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The Lineup (32)
<a href="">The Lineup (32)</a>
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    Code: LINEUP
    Price: $6.00
    Episode Log
    50-07-20 Eddie Gaynor.mp3
    50-11-16 Candy Store Killing.mp3
    50-12-28 60 Year Old Woman.mp3
    51-01-04 Joyce Ronson.mp3
    51-01-11 Lewis Black.mp3
    51-02-08 Carl Young.mp3
    51-02-15 Cigar Box Bandit.mp3
    51-06-12 Culley Price.mp3
    51-06-19 Guthrie Kidnapped.mp3
    51-06-26 Lewis Black Again.mp3
    51-07-05 Doctor Simpson Killed.mp3
    51-12-21 Hostetter Brothers.mp3
    52-03-25 Silk Stocking Bandit.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Bad Booze Bootleggers.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Child Deserters.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Drug Peddlers.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Drugstore Robbery.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Food Poisoning.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Gas Station Robbery.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Hit & Run Murder.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Lady Killer.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Larry Zimmerman.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Missing Fiance.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Mrs Green Found Dead In A Trunk.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Murdered & Rolled Down a Hill.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Murdered for $25000.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Narcotics Agent Killer.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Narcotics.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Numbers Racket.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Seven People Killed by Same Man.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Strange Death of a Woman.mp3
    XX-XX-XX Supermarket Murders.mp3

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