Johnson Family (27)
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    Episode Log
    01 Professor Potash's Deep, Dark Secret.mp3
    02 Saving Lawyer, Professor and Papa.mp3
    03 City Honors Papa.mp3
    04 Arrange for a Place To Stay.mp3
    05 Two Weeks Later.mp3
    06 Papa Seeks a Lawyer.mp3
    07 Two Government Men Look for Papa.mp3
    08 Living Expenses.mp3
    09 Papa Changes His Ways.mp3
    10 Place It and Sell It.mp3
    11 The First Sale.mp3
    12 Counterfeit Plates.mp3
    13 Peewee Won't Give Up Plates.mp3
    14 Shaking In Their Boots.mp3
    15 Peewee Wants To Turn Plates Over.mp3
    16 Twenty-Four Hours.mp3
    17 Lawyer Has Killed Someone.mp3
    18 Back To Jail.mp3
    19 Someone Under Peewee's Bed.mp3
    20 Horrible Nightmare.mp3
    21 Reunion with Mama.mp3
    22 Little Purple Man (poor sound).mp3
    23 Peace for the World.mp3
    24 What Horse To Bet On.mp3
    25 Man To Die (poor sound).mp3
    26 490919 No TV Sets.mp3
    27 490922 Leaving for Hollywood.mp3

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