It Pays To Be Ignorant (29)
<a href="">It Pays To Be Ignorant (29)</a
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    Episode Log
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 440207 Why Is a Watchdog Smaller In Daytime.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 440512 Bad Luck to Postpone Wedding.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 440714 How Do You Keep Milk From Souring.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 440825 What is the Habitat of a Bengal Tiger.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 440901 Dog on Sand Paper.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 440908 How to Tell a Jersey Cow.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 440915 What Is Best Way to Keep Bills Down.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 440922 Marriage Like Taking a Bath.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 440929 Some People Eat With Knives.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 441006 Why Do People Eat Garlic.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 441013 Married Men Live Longer.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 441020 Chicken Cross the Street.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 441027 Can a Letter Walk.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 441103 What is a Swimming Pool.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 441117 Why Is Kissing Like Opening Olives.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 441124 What Happens When You Eat Garlic.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 441208 What Kind of Person Lives Longest.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 441215 What Is a Duck.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 441229 New Year's Resolution.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 451004 Reigning Beauty.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 451125 What is a Windowscreen.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 451207 What is a Motherinlaw.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 460628 Where Do the Bugs Go in Winter.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 480205 Why Do Wedding Bells Ring.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 490123 Make Woman Keep Her Mouth Shut.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 520113 What Happens When a Racetrack Floods.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant 521106 What Is a Mother-In-Law Sandwich.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant What Is a Gentleman.mp3
    ItPaysToBeIgnorant What Is a Revolver.mp3

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