Leonidas Witherall (7)
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    Episode Log
    Leonidas Witherall\\01 Leonidas Witherall 440604 First Show.mp3
    Leonidas Witherall\\02 Leonidas Witherall 440730 Mrs. Mullet Disappears.mp3
    Leonidas Witherall\\03 Leonidas Witherall 440907 The Four Killers.mp3
    Leonidas Witherall\\04 Leonidas Witherall 440914 Murder At Dandy's Dream.mp3
    Leonidas Witherall\\05 Leonidas Witherall 440924 Murder At the State Fair.mp3
    Leonidas Witherall\\06 Leonidas Witherall 441008 Murder On the Train.mp3
    Leonidas Witherall\\07 Leonidas Witherall 450422 The Corpse Meets a Deadline.mp3

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