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Jerry at Fair Oaks (65)
<a href="">Jerry at Fair Oaks (65)</a>
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    Code: JERRYA
    Price: $6.00
    Episode Log
    001 Roommate Assigned.mp3
    002 Meeting Red Tubby and Harold.mp3
    003 Learning About Demerits.mp3
    004 Meeting Ted and William.mp3
    005 Red Gets 13 Demerits.mp3
    006 Ready for Polo Team Tryout.mp3
    007 Tryout Against Two Others.mp3
    008 Three Way Tie Cards Drawn.mp3
    009 Financing an Invention.mp3
    010 Harold Almost Drowns.mp3
    011 Runaway Horse.mp3
    012 $25000 Turned Down.mp3
    013 Invention Too Late.mp3
    014 Jerry to Paint the Smokestack.mp3
    015 Jerry Gets Caught.mp3
    016 Cleaning Paint.mp3
    017 Top of the List.mp3
    018 Splendor the Horse.mp3
    019 Paul Rides Splendor.mp3
    020 Saddle Loosened.mp3
    021 Court Martial.mp3
    022 Hopeless Case.mp3
    023 Jerry Found Innocent.mp3
    024 Bomber Crashes.mp3
    025 Harold Leaves.mp3
    026 Treasure Hunt Planned.mp3
    027 Treasure Hunt Begins.mp3
    028 Someone Falls in the Hole.mp3
    029 Getting Help.mp3
    030 Red is Rescued.mp3
    031 Red is Recovering.mp3
    032 Boat to the Island.mp3
    033 Seeing Smoke.mp3
    034 Plot for Safety.mp3
    035 Guy Linwell Arrives.mp3
    036 Suspicious of Man.mp3
    037 Yorga Wants Secrets.mp3
    038 Letter Taken.mp3
    039 Harold Disappears.mp3
    040 Yorga Spotted.mp3
    041 Traced to Farm House.mp3
    042 All Are Arrested.mp3
    043 Guy Will Teach.mp3
    044 Bruce Campbell Arrives.mp3
    045 Pony and Polo Interests.mp3
    046 Red Talks With Sergeant Alden.mp3
    047 Mister X Arrives at Fair Oaks.mp3
    048 Jerry and Lee Meet Mister X.mp3
    049 Splendor is Sick.mp3
    050 Mister Randall and Bumps Come.mp3
    051 Lee and Tubby Fight With Red.mp3
    052 The Meet.mp3
    053 Celebrating Victory.mp3
    054 Punishment for Fighting With Red.mp3
    055 Bruce and Jerry Argue.mp3
    056 Mrs Gardner Takes a Hand.mp3
    057 Disagreement With Bruce Settled.mp3
    058 Practice Basketball Game.mp3
    059 Friends With Bruce.mp3
    060 Lee Talks With Major Davis.mp3
    061 Jerry Plans to Help Lee.mp3
    062 Lee and Bruce Invited to Circus.mp3
    063 Mister Thorpe Under Suspicion.mp3
    064 Dinner With Mister Randall.mp3
    065 Corporal Jerry Dougan.mp3

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