Lest We Forget (36)
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    Episode Log
    01 A Better World for Youth 1943 Educating Youth for Democracy.mp3
    02 A Better World for Youth 1943 Youth Must Be Free.mp3
    03 Stories To Remember 1948 Act of Faith.mp3
    04 Stories To Remember 1948 Birthday Gift.mp3
    05 Stories To Remember 1948 Buenos Noches, Pal.mp3
    06 Stories To Remember 1948 My Little Boy.mp3
    07 Stories To Remember 1948 My Song, Yankee Doodle.mp3
    08 Stories To Remember 1948 Rosika, The Rose.mp3
    09 Stories To Remember 1948 Seasoned Timber.mp3
    10 Stories To Remember 1948 That Greek Dog.mp3
    11 Stories To Remember 1948 There Isn't Time Now.mp3
    12 Stories To Remember 1948 Watch That Play, Little Man.mp3
    13 Stories To Remember 1948 Yes, Your Honesty.mp3
    14 The American Dream - A Party for the Doctor.mp3
    15 The American Dream - Arrow In the Air.mp3
    16 The American Dream - Blow That Whistle.mp3
    17 The American Dream - Chain Reaction.mp3
    18 The American Dream - Face To Face.mp3
    19 The American Dream - My Own, My Native City.mp3
    20 The American Dream - Occupation Housewife.mp3
    21 The American Dream - One Small Voice.mp3
    22 The American Dream - The Bridge Builder.mp3
    23 The American Dream - The Carolina Kid.mp3
    24 The American Dream 480731 One Of Us.mp3
    25 These Great Americans 461102 The Story of Wendell Willkie.mp3
    26 These Great Americans 461109 The Story of Joseph Goldberger.mp3
    27 These Great Americans 461116 The Story of Jane Addams.mp3
    28 These Great Americans 461123 The Story of Brandeis-Holmes.mp3
    29 These Great Americans 461130 The Story of George Washington Carver.mp3
    30 These Great Americans 461213 The Story of George W. Norris.mp3
    31 These Great Americans 461220 The Story of Joseph Pulitzer.mp3
    32 These Great Americans 469999 The Story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Part 1.mp3
    33 These Great Americans 469999 The Story of Woodrow Wilson.mp3
    34 These Great Americans 470109 The Story of Franz Boas.mp3
    35 These Great Americans 470116 The Story of Samuel Gompers.mp3
    36 These Great Americans 999999 The Story of Al Smith.mp3

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