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Jubilee, Vol. 2 (42)
<a href="">Jubilee, Vol. 2 (42)</a>
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    Code: JUBI2
    Price: $6.00
    Episode Log
    Jubilee 214 Chalrie Barnet, Eddy Heywood.mp3
    Jubilee 219 Benny Carter, Josh White.mp3
    Jubilee 220 Benny Carter, Nat King Cole.mp3
    Jubilee 222 Benny Carter,Helen Humes.mp3
    Jubilee 225 Jack Teagarden, Joey Preston-.mp3
    Jubilee 226 Jack Teagarden, Jack McVea-.mp3
    Jubilee 227 Pete Daley, Martha Tilton.mp3
    Jubilee 240 Ike Carpenter, Four Blazes.mp3
    Jubilee 241 Eddie Skrivanek.mp3
    Jubilee 242 Al Killian, Kay Kyser.mp3
    Jubilee 244 Roy Milton, Ernie Felice.mp3
    Jubilee 245 Count Basie, Ella Mae Morse.mp3
    Jubilee 248 Benny Carter, Peggy Lee.mp3
    Jubilee 250 Murray MacEachern, Kid Ory.mp3
    Jubilee 256 Jimmy Mundy, Nat King Cole.mp3
    Jubilee 258 Jimmy Mundy.mp3
    Jubilee 260 Dave Cavanaugh, Ernie Felice.mp3
    Jubilee 261 Benny Goodman, Howard McGhee.mp3
    Jubilee 262 Benny Carter, Benny Goodman.mp3
    Jubilee 264 Jimmy Zito, Kay Starr.mp3
    Jubilee 265 Harry Lubin, Walter Gross.mp3
    Jubilee 267 Harry James.mp3
    Jubilee 268 Harry James, Earl Hines.mp3
    Jubilee 269 Count Basie.mp3
    Jubilee 270 Count Basie.mp3
    Jubilee 274 Jack Teagarden, Harry Babasin.mp3
    Jubilee 309 Gene Krupa.mp3
    Jubilee 421009 001 Heyfoot Strawfoot.mp3
    Jubilee 421027 002.mp3
    Jubilee 450331 109 Jack Benny.mp3
    Jubilee AFRS.mp3
    Jubilee Art Tatum 1944.mp3
    Jubilee Artie Shaw 1944.mp3
    Jubilee Benny Carter1 1945.mp3
    Jubilee Benny Carter2 1945.mp3
    Jubilee Benny Carter3 1945.mp3
    Jubilee Count Basie 1944.mp3
    Jubilee Count Basie2 1944.mp3
    Jubilee Count Basie3 1944.mp3
    Jubilee Delta Rhythm Boys, Meade Lux Lewis.mp3
    Jubilee Intro&JLunceford 1944.mp3
    Jubilee Rocco&CP Johnson 1944.mp3

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