Jubilee, Vol. 1 (43)
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    Episode Log
    Jubilee 004 Benny Carter, Nicodemus.mp3
    Jubilee 028 Count Basie, Jimmy Rushing.mp3
    Jubilee 033 Delta Rhythm Boys, Jimmy Lunceford.mp3
    Jubilee 037 Delta Rythm Boys, Lucky Millander.mp3
    Jubilee 038 Lucky Millinder, Jimmy Noone.mp3
    Jubilee 039 5 Charioters, Rochester, LMillander.mp3
    Jubilee 041 Ernie Morris and Jimmy Jordan.mp3
    Jubilee 043 Erskine Hawkins.mp3
    Jubilee 045 Erskine Hawkins, Nat King Cole.mp3
    Jubilee 046 Barney Bigard, Louis Jordan.mp3
    Jubilee 048 Erskine Hawkins.mp3
    Jubilee 049 Duke Ellington.mp3
    Jubilee 051 Louis Jordan, Nat King Cole.mp3
    Jubilee 052 Harlan Leonard.mp3
    Jubilee 053 Lionel Hampton.mp3
    Jubilee 055 Count Basie, Teddy Wilson.mp3
    Jubilee 056 Nobile Sissle, Barny Bigard.mp3
    Jubilee 061 CP Johnson, Johnny Mercer.mp3
    Jubilee 062 Tiny Bradshaw, Jack Benny.mp3
    Jubilee 065 Cab Calloway, Nat King Cole.mp3
    Jubilee 069 Duke Ellington.mp3
    Jubilee 076 Fletcher Henderson.mp3
    Jubilee 077 Fletcher Henderson, Lena Horne.mp3
    Jubilee 082 International Sweethearts of Rhythm.mp3
    Jubilee 085 Jimmie Lunceford, Nat King Cole.mp3
    Jubilee 086 Jimmie Lunceford.mp3
    Jubilee 087 Benny Carter.mp3
    Jubilee 088 International Sweethearts of Rhythm.mp3
    Jubilee 089 Jimmie Lunceford, Lena Horne.mp3
    Jubilee 091 Elmer Fain, Tommy Dorsey.mp3
    Jubilee 115 Lucky Millinder, Gene Krupa.mp3
    Jubilee 117 Duke Ellington.mp3
    Jubilee 138 Jimmie Lunceford.mp3
    Jubilee 139 Jimmie Lunceford.mp3
    Jubilee 156 stan kenton.mp3
    Jubilee 200 Bobby Sherwood.mp3
    Jubilee 202 Cliff Lang, Herb Jeffries.mp3
    Jubilee 204 Cliff Lang, Kay Starr, Andre Previn.mp3
    Jubilee 205 Benny Carter.mp3
    Jubilee 206 Count Basie.mp3
    Jubilee 207 Benny Carter, Nat King Cole.mp3
    Jubilee 210 Lionel Hampton, Lena Horne.mp3
    Jubilee 211 Andy Kirk, Eddy Heywood.mp3

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