA350517 Discussion of the Statue.mp3
    LA350520 Catalog from Monument Company.mp3
    LA350521 Lum Orders Statue of Himself.mp3
    LA350522 Squire Returns from Chicago with the a Check.mp3
    LA350523 Discussing the Story of King Midas.mp3
    LA350524 Things Go Wrong at the Unveiling Ceremony.mp3
    LA350527 Lum Has Disappeared Abner and Grandpap Fear the Wor.mp3
    LA350528 Lum Returns.mp3
    LA350529 How to Operate a Picture Show.mp3
    LA350530 Cotton Warehouse for Theatre.mp3
    LA350531 Lum and Abner Hire Grandpap.mp3
    LA350603 Trying to Name the New Theater.mp3
    LA350604 The New Picture Show Starts Costing a lot of Money.mp3
    LA350605 Squire Wants to Be a Third Partner in the New Theat.mp3
    LA350606 Worring About Squire Starting a Rival Theater.mp3
    LA350607 Squires Plans Rival Theatre.mp3
    LA350610 Lum and Abner Lose to Squire.mp3
    LA350611 Dick to Help Lum and Abner.mp3
    LA350612 Advertising Free Matinee for Children.mp3
    LA350613 Squire Spreads Rumors About Matinee.mp3
    LA350614 Ladies Uplift League Will Boycott the Show.mp3
    LA350617 Squire Is Breaking the Law.mp3
    LA350618 Lum Won't Arrest Squire.mp3
    LA350619 Grandpap and Dick Demand Squire's Arrest.mp3
    LA350620 Squire Is Upset over Warrent.mp3
    LA350621 Squire Is Tried in Lum's Court.mp3
    LA350624 Theater Is Attracting Big Crowds.mp3
    LA350625 Writing a Letter of Apology to Squire.mp3
    LA350626 Squire Goes to See a Lawyer.mp3
    LA350627 Lum and Abner Receive Notice of Lawsuit.mp3
    LA350628 Letter Will Become Incriminating Evidence.mp3
    LA350701 Abner and Grandpap Break into Squire's House.mp3
    LA350702 Abner Is Arrested for Breaking into Squire's House.mp3
    LA350703 Lum Explains the Whole Case to a Lawyer.mp3
    LA350704 Lum Abner and Squire Are Off to Court.mp3
    LA350705 Lum Arrives with Some Important Evidence.mp3
    LA350708 Lum Decides to Become a Lawyer.mp3
    LA350709 Lawyer Lum Decides It's Time to Retire.mp3
    LA350710 Argument over How to Run the Picture Show.mp3
    LA350711 Abner Hires Cedric to Be a Clerk in the Store.mp3
    LA350712 Abner Believes Lum Ripped Him Off.mp3
    LA350715 Lum's Theater Burns Down.mp3
    LA350716 Lum Forgot to Buy Fire Insurance.mp3
    LA350717 Boss Abner Makes Clerk Eddards' Life Miserable.mp3
    LA350718 Lum Goes into Business with Squire.mp3
    LA350719 Lum Has a New Business Venture with Squire.mp3
    LA350722 Selling Shares in Arizona Silver Mine.mp3
    LA350723 Everyone Interested in High Society.mp3
    LA350724 Discussing the Rules of Proper Etiquette.mp3
    LA350725 High Society the First Families of Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA350726 They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree.mp3
    LA350729 Abner Hates Being in High Society.mp3
    LA350730 Plot to Buy the Jot 'em Down Store.mp3
    LA350731 Abner Sells the Jot 'em Down Store to Snake Hogan.mp3
    LA350801 Abner Has Not Been Seen at All.mp3
    LA350802 The Real Reason Why Abner Disappeared.mp3
    LA350805 Abner Becomes the Biggest Society Man of All.mp3
    LA350806 Dick Huddleston Is Skeptical About the Silver Mine.mp3
    LA350807 Who Are Dixie Belle and Mary Jane.mp3
    LA350808 Lum and Abner Are Tired of High Society.mp3
    LA350809 Snake Hogan Won't Sell the Jot'em Down Store.mp3
    LA350812 Preparing to Build the Rolling Grocery Store.mp3
    LA350813 Having a Contest to Name the New Grocery Store.mp3
    LA350814 Squire Wants a Third Interest in the Store.mp3
    LA350815 Inspecting the New Rolling Grocery Store.mp3
    LA350816 Abner Gets the Rolling Store out of the Blacksmith .mp3
    LA350819 Cedric Loads Merchandise into the Store.mp3
    LA350820 Squire Goes to Arizona to Sell the Silver Mine.mp3
    LA350821 The Store's First Day on the Road.mp3
    LA350822 Dick Is Losing Customers to the Rolling Store .mp3
