The Fred Waring Show (17)
<a href="">The Fred Waring Show (17)</
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    Episode Log
    470623 'Anitra's Dance'.mp3
    470804 'I Feel a Song Coming On'.mp3
    470818 'Blue Skies'.mp3
    470825 'Japanese Sandman'.mp3
    470908 'Shadrack'.mp3
    470923 'Stanley Steamer'.mp3
    470929 Guest Al Cap.mp3
    471015 'Shawnee'.mp3
    471028 'A Rumba Numba'.mp3
    481213 'Morning' Songs.mp3
    481215 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.mp3
    481220 'One Sunday Afternoon'.mp3
    481222 A Christmas Song Medley.mp3
    481227 Holiday.mp3
    481229 'Lime House Blues'.mp3
    AFRS 018a 1st Song We're Going Home.mp3
    AFRS 018b 1st Song Surrey With the Fringe on Top.mp3

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