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Luke Slaughter of Tombstone (15)
<a href="">Luke Slaughter of Tombstone (15)
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    Code: LUKES
    Price: $6.00
    Episode Log
    Luke Slaughter 58.02.23 Duel on the Trail.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.03.03 Tracks out of Tombstone.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.03.09 Yancy's Pride.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.03.16 Paige'sProgress.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.03.23 The Homesteaders.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.04.13 Wagon Train.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.04.20 The Henry Fell Story.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.04.27 Death Watch.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.05.04 Worth It's Salt.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.05.11 Heritage.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.05.18 Drive to Fort Huachuca.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.05.25 Outlaw Kid.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.06.01 Cattle Drive.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.06.08 Big Business.mp3
    Luke Slaughter 58.06.15 June Bride.mp3

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