    LA350823 The Naming of the Store Contest Ends.mp3
    LA350826 Stockholder's in the Silver Mine Are Upset with Squ.mp3
    LA350827 Lum Becomes the Proud Owner of the Silver Mine.mp3
    LA350828 Lum Decides to Buy a Trailer for an Office.mp3
    LA350829 Deciding to Sell the Silver Mine.mp3
    LA350830 Stockholder's Vote to Run Squire Out of Town.mp3
    LA350902 Lum Is Hiding in Abner's Barn Loft.mp3
    LA350903 Stockholder's Are Demanding Their Money Back.mp3
    LA350904 Faking Abner's Kidnapping So Lum Can Be a Hero.mp3
    LA350905 Lum and Abner Fumble Their Way Through the Kidnappi.mp3
    LA350906 Abner's Kidnapping Has the Whole Town Upset.mp3
    LA350909 Townspeople Will Set a Trap for Kidnappers.mp3
    LA350910 Lum Decides to Admit the Whole Thing.mp3
    LA350911 The Story of Abner's Rescue Keeps Getting Bigger.mp3
    LA350912 The Newspaper Wants to Run an Article on Rescue.mp3
    LA350913 Operating the Mine on a Royalty Basis.mp3
    LA350916 The First Day of School in Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA350917 Lum Gives Speech on Honesty at the Schoolhouse.mp3
    LA350918 Abner Tries to Raise Lum's Bail Money.mp3
    LA350919 Lum Sells All of His Possessions.mp3
    LA350920 Dick Huddleston Talks to the Judge About Lum's Case.mp3
    LA350923 Discussing Detective Methods.mp3
    LA350924 Abner Helps Lum Pack for Trip to Tulsa.mp3
    LA350925 Townspeople Think Lum Will Skip on His Bail.mp3
    LA350926 The Tulsa Police Arrest Squire Skimp.mp3
    LA350927 Squire Returns for Trial and Has a New Business Ven.mp3
    LA360426 Town of Waters, Ar Becomes Pine Ridge.mp3
    LA370119 Abner Must Dispose of Everything (partial Episode).mp3
    LA370511 What to Do with the Stolen Money (partial Episode).mp3
    LA370806 Spud Gandel Will Marry Evalena Schultz (partial Ep.mp3
    LA370813 Wedding of Evalena to Spud Gandel (partial Episode).mp3
    LA380228 First Show for the Postum Company.mp3
    LA380302 Lum Is Writing a Script for a War Movie.mp3
    LA380304 Squire Skimp Becomes the Theatrical Agent.mp3
    LA380307 Lum's Movie Begins Filming There's Oil on Abner's L.mp3
    LA380309 Squire Starts Promoting the Oil Well on Abner's Lan.mp3
    LA380311 Abner and Cedric Discuss Volcanoes.mp3
    LA380314 The Pine Ridge Moving Picture Co Is Dissolved.mp3
    LA380316 Squire Give the Investors Their Money Back.mp3
    LA380318 Cedric Finds a Strange Bone in the Oil Well.mp3
    LA380321 A Professor Is Interested in the Bones.mp3
    LA380323 Abner and Grandpap Try to Assemble the Bones.mp3
    LA380325 The Professor Arrives to Examine the Bones.mp3
    LA380328 Cedric Sells Chances on a Punch Board.mp3
    LA380330 Abner Pretends to Be Sick So He Can Go Fishing.mp3
    LA380401 April Fool's Day Jokes.mp3
    LA380404 Re-Opening the Pine Ridge Matrimonial Bureau.mp3
    LA380406 Composing a Newspaper Ad for the Matrimonial Bureau.mp3
    LA380408 Lum Decides He Wants to Get Married as Well.mp3
    LA380411 Showing Lum the Benefits of Married Life.mp3
    LA380413 Abner Starts Sending Out Photos.mp3
    LA380415 Abner Doesn't Tell Lum About the Photos.mp3
    LA380418 Mose Moot's Wife Is Going to Leave Him.mp3
    LA380420 Birdie Collins Falls in Love with Lum.mp3
    LA380422 Lum Is Hiding out from Birdie.mp3
    LA380606 Lum Thinks He Has Inherited an Estate in England .mp3
    LA380608 The Lawyers in England Want a Retainer Fee.mp3
    LA380610 Lum Sells His Half of the Jot'em Down Store to Squi.mp3
    LA380613 Squire Makes Alot of Changes at the Store.mp3
    LA380615 Lum Makes Plans for His Ocean Voyage.mp3
    LA380617 Driving to England Via Siberia.mp3
    LA380620 Lum to Leave for England on July 3rd.mp3
    LA380622 Jake Invents a New Method for Counting Sheep.mp3
    LA380624 Lum Is Starving but Squire Won't Sell Him Anything.mp3
    LA380627 Lum Wants Abner to Go to England with Him.mp3

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