General Mills' Theater (52)
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    Episode Log
    77-01-13 Moby Dick.mp3
    77-02-05 Kidnapped.mp3
    77-02-06 A Very Special Place.mp3
    77-02-12 With Malice Toward None.mp3
    77-02-19 The Boy Who Would Be a Sailor.mp3
    77-02-20 King Soloman's Mines.mp3
    77-02-26 The Caliph of Baghdad.mp3
    77-02-27 The Story of Pinocchio.mp3
    77-03-05 The Railway Children.mp3
    77-03-06 The Other World.mp3
    77-03-12 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp.mp3
    77-03-13 Black Arrow.mp3
    77-03-19 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.mp3
    77-03-20 Robin Hood and His Merry Men.mp3
    77-03-26 Survival Test.mp3
    77-03-27 Jason and the Golden Fleece.mp3
    77-04-02 Captains Courageous.mp3
    77-04-03 The Bravest of the Brave.mp3
    77-04-09 The Last of the Mohicans.mp3
    77-04-10 I Remember Alice.mp3
    77-04-16 Three Swords.mp3
    77-04-17 The Clown Who Wasn't.mp3
    77-04-23 Lewis and Clark.mp3
    77-04-24 Journey to the Center of the Earth.mp3
    77-04-30 A Different Ghost Town.mp3
    77-05- Ugly Duckling-Tinderbox-Swinherd-The Prince.mp3
    77-05-01 The Red Badge of Courage.mp3
    77-05-07 Treasure Island.mp3
    77-05-08 Man Without a Country.mp3
    77-05-15 A Coat of Many Colors.mp3
    77-05-21 They Called Him Slim.mp3
    77-05-22 Then They Called Him Lucky.mp3
    77-05-28 The Gold Bug.mp3
    77-05-29 The Travels of Ulysses.mp3
    77-06-04 Cinderella.mp3
    77-06-05 Remember the Alamo.mp3
    77-06-11 The Adventures of Oliver Twist.mp3
    77-06-12 The Boy David.mp3
    77-06-18 Jack & Beanstalk-Rumpelstilskin-Beauty & Beast.mp3
    77-06-19 The Eyes of Vishnu.mp3
    77-06-25 Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.mp3
    77-06-26 The Valiant Little Tailor.mp3
    77-07-02 The Sea Wolf.mp3
    77-07-09 The Sailor Who Wouldn't Give Up.mp3
    77-07-10 Youth.mp3
    77-07-13 The Master Thief.mp3
    77-07-16 Mowgli Jungle Book part 1.mp3
    77-07-17 Tiger Tiger Jungle Book part 2.mp3
    77-07-23 The Man in the Iron Mask.mp3
    77-07-24 Gulliver's Travels.mp3
    77-07-30 Ivanhoe.mp3
    77-07-31 Daniel the Oracle.mp3

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